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Sun, 23 Jun 2013 20:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017218 23.06.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017218 Teams and seedings for first draws of the new season approved http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017303/Teams+and+seedings+for+first+draws+of+the+new+season+approved Women’s EHF Champions League Qualification played over two rounds and with wild card teams joining tournaments Fri, 21 Jun 2013 16:05:43 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017303 21.06.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017303 Neagu among Budućnost reinforcements http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017284/Neagu+among+Budu%c4%87nost+reinforcements Montenegrins aiming high in the Women's EHF Champions League next season Tue, 18 Jun 2013 11:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017284 18.06.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017284 Lacrabère returns from Russia http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017211/Lacrab%c3%a8re+returns+from+Russia French international decided to leave after one season with Zvezda Zvenigorod Wed, 05 Jun 2013 15:55:47 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017211 05.06.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017211 Kovacsics thanks family support after breakthrough season http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017033/Kovacsics+thanks+family+support+after+breakthrough+season Talented playmaker speaks to ehfCL.com about her best young player award and life after the Women's EHF Champions League final Mon, 27 May 2013 11:50:45 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017033 27.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017033 Bulatović joins the champions http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016956/Bulatovi%c4%87+joins+the+champions World class right back added to Györ's powerful pack Fri, 17 May 2013 12:23:35 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016956 17.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016956 Brihault: “Women’s handball is going to bridge the gap” http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016947/Brihault%3a+%e2%80%9cWomen%e2%80%99s+handball+is+going+to+bridge+the+gap%e2%80%9d EHF President speaks with eurohandball.com about the ongoing development of women's handball. Thu, 16 May 2013 16:23:49 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016947 16.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016947 Photo presentation of women’s handball http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016935/Photo+presentation+of+women%e2%80%99s+handball Fans can enjoy a compilation of the pictures which really capture the emotion and passion from the closing stages of the Women's EHF Champions League Wed, 15 May 2013 17:05:15 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016935 15.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016935 Kovacsics receives best young player award http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016934/Kovacsics+receives+best+young+player+award Györ centre back adds best young player award to her Women's EHF Champions League winners' medal Wed, 15 May 2013 09:52:30 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016934 15.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016934 Dream comes true for departing Lekić http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016929/Dream+comes+true+for+departing+Leki%c4%87 Serbian centre back elated after winning Women’s EHF Champions League with Györ Tue, 14 May 2013 19:45:37 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016929 14.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016929 Large welcome home for the champions http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016926/Large+welcome+home+for+the+champions Györ players thank their fans at a public reception in the city after Satuday's victory over Larvik Mon, 13 May 2013 13:19:33 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016926 13.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016926 Görbicz cries happy tears http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016922/G%c3%b6rbicz+cries+happy+tears More reactions of the new Women’s EHF Champions League winners from Győr Sun, 12 May 2013 18:51:25 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016922 12.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016922 It gives me a lot of confidence, top scorer Tomori says http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016919/It+gives+me+a+lot+of+confidence%2c+top+scorer+Tomori+says The left back of FTC Rail Cargo Hungária became the fourth Hungarian in history of the Women's EHF Champions League to win the goal scoring title. Sun, 12 May 2013 08:48:52 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016919 12.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016919 Lunde: This trophy is for our fans http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016918/Lunde%3a+This+trophy+is+for+our+fans Györ’s Norwegian match winner talks about ending the “final curse” and implementing the Norwegian mentality in the team Sun, 12 May 2013 07:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016918 12.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016918 Final match of the season in pictures http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016917/Final+match+of+the+season+in+pictures The Women's EHF Champions League season is over and the rule of the new champions has started. Uroš Hočevar, the official EHF photographer covered the final match of the season - Győri Audi ETO KC vs Larvik HK. Sat, 11 May 2013 22:35:57 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016917 11.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016917 Ambros: We only lived for that moment http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016916/Ambros%3a+We+only+lived+for+that+moment Statements from the press conference after the Women’s EHF Champions League Final in Veszprém Sat, 11 May 2013 21:32:59 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016916 11.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016916 Györ end their final curse http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016915/Gy%c3%b6r+end+their+final+curse Hungarian side win the Women’s EHF Champions League for the first time after beating Larvik in the second leg Sat, 11 May 2013 17:36:56 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016915 11.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016915 Where to follow the Women's EHF Champions League Final http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016914/Where+to+follow+the+Women%27s+EHF+Champions+League+Final The rematch between Györ and Larvik will be shown in 16 European countries live on TV, worldwide on ehfTV.com. Sat, 11 May 2013 09:17:37 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016914 11.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016914 Always a bridesmaid, never a bride http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016911/Always+a+bridesmaid%2c+never+a+bride A look back at Győr's history in finals is a painful one, but it could all be forgotten this season Fri, 10 May 2013 18:49:06 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016911 10.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016911 New medals for the new champions http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016909/New+medals+for+the+new+champions The European Handball Federation will award the upcoming title holders with a brand new set of medals Fri, 10 May 2013 15:05:26 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016909 10.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016909 Popović: Győr will not repeat mistakes from the past http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016902/Popovi%c4%87%3a+Gy%c5%91r+will+not+repeat+mistakes+from+the+past Six times EHF Champions League winner is convinced that Győr will not let the title slip out of their hands this time. Thu, 09 May 2013 20:03:51 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016902 09.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016902 This season speaks for Győr, history for Larvik http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016901/This+season+speaks+for+Gy%c5%91r%2c+history+for+Larvik Facts and figures before the second leg of Women’s EHF Champions League Final Thu, 09 May 2013 18:18:28 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016901 09.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016901 Radičević: Only we can beat ourselves, not Larvik http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016900/Radi%c4%8devi%c4%87%3a+Only+we+can+beat+ourselves%2c+not+Larvik Montenegrin right wing missed the EHF Champions League trophy last season as she stood on the wrong side of the barricades in the final. She believes it will not happen again. Thu, 09 May 2013 16:00:21 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016900 09.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016900 Easy dress rehearsal for Larvik http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016899/Easy+dress+rehearsal+for+Larvik Norwegian delegation forced to fly in two groups to Hungary because of a strike. Thu, 09 May 2013 15:18:13 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016899 09.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016899 This is not Mission Impossible, Blanco says http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016894/This+is+not+Mission+Impossible%2c+Blanco+says Larvik line player Isabel Blanco still finds it realistic that she and her teammates can win by at least four in Veszprém and take the Women's EHF Champions League trophy. Wed, 08 May 2013 10:34:30 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016894 08.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016894 Title is not decided yet, players agree http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016885/Title+is+not+decided+yet%2c+players+agree Post-match statements after the first leg of the Women's EHF Champions League Final Mon, 06 May 2013 05:57:14 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016885 06.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016885 Larvik vs Győr through the lens http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016883/Larvik+vs+Gy%c5%91r+through+the+lens Gallery of pictures from the EHF Champions League taken by Svein André Svendsen Sun, 05 May 2013 20:28:07 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016883 05.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016883 Györ edge towards first European title http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016881/Gy%c3%b6r+edge+towards+first+European+title Görbicz and Norwegian duo shine for Hungarian champions in the first leg of the Women's EHF Champions League Final Sun, 05 May 2013 19:08:13 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016881 05.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016881 “We will travel to Larvik to win,” says Kovacsics http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016867/%e2%80%9cWe+will+travel+to+Larvik+to+win%2c%e2%80%9d+says+Kovacsics Györ taking nothing for granted in search of their first European title Fri, 03 May 2013 12:53:12 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016867 03.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016867 Preview of the Women’s EHF Champions League Final first leg http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016866/Preview+of+the+Women%e2%80%99s+EHF+Champions+League+Final+first+leg Final marks a special return for Larvik's Mørk Fri, 03 May 2013 10:37:43 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016866 03.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016866 Continuity is the secret in Larvik http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016862/Continuity+is+the+secret+in+Larvik How the club from a small Norwegian town remain among Europe's elite Thu, 02 May 2013 10:37:55 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016862 02.