en European Handball Federation http://www.eurohandball.com Handball stories, news and interviews Thu, 24 May 2018 04:24:31 GMT Thu, 24 May 2018 04:24:31 GMT www.eurohandball.com Content Copyright by the European Handball Federation and EHF Marketing (c) 1994-2018 office@eurohandball.com European Handball Federation http://www.eurohandball.com 0 0 Beach prizes awarded http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012440/Beach+prizes+awarded The final evening of the European Beach Handball Championships saw the awarding of prizes to players and teams. Tue, 30 Jun 2009 20:19:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012440 30.06.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012440 Italy and Croatia crowned European beach champions http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012436/Italy+and+Croatia+crowned+European+beach+champions The 2009 European Beach Handball Championships have been won by Italy's women's team and Croatia's men's team. Sun, 28 Jun 2009 19:19:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012436 28.06.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012436 President praises Beach Euro organisers http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012434/President+praises+Beach+Euro+organisers eurohandball.com talks to the President of the European Handball Federation, Tor Lian, ahead of the final matches in Larvik. Sun, 28 Jun 2009 11:08:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012434 28.06.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012434 Beach Euro final weekend http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012432/Beach+Euro+final+weekend The men's and women's Beach Handball champions will be crowned this weekend in Larvik, Norway. Sat, 27 Jun 2009 23:35:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012432 27.06.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012432 World and European champions in final http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012430/World+and+European+champions+in+final Two powerhouses of Beach Handall, Russia and Croatia, will meet in the final of the Beach Euro 2009. Sat, 27 Jun 2009 19:36:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012430 27.06.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012430 Semi-final places booked http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012428/Semi-final+places+booked Europe's top beach national teams have secured their semi-final places at the European Beach Championships Sat, 27 Jun 2009 14:55:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012428 27.06.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012428 Final weekend live streaming http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012426/Final+weekend+live+streaming The final weekend of action from the European Beach Handball Championships will be streamed live online across the world. Sat, 27 Jun 2009 14:35:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012426 27.06.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012426 Hopp Schwiiz, Heia Norge! http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012422/Hopp+Schwiiz%2c+Heia+Norge! Larvik rings to the sound of the latest tunes and hundreds of young fans. Fri, 26 Jun 2009 13:45:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012422 26.06.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012422 Norway catches the beach bug http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012418/Norway+catches+the+beach+bug Beach Handball is taking off in Norway as the country hosts the 6th European Beach Handball Championships. Fri, 26 Jun 2009 11:24:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012418 26.06.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012418 Beach Euro reaches Main Round http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012421/Beach+Euro+reaches+Main+Round The Preliminary Round of the European Championships in Larvik, Norway are complete. Thu, 25 Jun 2009 15:06:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012421 25.06.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012421 Main Round beckons for beach teams http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012417/Main+Round+beckons+for+beach+teams Second day of competition in the Beach Euro and only a few games of the preliminary round yet to be played. Wed, 24 Jun 2009 23:28:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012417 24.06.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012417 Full house for Beach Euro opening http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012415/Full+house+for+Beach+Euro+opening The Larvik Beach Arena was filled to capacity on Tuesday evening for the opening ceremony of the 6th European Beach Handball Championships. Wed, 24 Jun 2009 16:52:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012415 24.06.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012415 Beach Euro begins in Norway http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012408/Beach+Euro+begins+in+Norway The 6th European Beach Handball Championships have begun in Larvik, Norway. 23 men's and women's teams are competiting for the Euro title. Tue, 23 Jun 2009 16:09:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012408 23.06.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012408 Beach Handball’s Olympic goal http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012403/Beach+Handball%e2%80%99s+Olympic+goal Ahead of the start of the 6th European Beach Handball Championships, eurohandball.com talks to Beach Commission chairman, Laszlo Sinka, about the future of this young sport. Mon, 22 Jun 2009 12:54:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012403 22.06.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012403