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016862 BLOG: Sometime and somehow series of Győr must come to an end http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016860/BLOG%3a+Sometime+and+somehow+series+of+Gy%c5%91r+must+come+to+an+end EHF expert Grit Jurack looks ahead upon the final of the Women’s EHF Champions League. In her eyes Győr are by four per cent closer to the title than Larvik. Thu, 02 May 2013 10:29:10 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016860 02.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016860 Media accreditation for Women’s EHF Champions League Final extended http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016832/Media+accreditation+for+Women%e2%80%99s+EHF+Champions+League+Final+extended Final deadline for the first leg on Monday, 29 April, for the second leg on Thursday, 2 May. Fri, 26 Apr 2013 21:00:18 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016832 26.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016832 Best young player of the 2012/13 Women's EHF Champions League http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016831/Best+young+player+of+the+2012%2f13+Women%27s+EHF+Champions+League Vote for your favourite rising star and receive a 5 EUR voucher from premium sponsor bet-at-home. Fri, 26 Apr 2013 18:39:18 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016831 26.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016831 Vestergaard to leave Oltchim http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016823/Vestergaard+to+leave+Oltchim Danish coach has announced he will return home after the conclusion of the current season. Fri, 26 Apr 2013 11:05:25 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016823 26.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016823 Woltering and Knežević to stay with Budućnost http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016808/Woltering+and+Kne%c5%beevi%c4%87+to+stay+with+Budu%c4%87nost Two of Podgorica's key players have renewed their contracts to stay with the Montenegrin club next season. Thu, 25 Apr 2013 07:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016808 25.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016808 Second leg of the final rescheduled to 11 May http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016801/Second+leg+of+the+final+rescheduled+to+11+May Change of the playing time of the Women's EHF Champions League Final. Second leg match will be played one day earlier. Tue, 23 Apr 2013 15:09:52 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016801 23.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016801 Pineau completes Vardar’s French legion http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016775/Pineau+completes+Vardar%e2%80%99s+French+legion The emerging Macedonian giant of women´s handball signed another star player Fri, 19 Apr 2013 19:01:08 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016775 19.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016775 Győr start their eighth European Cup final away at Larvik http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016751/Gy%c5%91r+start+their+eighth+European+Cup+final+away+at+Larvik Norwegian champions face the Hungarian powerhouse first on 4/5 May Larvik, with the second leg taking place in Hungary on 11/12 May Tue, 16 Apr 2013 11:26:26 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016751 16.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016751 Györ hope to make it eighth time lucky http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016752/Gy%c3%b6r+hope+to+make+it+eighth+time+lucky A season of change has brought success to Györ, who are just one step away from finally winning a European title Tue, 16 Apr 2013 10:23:19 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016752 16.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016752 ‘We did a great job,’ says Tiselj http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016746/%e2%80%98We+did+a+great+job%2c%e2%80%99+says+Tiselj Krim coach satisfied with his new team despite semi-final elimination Mon, 15 Apr 2013 16:10:31 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016746 15.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016746 'I am tough - but with a smile on my face' says Hammerseng http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016741/%27I+am+tough+-+but+with+a+smile+on+my+face%27+says+Hammerseng The Larvik stalwart talks about reaching the Women's EHF Champions League final and the mental advantages her team possesses Mon, 15 Apr 2013 11:32:24 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016741 15.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016741 Media accreditation for Women´s EHF Chamions League Final opens http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016742/Media+accreditation+for+Women%c2%b4s+EHF+Chamions+League+Final+opens Requests for media accreditation should be made by Friday 26 April at 15.00. Mon, 15 Apr 2013 11:27:09 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016742 15.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016742 Draw of the final´s home right http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016738/Draw+of+the+final%c2%b4s+home+right In three out of four cases in the women´s European club competitions the home right will be drawn by lots. Women´s EHF Cup is the only exception. Mon, 15 Apr 2013 09:35:06 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016738 15.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016738 Zvezda replace coach after championship disappointment http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016734/Zvezda+replace+coach+after+championship+disappointment Russian championship semi-final exit signals the end for Zovko Sun, 14 Apr 2013 17:31:24 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016734 14.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016734 “We always believed in ourselves” http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016733/%e2%80%9cWe+always+believed+in+ourselves%e2%80%9d Statements after the second leg of the Women´s EHF Champions League Semi-final RK Krim Mercator vs Larvik HK (19:27) Sat, 13 Apr 2013 23:12:04 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016733 13.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016733 Away win brings Larvik to their second final http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016732/Away+win+brings+Larvik+to+their+second+final Krim dreams shattered by unstoppable Norwegian champions, who now face Györ for the trophy Sat, 13 Apr 2013 22:21:25 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016732 13.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016732 'Our chances are still good' says Larvik's Riegelhuth Koren http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016729/%27Our+chances+are+still+good%27+says+Larvik%27s+Riegelhuth+Koren The Norwegian right wing confirms that her team will face RK Krim Mercator full of confidence in the second leg of the Women's EHF Champions League semi-final Fri, 12 Apr 2013 16:10:53 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016729 12.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016729 Just another match with only a berth in the final at stake http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016728/Just+another+match+with+only+a+berth+in+the+final+at+stake Krim Mercator coach, Tone Tiselj, tries to keep his players' nerves as calm as possible ahead of the Women's EHF semi-final clash against Norwegian side, Larvik, on Saturday Fri, 12 Apr 2013 13:43:26 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016728 12.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016728 Our hearts pushed us to the final http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016722/Our+hearts+pushed+us+to+the+final Press conference comments of both head coaches and two players after the thrilling second leg match of the Women´s EHF Champions League semi-finals Thu, 11 Apr 2013 22:17:14 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016722 11.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016722 Lucky Györ in the final despite defeat http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016721/Lucky+Gy%c3%b6r+in+the+final+despite+defeat Thrilling second semi-final at Veszprém: Vâlcea out though they won by 25:24 Thu, 11 Apr 2013 21:10:35 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016721 11.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016721 Jovanović and Tatari join Astrakhanochka http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016719/Jovanovi%c4%87+and+Tatari+join+Astrakhanochka Russian club signal their ambition with two high profile signings Thu, 11 Apr 2013 14:26:53 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016719 11.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016719 Pineau: “Györ are the favourites now” http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016713/Pineau%3a+%e2%80%9cGy%c3%b6r+are+the+favourites+now%e2%80%9d After losing by two at home in the first leg, Oltchim's French playmaker knows that the return game will be far from easy Wed, 10 Apr 2013 15:47:59 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016713 10.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016713 Oltchim and Larvik playing catch-up http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016711/Oltchim+and+Larvik+playing+catch-up Preview of the Women´s EHF Champions League Semi-finals - the both visitors trail by two goals ahead of the second leg. Wed, 10 Apr 2013 12:29:43 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016711 10.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016711 'We are expecting a fantastic atmosphere,' says Rédei-Soós http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016709/%27We+are+expecting+a+fantastic+atmosphere%2c%27+says+R%c3%a9dei-So%c3%b3s Györ's new girl cannot hide her excitement ahead of the second leg against Valcea Wed, 10 Apr 2013 11:06:52 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016709 10.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016709 Krim and Györ move towards grand final http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016687/Krim+and+Gy%c3%b6r+move+towards+grand+final Two first leg matches of the Women´s EHF Champions League ended up in the identical result 22:24. Sat, 06 Apr 2013 20:02:50 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016687 06.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016687 Müller returns back to the roots http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016682/M%c3%bcller+returns+back+to+the+roots German international leaves Krim to her former club HC Leipzig Fri, 05 Apr 2013 21:42:49 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016682 05.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016682 Preview of the Women´s EHF Champions League Semi-finals, first leg http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016679/Preview+of+the+Women%c2%b4s+EHF+Champions+League+Semi-finals%2c+first+leg Györ and Larvik head into semis as favourites Fri, 05 Apr 2013 21:00:34 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016679 05.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016679 Krim depleted by injuries, but under no pressure http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016676/Krim+depleted+by+injuries%2c+but+under+no+pressure Slovenian champions style themselves as underdogs against Larvik, but still hope to stop the losing streak against Norwegian powerhouse. Fri, 05 Apr 2013 09:53:29 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016676 05.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016676 Edin: Tough challenge ahead http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016675/Edin%3a+Tough+challenge+ahead Larvik´s playmaker focuses just on two wins against Krim in the Women´s EHF Champions League. Fri, 05 Apr 2013 08:12:36 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016675 05.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016675 One stunner and one defence battle, Jurack predicts http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016668/One+stunner+and+one+defence+battle%2c+Jurack+predicts EHF expert Grit Jurack looks ahead upon the semi-finals of the Women’s EHF Champions League and summarizes the Main Round. Thu, 04 Apr 2013 16:41:51 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016668 04.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016668 Byzdra third Polish player in Budućnost’s history http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016651/Byzdra+third+Polish+player+in+Budu%c4%87nost%e2%80%99s+history Last year´s winners of the EHF Champions League bolstered their squad for the next season by signing the back court player of Zaglebie Lubin. Tue, 02 Apr 2013 21:12:45 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016651 02.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016651 Barbosa: "We always believe in ourselves” http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016635/Barbosa%3a+%22We+always+believe+in+ourselves%e2%80%9d Spanish stalwart of Oltchim talks to ehfCL.com before the semi-final against Györ. Sun, 31 Mar 2013 09:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016635 31.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016635 BLOG: Teams with rising performance are the most dangerous http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016637/BLOG%3a+Teams+with+rising+performance+are+the+most+dangerous The playmaker of Györi Audi ETO KC and Serbian national team writes about the upcoming semi-final matches against Oltchim and also invites for her brand new handball camp. Sat, 30 Mar 2013 09:10:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016637 30.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016637 Dembele joins ever expanding Vardar http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016630/Dembele+joins+ever+expanding+Vardar French winger is the latest star to head to Skopje Fri, 29 Mar 2013 12:40:13 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016630 29.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016630 Damnjanović joining Viborg http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016622/Damnjanovi%c4%87+joining+Viborg Serbian backcourt playersigned a two year contract with three-time winners of the EHF Champions League Thu, 28 Mar 2013 13:02:30 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016622 28.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016622 Larvik sign young goalkeeper http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016585/Larvik+sign+young+goalkeeper Norwegian champions have bolstered their squad for the next season with Alma Hasanic. Fri, 22 Mar 2013 18:21:08 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016585 22.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016585 Greater audience for top European powerhouses http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016574/Greater+audience+for+top+European+powerhouses In total over 20,000 spectators can watch four semi-finals clashes of the European premier club competition Thu, 21 Mar 2013 18:10:55 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016574 21.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016574 Congratulations are in order, Tiselj says http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016563/Congratulations+are+in+order%2c+Tiselj+says It was one of the hardest periods of his coaching career at the start of the season, but Tone Tiselj is now looking forward to brighter times now Wed, 20 Mar 2013 19:10:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016563 20.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016563 Leslie: We will be back http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016558/Leslie%3a+We+will+be+back Randers coach promises that his team will be better for their Main Round experience in the future Wed, 20 Mar 2013 11:55:17 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016558 20.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016558 Dates, times and venues of the semi-finals confirmed http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016553/Dates%2c+times+and+venues+of+the+semi-finals+confirmed Hungarian champions from Györ will host the second leg of the semi-final match against Oltchim in Veszprém Tue, 19 Mar 2013 21:22:17 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016553 19.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016553 Larvik sign Heidi Løke´s younger sister http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016552/Larvik+sign+Heidi+L%c3%b8ke%c2%b4s+younger+sister Norwegian champions also extended the contract with the left winger Thea Mørk. Tue, 19 Mar 2013 18:07:44 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016552 19.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016552 Krim finish top despite Oltchim defeat http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016531/Krim+finish+top+despite+Oltchim+defeat Semi-finals pairings set as Györ takes on Oltchim and Krim face Larvik. Sun, 17 Mar 2013 20:04:30 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016531 17.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016531 FTC knocked out as Györ maintain perfect record http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016528/FTC+knocked+out+as+Gy%c3%b6r+maintain+perfect+record Victory for Zvezda confirms the semi-final qualifiers with just one game on Sunday remaining Sat, 16 Mar 2013 20:38:28 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016528 16.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016528 Preview of the Women´s EHF Champions League Main Round http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016512/Preview+of+the+Women%c2%b4s+EHF+Champions+League+Main+Round The race for the semi-finals in Group 2 will reach the thrilling climax over the weekend. Fri, 15 Mar 2013 13:13:18 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016512 15.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016512 Champions say farewell to their title http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016490/Champions+say+farewell+to+their+title Budućnost's Women's EHF Champions League defence comes to an end Tue, 12 Mar 2013 17:22:50 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016490 12.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016490 Torstensson out with broken finger http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016484/Torstensson+out+with+broken+finger Krim's Swedish international set to miss up to eight weeks after an injury in their recent Women's EHF Champions League match Mon, 11 Mar 2013 17:39:04 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016484 11.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016484 Larvik hang on to two stars and sign young talent http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016479/Larvik+hang+on+to+two+stars+and+sign+young+talent Norwegian champions extend the contracts of team regulars and look to the future with a new signing Mon, 11 Mar 2013 14:23:22 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016479 11.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016479 Györ win sends Larvik through as Krim prevail http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016474/Gy%c3%b6r+win+sends+Larvik+through+as+Krim+prevail Ferencváros on the brink of elimination after Krim takes the pole position before the last round. Sun, 10 Mar 2013 22:38:52 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016474 10.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016474 Larvik and Oltchim close in on semi-finals http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016471/Larvik+and+Oltchim+close+in+on+semi-finals Ferencváros in difficulties after the home setback Sat, 09 Mar 2013 18:42:54 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016471 09.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016471 Radičević: We do not think that we have to gain revenge http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016467/Radi%c4%8devi%c4%87%3a+We+do+not+think+that+we+have+to+gain+revenge Györ winger heading home to take on former club Sat, 09 Mar 2013 09:10:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016467 09.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016467 Preview for Round 5 of the Women's EHF Champions League Main Round http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016465/Preview+for+Round+5+of+the+Women%27s+EHF+Champions+League+Main+Round The battle for semi-final berths intensifies Fri, 08 Mar 2013 15:19:03 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016465 08.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016465 Big blow for Oltchim as Stanca departs http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016457/Big+blow+for+Oltchim+as+Stanca+departs Line player's exit leaves Romanians weakened ahead of their key Women's EHF Champions League encounter Thu, 07 Mar 2013 16:45:28 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016457 07.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016457 Dalby joins recent opponents http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016437/Dalby+joins+recent+opponents Danish right back signed two year contract with Budućnost. Tue, 05 Mar 2013 19:50:28 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016437 05.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016437 Inspired Krim edge closer to last four http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016426/Inspired+Krim+edge+closer+to+last+four Krim Mercator produced one of their best performances of the season to beat FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria 31:25 Sun, 03 Mar 2013 23:27:51 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016426 03.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016426 Györ reach semi-finals as Oltchim bounce back http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016425/Gy%c3%b6r+reach+semi-finals+as+Oltchim+bounce+back Györi Audi ETO KC advance to the semi-finals with two games to spare Sat, 02 Mar 2013 20:36:55 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016425 02.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016425 Cuadrado returns to Randers http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016423/Cuadrado+returns+to+Randers Spanish international retuns to the Women's EHF Champions League participants after one season away. Sat, 02 Mar 2013 09:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016423 02.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016423 Much at stake in race for semi-final berths http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016422/Much+at+stake+in+race+for+semi-final+berths Preview for the Women's EHF Champions League Main Round, Match Day 4 Fri, 01 Mar 2013 15:19:09 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016422 01.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016422 Only a win will do for the reigning champions in Denmark http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016415/Only+a+win+will+do+for+the+reigning+champions+in+Denmark Pressure mounting as every game becomes a must-win for Budocnost Podgorica Fri, 01 Mar 2013 07:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016415 01.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016415 ‘We must prove that Oltchim are a genuine contender,’ says Vestergaard http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016410/%e2%80%98We+must+prove+that+Oltchim+are+a+genuine+contender%2c%e2%80%99+says+Vestergaard The Romanian champions must win against Zvezda if they want to keep in touch with the leaders in Group 2 Thu, 28 Feb 2013 09:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016410 28.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016410 Randers sign talented line player http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016405/Randers+sign+talented+line+player Danish international, Kathrine Heindahl, signs a two year contract with the Women's EHF Champions League participant Wed, 27 Feb 2013 14:12:09 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016405 27.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016405 Valcea goalkeeper Leynaud set to join ZRK Vardar Skopje http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016370/Valcea+goalkeeper+Leynaud+set+to+join+ZRK+Vardar+Skopje Macedonians snap up French international Thu, 21 Feb 2013 15:12:53 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016370 21.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016370 Champions back in the semi-final race http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016365/Champions+back+in+the+semi-final+race Budućnost coach Adžić rejects thoughts on the top four break-through. Wed, 20 Feb 2013 23:06:37 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016365 20.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016365 Hungarians on top – new hope for title holders http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016343/Hungarians+on+top+%e2%80%93+new+hope+for+title+holders Hungarian teams lead both main round groups, while ruling champions Buducnost may still hope. Sun, 17 Feb 2013 21:30:11 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016343 17.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016343 Mehmedović back in team, Bulatović with broken nose http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016339/Mehmedovi%c4%87+back+in+team%2c+Bulatovi%c4%87+with+broken+nose Budućnost hopes for reinforcement before the Sunday duel with Randers. Sun, 17 Feb 2013 10:32:15 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016339 17.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016339 Clear Györ win in top match, first triumph for Valcea http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016336/Clear+Gy%c3%b6r+win+in+top+match%2c+first+triumph+for+Valcea Hungarian champions remain perfect, Zvezda´s semi-finals chances gloomy Sat, 16 Feb 2013 20:21:57 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016336 16.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016336 Penezić: We can go all the way to the final http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016333/Penezi%c4%87%3a+We+can+go+all+the+way+to+the+final Croatian international believes in a successful season with Krim after she recovered from an injury. Sat, 16 Feb 2013 10:20:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016333 16.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016333 Preview of EHF Champions League Main Round, Round 3 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016326/Preview+of+EHF+Champions+League+Main+Round%2c+Round+3 Reigning champions Budućnost Podgorica and Romanian title holders Oltchim Râmnicu Vâlcea in the make-or-break clashes. Fri, 15 Feb 2013 10:43:44 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016326 15.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016326 Defending champions on brink of elimination, coach stays positive http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016316/Defending+champions+on+brink+of+elimination%2c+coach+stays+positive Adžić full of pride despite the second defeat of Podgorica, Gjekstad happy about the good start of Larvik. Wed, 13 Feb 2013 15:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016316 13.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016316 ‘We are not finished yet,’ says Leslie http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016311/%e2%80%98We+are+not+finished+yet%2c%e2%80%99+says+Leslie Randers see a way back despite a poor start to 2013 Tue, 12 Feb 2013 17:01:43 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016311 12.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016311 Rampant Györ overwhelm Randers http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016304/Rampant+Gy%c3%b6r+overwhelm+Randers Hunagrian champions made another step towards semi-finals of the Women´s Champions League. Mon, 11 Feb 2013 20:54:43 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016304 11.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016304 Another FTC win comes at a price http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016303/Another+FTC+win+comes+at+a+price Hungarians win at home, but Pena out for the season Mon, 11 Feb 2013 17:44:47 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016303 11.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016303 Larvik, FTC and Krim go on winning http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016289/Larvik%2c+FTC+and+Krim+go+on+winning After two rounds Oltchim´s trophy dreams in serious danger. Sun, 10 Feb 2013 21:55:07 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016289 10.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016289 Nadal and Guardiola inspire Krim coach http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016282/Nadal+and+Guardiola+inspire+Krim+coach The books of tennis and soccer great ones should help in the preparation of Slovenian champions before the top clash against Vâlcea. Sat, 09 Feb 2013 15:03:09 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016282 09.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016282 Women´s EHF Champions League Main Round, Round 2 preview http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016273/Women%c2%b4s+EHF+Champions+League+Main+Round%2c+Round+2+preview Oltchim Râmnicu Vâlcea have it all to do against Krim Mercator after they were stunned in the opening round by Ferencváros. Fri, 08 Feb 2013 18:48:58 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016273 08.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016273 Masson leaves Randers for Viborg http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016247/Masson+leaves+Randers+for+Viborg The dream of winning the EHF Women´s Champions League drives Brazilian goalkeeper Chana Masson from Randers HK to Danish league rivals Viborg HK. Wed, 06 Feb 2013 08:20:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016247 06.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016247 Adžić: There is a thin line between glory and despair http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016246/Ad%c5%bei%c4%87%3a+There+is+a+thin+line+between+glory+and+despair Budućnost must pick themselves up after being taught a harsh lesson by Györ Tue, 05 Feb 2013 17:35:41 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016246 05.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016246 Sara Breistøl ends career http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016241/Sara+Breist%c3%b8l+ends+career Larvik´s technically gifted winger will call it a day after the current season Tue, 05 Feb 2013 12:10:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016241 05.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016241 Lekić and Radičević complement Vardar's dream team http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016236/Leki%c4%87+and+Radi%c4%8devi%c4%87+complement+Vardar%27s+dream+team Vardar hope to pick up the strong legacy of women's handball in Skopje Mon, 04 Feb 2013 16:14:15 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016236 04.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016236 Krim and FTC celebrate shock wins http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016231/Krim+and+FTC+celebrate+shock+wins Underdogs shine on the road in their opening games of the Women´s EHF Champions League Main Round Sun, 03 Feb 2013 22:12:15 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016231 03.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016231 Rampant Györ blow away Budućnost http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016230/Rampant+Gy%c3%b6r+blow+away+Budu%c4%87nost Hungarian champions get their revenge for 2012 upset Sat, 02 Feb 2013 20:01:29 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016230 02.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016230 BLOG: Kiss for Cristina http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016229/BLOG%3a+Kiss+for+Cristina Blog post from Nerea Pena about the upcoming campaign in the Women´s EHF Champions League Main Round. She also sends greetings to injured star Neagu Sat, 02 Feb 2013 15:20:48 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016229 02.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016229 Knežević: No one will underestimate us http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016223/Kne%c5%beevi%c4%87%3a+No+one+will+underestimate+us Budućnost viewing this season as a phase of transition in the club Fri, 01 Feb 2013 15:17:46 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016223 01.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016223 Győr players seek revenge for final http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016221/Gy%c5%91r+players+seek+revenge+for+final Ambros Martín and Raphaëlle Tervel speak to ehfCL.com about their season to date and the upcoming challenges in the Main Round Fri, 01 Feb 2013 15:08:39 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016221 01.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016221 EHF Court of Handball disciplinary decision http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016210/EHF+Court+of+Handball+disciplinary+decision The EHF Court of Handball has made a decision regarding disciplinary proceedings against the coach Jakob Vestergaard from Oltchim Rm. Valcea Thu, 31 Jan 2013 14:39:08 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016210 31.01.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016210 Neagu out for the season http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016208/Neagu+out+for+the+season An ACL tear condemns Oltchim Rm. Valcea left back back to another long term injury break Wed, 30 Jan 2013 15:54:25 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016208 30.01.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016208 Zácsik and Cifra commit to three more years http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016206/Z%c3%a1csik+and+Cifra+commit+to+three+more+years Two key players have extended their contracts with Ferencváros. Wed, 30 Jan 2013 12:38:51 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016206 30.01.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016206 Radičević set to leave Györ http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016201/Radi%c4%8devi%c4%87+set+to+leave+Gy%c3%b6r EHF EURO 2012 winner to leave Györi Audi ETO KC at the end of this season Tue, 29 Jan 2013 16:27:03 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016201 29.01.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016201 Lekić to leave Györ at end of season http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016196/Leki%c4%87+to+leave+Gy%c3%b6r+at+end+of+season Serbian centre back will go elsewhere to play in her preferred position Mon, 28 Jan 2013 10:45:29 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016196 28.01.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016196 Larvik win Main Round opener http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016193/Larvik+win+Main+Round+opener EHF Champions League winners from 2011 beat Randers HK 25:19 in the Scandinavian derby. Sat, 26 Jan 2013 20:28:03 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016193 26.01.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016193 Referee and delegate nominations http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016192/Referee+and+delegate+nominations EHF announces nominations for Women´s EHF Champions League Main Round and Men´s EHF Challenge Cup Fri, 25 Jan 2013 16:03:46 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016192 25.01.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016192 Contrasting dress rehearsals for Larvik and Randers http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016187/Contrasting+dress+rehearsals+for+Larvik+and+Randers The last tests before the Scandinavian encounter in the Women's EHF Champions League Main Round turned out differently for Larvik and Randers. Fri, 25 Jan 2013 10:47:15 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016187 25.01.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016187 Mehmedović and Gjorgijevska to miss opening Main Round games http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016178/Mehmedovi%c4%87+and+Gjorgijevska+to+miss+opening+Main+Round+games Budućnost will face Györi Audi ETO KC with a weakened squad Wed, 23 Jan 2013 12:36:41 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016178 23.01.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016178 “No pressure on us” says Ågren http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016168/%e2%80%9cNo+pressure+on+us%e2%80%9d+says+%c3%85gren Randers line player sees her team as underdogs in the Main Round. Mon, 21 Jan 2013 10:10:52 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016168 21.01.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016168 Oltchim need to be at their best http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016162/Oltchim+need+to+be+at+their+best Romanian champions look to extend perfect run in the Main Round Thu, 17 Jan 2013 10:10:48 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016162 17.01.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016162 Randers defeated in Danish top match http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016154/Randers+defeated+in+Danish+top+match Danish champions lost against EHF Cup Last 16 participants Mon, 14 Jan 2013 12:49:11 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016154 14.01.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016154 Győr extend contracts for leading players http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016150/Gy%c5%91r+extend+contracts+for+leading+players Hungarian champion Győr will keep some of their key players after next season Fri, 11 Jan 2013 16:06:30 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016150 11.01.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016150 Returning players reinforce Budućnost http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016143/Returning+players+reinforce+Budu%c4%87nost Cvijić, Mehmedović and Gjorgijevska join the team following injury-related absences Wed, 09 Jan 2013 17:13:17 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016143 09.01.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016143 End to injury worries and a new pathway for Krim? http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016144/End+to+injury+worries+and+a+new+pathway+for+Krim%3f A heavy December training schedule and the return of a number of injured players will see Krim Mercator well prepared for the Women's EHF Champions League Main Round Wed, 09 Jan 2013 16:42:28 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016144 09.01.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016144 Vetkova departs Oltchim for Russian loan spell http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016127/Vetkova+departs+Oltchim+for+Russian+loan+spell Russian pivot Ekaterina Vetkova in a search for more game time with Russian Superliga club Astrakhanochka Thu, 03 Jan 2013 17:17:59 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016127 03.01.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016127 Larvik take 13th Norwegian Cup title http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016123/Larvik+take+13th+Norwegian+Cup+title The EHF Champions League participants defeated Stabæk in the final. Wed, 02 Jan 2013 16:34:38 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016123 02.01.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016123 Two more years for Skov in Viborg http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016124/Two+more+years+for+Skov+in+Viborg Former Danish international hopes for new success with the triple European club champions Wed, 02 Jan 2013 16:34:19 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016124 02.01.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016124 Popović: Thanks to those who gave me the chance to be myself http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016122/Popovi%c4%87%3a+Thanks+to+those+who+gave+me+the+chance+to+be+myself The Montenegrin legend summarizes her last active year for ehfCL.com Mon, 31 Dec 2012 09:59:38 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016122 31.12.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016122 Melbeck quits handball career http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016106/Melbeck+quits+handball+career 35 year old Buxtehude and German right back is pregnant Thu, 20 Dec 2012 10:05:57 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016106 20.12.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016106 Oskarsson new Viborg coach http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016089/Oskarsson+new+Viborg+coach Viborg HK find their new coach within the club. Fri, 14 Dec 2012 10:07:17 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016089 14.12.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016089 Amorim thankful fur EURO break http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016059/Amorim+thankful+fur+EURO+break Györ's Brazillian left back Eduarda Amorim using the EURO break to recover from an ankle injury Wed, 05 Dec 2012 09:35:52 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016059 05.12.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016059 Budućnost with 11 players at EHF EURO in Serbia http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016055/Budu%c4%87nost+with+11+players+at+EHF+EURO+in+Serbia Reigning Women's EHF Champions League winners strongly represented at the EHF EURO Tue, 04 Dec 2012 12:22:11 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016055 04.12.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016055 Viborg sack their head coach http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016003/Viborg+sack+their+head+coach Martin Albertsen is leaving the job with immediate effect, but he is continuing in another function in the club. Tue, 27 Nov 2012 15:16:23 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016003 27.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016003 Knežević: We will make life difficult to everyone http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015997/Kne%c5%beevi%c4%87%3a+We+will+make+life+difficult+to+everyone The top scorer of the Women´s EHF Champions League Group Matches speaks to ehfCL.com about new objectives of the defending champions in the Main Round. Tue, 27 Nov 2012 08:40:18 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015997 27.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015997 Time for reflection in Viborg http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015954/Time+for+reflection+in+Viborg For the first time in their history, the Danish club is not going to play any kind of European handball in the spring Wed, 21 Nov 2012 11:09:55 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015954 21.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015954 Reactions to Main Round draw - Video update http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015946/Reactions+to+Main+Round+draw+-+Video+update Statements of the club representatives after the draw of the Women´s EHF Champions League Main Round groups. Tue, 20 Nov 2012 16:00:51 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015946 20.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015946 Women's EHF Champions League Main Round Groups http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015945/Women%27s+EHF+Champions+League+Main+Round+Groups The defending champions from Budućnost Podgorica will start in Györ. Tue, 20 Nov 2012 15:17:26 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015945 20.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015945 Main Round and European Cup draw pictures available http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015939/Main+Round+and+European+Cup+draw+pictures+available Images of the Main Round draw ready to download shortly after the event for all journalists Mon, 19 Nov 2012 20:50:05 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015939 19.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015939 Adžić: We have achieved a huge success http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015938/Ad%c5%bei%c4%87%3a+We+have+achieved+a+huge+success Coach of defending champions talks to ehfCL.com after a surprising run of his team to Main Round of the Women´s EHF Champions League Mon, 19 Nov 2012 19:10:19 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015938 19.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015938 Women´s EHF Champions League Main Round Draw seedings http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015932/Women%c2%b4s+EHF+Champions+League+Main+Round+Draw+seedings Top eight teams divided into two pots before the draw. Mon, 19 Nov 2012 16:06:10 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015932 19.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015932 Randers complete mission impossible http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015926/Randers+complete+mission+impossible Review of the Women's EHF Champions League Group Matches Round 6 Sun, 18 Nov 2012 23:36:03 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015926 18.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015926 BLOG: The most beautiful December in my career http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015915/BLOG%3a+The+most+beautiful+December+in+my+career Andrea Lekić speaks about Györ's ambition to go all the way, and the exciting build up to a home EHF EURO championships Sun, 18 Nov 2012 12:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015915 18.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015915 Larvik leapfrog FTC as Györ rout Cluj http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015923/Larvik+leapfrog+FTC+as+Gy%c3%b6r+rout+Cluj Saturday saw two games from the final round of group matches in the Women's EHF Champions League Sat, 17 Nov 2012 22:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015923 17.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015923 No calculations for Budućnost, only a victory counts against Viborg http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015920/No+calculations+for+Budu%c4%87nost%2c+only+a+victory+counts+against+Viborg Inspirational goalkeeper Woltering back in Podgorica line-up Fri, 16 Nov 2012 22:18:46 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015920 16.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015920 BLOG: I will be back soon, stronger than before http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015914/BLOG%3a+I+will+be+back+soon%2c+stronger+than+before Miranda Tatari tells of her successful year, ended by a long-term knee injury Fri, 16 Nov 2012 14:54:49 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015914 16.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015914 Preview of Women´s EHF Champions League Round 6 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015913/Preview+of+Women%c2%b4s+EHF+Champions+League+Round+6 Three teams are involved in a last battle for two spots in Group D. Fri, 16 Nov 2012 11:38:57 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015913 16.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015913 Szandra Zácsik has shoulder operation http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015885/Szandra+Z%c3%a1csik+has+shoulder+operation FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria's left back has a shoulder operation right before the match against Dinamo. Mon, 12 Nov 2012 15:55:37 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015885 12.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015885 Canjuga boosts Podravka’s confidence after Györ defeat http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015882/Canjuga+boosts+Podravka%e2%80%99s+confidence+after+Gy%c3%b6r+defeat Györ’s trophy-laden Norwegian line player Heidi Løke and Spanish coach Ambros Martín also heaped praise on Koprivnica. Mon, 12 Nov 2012 14:29:07 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015882 12.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015882 Four Main Round berths still on hold http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015878/Four+Main+Round+berths+still+on+hold Three times winners from Viborg lost the last chance to continue in the European club competitions, after they were defeated by Thüringer HC Sun, 11 Nov 2012 21:55:18 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015878 11.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015878 Stopping shots with bare legs http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015877/Stopping+shots+with+bare+legs Sävehof´s goalkeeper Idéhn decided to drop the trousers and play in shorts Sat, 10 Nov 2012 16:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015877 10.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015877 Blog: Finally a Good Experience http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015874/Blog%3a+Finally+a+Good+Experience Blog post from Nerea Pena about the transition from life in Spain to her new home in Hungary Sat, 10 Nov 2012 12:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015874 10.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015874 Orsolya Herr is back home in Györ http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015873/Orsolya+Herr+is+back+home+in+Gy%c3%b6r Györi Audi ETO KC goalkeeper Orsolya Herr speaks about the move back to her former club Sat, 10 Nov 2012 09:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015873 10.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015873 Szucsánszki fighting for first place in Group C http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015868/Szucs%c3%a1nszki+fighting+for+first+place+in+Group+C Zita Szucsánszki talks about FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria's season so far and their Women's EHF Champions League ambitions Fri, 09 Nov 2012 11:52:11 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015868 09.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015868 Preview of Women´s EHF Champions League Round 5 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015866/Preview+of+Women%c2%b4s+EHF+Champions+League+Round+5 Last four Main Round spots still at stake. Fri, 09 Nov 2012 10:33:33 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015866 09.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015866 Woltering: We are a powerful fighting force http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015856/Woltering%3a+We+are+a+powerful+fighting+force German goalkeeper of Budućnost will miss the next match against Zvezda, but still believes in her team. Thu, 08 Nov 2012 13:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015856 08.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015856 Viborg best of Danish CL teams http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015857/Viborg+best+of+Danish+CL+teams Randers suffered the fifth defeat in a row in the combined total of domestic and European competitions Thu, 08 Nov 2012 11:33:37 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015857 08.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015857 Althaus: Strange to go to guest’s dressing room http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015855/Althaus%3a+Strange+to+go+to+guest%e2%80%99s+dressing+room Thüringer HC player returns to her former club Viborg on Sunday – and hopes to take away two points Thu, 08 Nov 2012 10:07:45 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015855 08.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015855 Tatari injury blights Podravka’s surge towards Main Round http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015844/Tatari+injury+blights+Podravka%e2%80%99s+surge+towards+Main+Round Podravka´s captain could be out until Ferbuary with a knee injury Tue, 06 Nov 2012 11:12:59 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015844 06.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015844 Oltchim and FTC cruise into Main Round as Budućnost shine again http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015831/Oltchim+and+FTC+cruise+into+Main+Round+as+Budu%c4%87nost+shine+again Three more teams follow Györ to Main Round of the Women´s EHF Champions League as Oltchim, FTC and Larvik secured berths. Sun, 04 Nov 2012 21:45:47 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015831 04.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015831 Györi Audi ETO advance into Main Round as Larvik and Hypo close in http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015828/Gy%c3%b6ri+Audi+ETO+advance+into+Main+Round+as+Larvik+and+Hypo+close+in Hungarian champions beat Krim Mercator on their way to the next stage Sat, 03 Nov 2012 22:53:18 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015828 03.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015828 Budućnost hit by goalkeepers injuries http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015824/Budu%c4%87nost+hit+by+goalkeepers+injuries New and big injuries problems for Budućnost before the Sunday’s match Sat, 03 Nov 2012 09:37:52 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015824 03.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015824 Preview of the EHF Champions League Round 4 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015814/Preview+of+the+EHF+Champions+League+Round+4 Four teams can seal their Main Round tickets over the weekend Fri, 02 Nov 2012 10:18:26 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015814 02.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015814 Viborg still want to make their mark http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015808/Viborg+still+want+to+make+their+mark Despite three defeats the coach of three times European champions sees improvements. Thu, 01 Nov 2012 09:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015808 01.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015808 Jamina Roberts: We learn from the Champions League http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015785/Jamina+Roberts%3a+We+learn+from+the+Champions+League Young left back of Sävehof sets the third position in the group as a minimum objective Wed, 31 Oct 2012 09:10:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015785 31.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015785 Adžić: We will learn from defeat http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015796/Ad%c5%bei%c4%87%3a+We+will+learn+from+defeat Defending champions Budućnost vow to learn from first EHF Champions League defeat Tue, 30 Oct 2012 20:13:12 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015796 30.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015796 Bille: Experience can bring us far http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015784/Bille%3a+Experience+can+bring+us+far Danish winger refuses the role of favourites for Larvik, but still hope for the first place in the group. Tue, 30 Oct 2012 14:23:49 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015784 30.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015784 Jakubisová: Put the pedal to the metal http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015776/Jakubisov%c3%a1%3a+Put+the+pedal+to+the+metal Slovakian international explains the EHF Champions League boom at surprise team Thüringer HC. Mon, 29 Oct 2012 13:14:33 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015776 29.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015776 Rampant Györ surge on as reigning champions are beaten http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015772/Rampant+Gy%c3%b6r+surge+on+as+reigning+champions+are+beaten The winning streak of Budućnost stopped in Germany Sun, 28 Oct 2012 21:59:56 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015772 28.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015772 Oltchim, Podravka and FTC march towards Main Round http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015769/Oltchim%2c+Podravka+and+FTC+march+towards+Main+Round Winning streak of Romanian champions and Hungarian qualifiers extended to three matches. Sat, 27 Oct 2012 21:35:33 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015769 27.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015769 Fighting against homesickness http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015763/Fighting+against+homesickness Zvezda Zvenigorod’s Hungarian line player Valéria Szabó speaks of upcoming challenges, and homesickness Fri, 26 Oct 2012 20:57:02 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015763 26.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015763 Preview of Women´s EHF Champions League Round 3 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015767/Preview+of+Women%c2%b4s+EHF+Champions+League+Round+3 Emotional return of Andrea Lekić to Ljubljana Fri, 26 Oct 2012 15:03:48 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015767 26.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015767 BLOG: My first Champions League experience http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015753/BLOG%3a+My+first+Champions+League+experience The British Olympian Holly Lam-Moores from Viborg HK writes about the start in the Europe´s premier club competition Wed, 24 Oct 2012 19:09:10 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015753 24.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015753 Budućnost youngsters keep surprising http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015749/Budu%c4%87nost+youngsters+keep+surprising Rejuvenated team of the defending champions eager to get to the top eight of the Women´s EHF Champions League Wed, 24 Oct 2012 11:11:39 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015749 24.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015749 It takes two to tango, says Hrupec http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015729/It+takes+two+to+tango%2c+says+Hrupec Podravka coach praises rivals Mon, 22 Oct 2012 18:54:50 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015729 22.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015729 Podravka end Krim jinx as Budućnost and FTC shine http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015719/Podravka+end+Krim+jinx+as+Budu%c4%87nost+and+FTC+shine The champions of 2011 Women´s EHF Champions League from Larvik defeated in Dabas, Hungary Sun, 21 Oct 2012 21:57:39 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015719 21.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015719 Big guns Oltchim and Györ march on in grand style http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015715/Big+guns+Oltchim+and+Gy%c3%b6r+march+on+in+grand+style Both Hypo and Zvezda recorded first wins in the Women´s EHF Champions League after opening defeats. Sat, 20 Oct 2012 22:53:48 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015715 20.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015715 Every game is for ‘Dani’ http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015704/Every+game+is+for+%e2%80%98Dani%e2%80%99 High expectations before the start of the season were blown away by a long list of injuries at Krim Mercator, where the players are still in shock after team-mate Daniela Piedade's stroke. Sat, 20 Oct 2012 09:10:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015704 20.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015704 Damnjanović starts on a high http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015703/Damnjanovi%c4%87+starts+on+a+high Last season’s top scorer of the Group Matches, Podravka left back Damnjanović starts off well despite defeat to Györ Sat, 20 Oct 2012 08:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015703 20.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015703 Nadgornaja: More handball than translating http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015710/Nadgornaja%3a+More+handball+than+translating German international talks to ehfCL.com before the away match of her club Thüringer HC at Zvezda Fri, 19 Oct 2012 20:11:25 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015710 19.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015710 Knežević: No-one will underestimate us http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015706/Kne%c5%beevi%c4%87%3a+No-one+will+underestimate+us Budućnost centre back Milena Knežević hails her team's spirit after the reigning champion's opening victory Fri, 19 Oct 2012 16:32:48 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015706 19.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015706 Preview of Women´s EHF Champions League Round 2 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015707/Preview+of+Women%c2%b4s+EHF+Champions+League+Round+2 Defending champions Budućnost takes on three times trophy winners from Viborg Fri, 19 Oct 2012 15:55:25 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015707 19.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015707 Leslie surprised by good start http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015690/Leslie+surprised+by+good+start Randers coach talks to ehfCL.com after a convincing victory over Buxtehude and before their trip to Austria Thu, 18 Oct 2012 11:22:10 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015690 18.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015690 FTC victory gives confidence boost http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015683/FTC+victory+gives+confidence+boost Victory over Dinamo has given FTC a big confidence boost, says coach Gábor Elek Tue, 16 Oct 2012 18:39:57 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015683 16.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015683 Randers give Buxtehuder a rude awakening http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015675/Randers+give+Buxtehuder+a+rude+awakening Danish delight for a superior home side firing on all cylinders Mon, 15 Oct 2012 21:29:46 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015675 15.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015675 Dream start for reigning champions http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015666/Dream+start+for+reigning+champions Budućnost secured an emphatic 29-21 victory over Zvezda Zvenigorod to begin their title defence on a high Mon, 15 Oct 2012 13:08:11 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015666 15.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015666 Underdogs Thüringer shine among winning heavyweights http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015663/Underdogs+Th%c3%bcringer+shine+among+winning+heavyweights Overwhelming victory of FTC in Volgograd Sun, 14 Oct 2012 21:35:52 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015663 14.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015663 Melbeck going back to the roots http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015658/Melbeck+going+back+to+the+roots Buxtehude’s most experienced player will face her former club Randers in their opener of the Women´s EHF Champions League Group Matches Sun, 14 Oct 2012 11:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015658 14.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015658 Györ, Budućnost and Larvik make winning starts http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015660/Gy%c3%b6r%2c+Budu%c4%87nost+and+Larvik+make+winning+starts All home teams with victories in Round 1 of new Women´s EHF Champions League season on Saturday Sat, 13 Oct 2012 22:28:06 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015660 13.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015660 Tiselj: Semi-final is Krim’s objective http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015654/Tiselj%3a+Semi-final+is+Krim%e2%80%99s+objective Despite a long list of injuries, Krim Mercator are aiming high after their shopping spree in central Europe Sat, 13 Oct 2012 12:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015654 13.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015654 Bulatović: Defence will be our main weapon http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015649/Bulatovi%c4%87%3a+Defence+will+be+our+main+weapon For the first time in the club’s history, Budućnost will start the season as defending champions of the EHF Champions League. Fri, 12 Oct 2012 21:58:01 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015649 12.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015649 BLOG: Starting a brand new exciting chapter in my life http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015646/BLOG%3a+Starting+a+brand+new+exciting+chapter+in+my+life The British Olympian Holly Lam-Moores hopes she and her Viborg´s team mates will have something to scream and cheer about on the bus ride home. Fri, 12 Oct 2012 11:10:29 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015646 12.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015646 Women´s EHF Champions League Round 1 preview http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015647/Women%c2%b4s+EHF+Champions+League+Round+1+preview Before the throw-off of the Women´s EHF Champions League here is a run down of the upcoming games Fri, 12 Oct 2012 10:05:03 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015647 12.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015647 Countdown, part 16: FTC Hungaria Rail Cargo http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015631/Countdown%2c+part+16%3a+FTC+Hungaria+Rail+Cargo For the thirteenth time FTC is participating in the Women’s EHF Champions League – and after winning the Cup Winners’ Cup twice the next step should be qualifying for the Main Round. Fri, 12 Oct 2012 10:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015631 12.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015631 Countdown, part 15: Zvezda Zvenigorod http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015630/Countdown%2c+part+15%3a+Zvezda+Zvenigorod Four years after winning the EHF Champions League the Russian “stars” are hoping to reach the semi-finals again. Thu, 11 Oct 2012 10:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015630 11.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015630 Frafjord out for four to six weeks http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015633/Frafjord+out+for+four+to+six+weeks Viborg to enter the Women´s Champions League without the experienced line player from Norway Wed, 10 Oct 2012 22:20:34 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015633 10.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015633 Countdown, part 14: U Jolidon Cluj http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015621/Countdown%2c+part+14%3a+U+Jolidon+Cluj Runners-up in the Romanian League, U Jolidon Cluj will compete in the Group Matches of the Women’s EHF Champions League for the first time, and are hoping to secure some points against top opponents. Wed, 10 Oct 2012 21:50:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015621 10.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015621 Győri’s Eduarda Amorim excited to play for title http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015622/Gy%c5%91ri%e2%80%99s+Eduarda+Amorim+excited+to+play+for+title Győri’s Eduarda Amorim speaks to ehfCL.com about her thoughts ahead of their first match in this season’s Women´s EHF Champions League against Podravka. Wed, 10 Oct 2012 10:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015622 10.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015622 Oltchim puts troubles behind them http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015624/Oltchim+puts+troubles+behind+them After a summer of big signings, Oltchim's Women´s EHF Champions League hopes have been hit by the loss of their main club sponsor. Tue, 09 Oct 2012 20:34:29 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015624 09.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015624 Anita Bulath joins Viborg http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015619/Anita+Bulath+joins+Viborg Danish runners-up filled the empty spot at the right back with Hungarian international from Podravka. Tue, 09 Oct 2012 15:46:32 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015619 09.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015619 Countdown, part 13: Buxtehuder SV http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015610/Countdown%2c+part+13%3a+Buxtehuder+SV Despite being plagued by a long list of injuries, Buxtehude hope to secure their first ever points in the Women’s EHF Champions League. Tue, 09 Oct 2012 09:10:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015610 09.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015610 Countdown, part 12: Viborg HK http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015598/Countdown%2c+part+12%3a+Viborg+HK Experienced players left, youngsters arrived and severe injuries hit the three times EHF Champions League winners hard, but after two early eliminations in previous seasons Viborg are hoping to reach the Main Round now. Mon, 08 Oct 2012 09:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015598 08.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015598 Countdown, part 11: Hypo NÖ http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015597/Countdown%2c+part+11%3a+Hypo+N%c3%96 After being eliminated during the Group Matches of the EHF Champions League in the past, Austrian champions Hypo Niederösterreich are hoping for better luck this season. Sun, 07 Oct 2012 11:10:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015597 07.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015597 Countdown, part 10: Dinamo Volgograd http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015605/Countdown%2c+part+10%3a+Dinamo+Volgograd After narrowly missing out on a spot in the Main Round of last season's EHF Champions League, Russian champions Dinamo Volgograd will go into this season's competition with virtually the same squad. Sat, 06 Oct 2012 11:20:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015605 06.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015605 Countdown, part 9: Randers HK http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015587/Countdown%2c+part+9%3a+Randers+HK Even though some of their experienced stars have left the club, Danish champions Randers HK hope to proceed to the Main Round for the first time ever. Fri, 05 Oct 2012 13:20:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015587 05.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015587 Bošković re-elected President of Budućnost http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015583/Bo%c5%a1kovi%c4%87+re-elected+President+of+Budu%c4%87nost No change in the leadership of the Women´s EHF Champions League reigning champions Thu, 04 Oct 2012 17:14:02 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015583 04.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015583 Countdown, part 8: Oltchim Rm. Valcea http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015570/Countdown%2c+part+8%3a+Oltchim+Rm.+Valcea With the best squad in the club's history assembled for 2012/13, the Romanian champions are among the favourites for the title. Thu, 04 Oct 2012 13:10:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015570 04.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015570 Countdown, part 7: Thüringer HC http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015560/Countdown%2c+part+7%3a+Th%c3%bcringer+HC After improving their squad with several top international players, the German champions are hoping for better luck than in their debut season in the Women’s EHF Champions League. Wed, 03 Oct 2012 11:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015560 03.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015560 Countdown, part 6: IK Sävehof http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015553/Countdown%2c+part+6%3a+IK+S%c3%a4vehof The young all-Swedish team hope to learn and surprise their strong opponents with their fighting spirit. Tue, 02 Oct 2012 18:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015553 02.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015553 Krim under shock, Piedade suffered stroke http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015564/Krim+under+shock%2c+Piedade+suffered+stroke Brazilian international collapsed before test match and was in coma Tue, 02 Oct 2012 12:53:27 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015564 02.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015564 Adžić: Viborg and Zvezda are favourites http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015512/Ad%c5%bei%c4%87%3a+Viborg+and+Zvezda+are+favourites Less than three weeks before the start of the 2012/13 competition, Budućnost finally know all the names of their rivals for the Women´s EHF Champions' League title Mon, 01 Oct 2012 16:20:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015512 01.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015512 Countdown, part 5: Rokometni Klub Krim Mercator http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015552/Countdown%2c+part+5%3a+Rokometni+Klub+Krim+Mercator Slovenian champions turn to international reinforcements in search of past glories Mon, 01 Oct 2012 14:59:10 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015552 01.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015552 Countdown, part 4: Larvik Håndballklubb http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015545/Countdown%2c+part+4%3a+Larvik+H%c3%a5ndballklubb Thanks to the comeback of superstar Gro Hammerseng, the 2011 Women’s EHF Champions League winners are hoping to go all the way again. Sun, 30 Sep 2012 15:50:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015545 30.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015545 Countdown, part 3: HC Podravka Vegeta http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015544/Countdown%2c+part+3%3a+HC+Podravka+Vegeta The record-breaking Croatian champions Podravka Vegeta are aiming to proceed to the Main Round and become the biggest surprise of this season’s Women’s EHF Champions League season. Sat, 29 Sep 2012 19:40:28 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015544 29.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015544 Countdown, Part 2: Györi Audi ETO KC http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015537/Countdown%2c+Part+2%3a+Gy%c3%b6ri+Audi+ETO+KC For six straight years they reached the semi-finals of the Women’s EHF Champions League, and twice made it to the final (2009 and 2012). Now Györi Audi ETO KC is aiming once again to make it to the finals of this top competition. Fri, 28 Sep 2012 20:22:23 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015537 28.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015537 Bojana Popović appointed Sports Director at Budućnost http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015538/Bojana+Popovi%c4%87+appointed+Sports+Director+at+Budu%c4%87nost Budućnost legend Bojana Popović has been appointed Sports Director at the club she led to EHF Champions League glory last season. Fri, 28 Sep 2012 17:06:21 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015538 28.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015538 Any point will be golden, Cluj´s Tivadar predicts http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015514/Any+point+will+be+golden%2c+Cluj%c2%b4s+Tivadar+predicts Universitatea Jolidon Cluj will make their debut in the EHF Women’s Champions League groups after winning the qualification tournament in front of their own fans. Fri, 28 Sep 2012 08:20:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015514 28.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015514 Countdown, part 1: Budućnost Podgorica http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015530/Countdown%2c+part+1%3a+Budu%c4%87nost+Podgorica After winning the Women´s EHF Champions League title in 2011/12, Budućnost have undergone a complete transformation with most of their star players retiring or leaving the Montenegrin side. Thu, 27 Sep 2012 22:39:12 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015530 27.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015530 Qualified relief in Viborg http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015513/Qualified+relief+in+Viborg Despite injury problems Viborg HK made it through to the Women´s EHF Champions League Group Matches Thu, 27 Sep 2012 14:30:17 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015513 27.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015513 Buxtehuder and Cluj defy odds to progress http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015497/Buxtehuder+and+Cluj+defy+odds+to+progress Last four tickets to Group Matches of the Women´s EHF Champions League taken Sun, 23 Sep 2012 22:26:16 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015497 23.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015497 Rail Cargo Hungaria reaches Group Matches http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015496/Rail+Cargo+Hungaria+reaches+Group+Matches Viborg, Byåsen, Gdynia, Buxtehuder, Cluj and Rostov made it to the finals Sat, 22 Sep 2012 23:40:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015496 22.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015496 Viborg rely on their power of will http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015495/Viborg+rely+on+their+power+of+will Danish club wants to overcome all kind of troubles and reach the Women´s EHF Champions League Group Matches Sat, 22 Sep 2012 16:30:13 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015495 22.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015495 Weekend TV Schedule of Women´s EHF Champions League http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015491/Weekend+TV+Schedule+of+Women%c2%b4s+EHF+Champions+League Six matches to follow live on stations across Europe Sat, 22 Sep 2012 08:13:02 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015491 22.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015491 Leipzig one step closer to return http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015490/Leipzig+one+step+closer+to+return Germans can book their ticket to Women´s EHF Champions League on Saturday Fri, 21 Sep 2012 23:28:08 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015490 21.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015490 Jolidon Cluj hope for success on third attempt http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015485/Jolidon+Cluj+hope+for+success+on+third+attempt Bolstered Romanian outfit confident to reach Women´s EHF Champions League Group Matches Fri, 21 Sep 2012 08:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015485 21.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015485 HC Leipzig ready to surprise http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015484/HC+Leipzig+ready+to+surprise German club are targeting a wild card place in the Women’s EHF Champions League Group Matches Thu, 20 Sep 2012 18:47:57 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015484 20.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015484 Zvezda aiming for Wild Card place http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015481/Zvezda+aiming+for+Wild+Card+place The third best team in a strong Russian Championship, Zvezda Zvenigorod are aiming to secure a spot in the Women’s EHF Champions League Group Matches Thu, 20 Sep 2012 16:09:56 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015481 20.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015481 Byåsen´s Nøstvold out for weeks http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015479/By%c3%a5sen%c2%b4s+N%c3%b8stvold+out+for+weeks The injury of their key player could ruin Byåsen´s chances of reaching the Group Matches of the Women´s EHF Champions League Thu, 20 Sep 2012 12:48:31 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015479 20.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015479 RK Zaječar with a strong new squad http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015475/RK+Zaje%c4%8dar+with+a+strong+new+squad Serbian champions are shaping up for some tough competition Thu, 20 Sep 2012 08:57:24 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015475 20.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015475 FTC stride towards Group Matches http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015477/FTC+stride+towards+Group+Matches Hungarian club beat Slovak champions by 14 goals in the first leg of the Women´s EHF Champions League Qualification Match Wed, 19 Sep 2012 21:59:59 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015477 19.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015477 Buxtehude hit hard by injuries http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015474/Buxtehude+hit+hard+by+injuries Coach Leun still hopes for a breakthrough to the Group Matches of the Women´s EHF Champions League Wed, 19 Sep 2012 19:40:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015474 19.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015474 Turkish outfit looking to surprise favourites http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015471/Turkish+outfit+looking+to+surprise+favourites Muratpasa looking to make it to the Women's EHF Champions League Wed, 19 Sep 2012 13:38:35 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015471 19.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015471 Race for five tickets to Group Matches starts http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015466/Race+for+five+tickets+to+Group+Matches+starts PREVIEW: Women's EHF Champions League Qualification Tue, 18 Sep 2012 13:06:15 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015466 18.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015466 Podravka will improve in time for new season http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015443/Podravka+will+improve+in+time+for+new+season Coach confident Croatian champions will do well in the European premier club competition Thu, 13 Sep 2012 18:15:28 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015443 13.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015443 Linnea Torstensson: "I am going to follow my dreams" http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015431/Linnea+Torstensson%3a+%22I+am+going+to+follow+my+dreams%22 ehfCL.com talks to the Swedish international about her move to Slovenia Tue, 11 Sep 2012 18:19:22 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015431 11.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015431 Viborg ask their fans for help http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015429/Viborg+ask+their+fans+for+help Fans help to finance the signing of new player Tue, 11 Sep 2012 13:21:25 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015429 11.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015429 New president for Croatian champions RK Podravka Vegeta http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015413/New+president+for+Croatian+champions+RK+Podravka+Vegeta Croatian champions RK Podravka Vegeta appointed Jorn Pedersen as new president at their annual general assembly last week Fri, 07 Sep 2012 15:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015413 07.09.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015413 Long break for Olympic gold medallist http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015392/Long+break+for+Olympic+gold+medallist Viborg will have to do without new signing Amanda Kurtovic for at least four months Thu, 30 Aug 2012 18:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015392 30.08.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015392 "It would break my heart not to play for my country" http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015360/%22It+would+break+my+heart+not+to+play+for+my+country%22 ehfCL.com talks to Holly Lam-Moores about the Olympics, the future of the British national team and her move to top club Viborg HK Wed, 22 Aug 2012 15:11:50 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015360 22.08.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015360 Ana Djokic joins Rostov Don http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015357/Ana+Djokic+joins+Rostov+Don Djikivic ready for a new challenge in Russia, which will be the fifth country in her professional career Tue, 21 Aug 2012 15:50:57 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015357 21.08.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015357 French reinforcement for Viborg http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015341/French+reinforcement+for+Viborg Cléopatra Darleux won the French championship twice in a row – with Metz and with Arvor 29 – and last season she was awarded best goalkeeper in the French league Fri, 17 Aug 2012 16:31:55 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015341 17.08.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015341 Vistal Laczpol Gdynia are ready http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015338/Vistal+Laczpol+Gdynia+are+ready Vistal Laczpol take part in two preparation tournaments in Lubin and Elblag before the start of the new season Thu, 16 Aug 2012 18:03:41 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015338 16.08.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015338 Injury ends career of Grit Jurack http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015336/Injury+ends+career+of+Grit+Jurack German international Grit Jurack has to end her career in handball after a serious shoulder injury Thu, 16 Aug 2012 11:21:20 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015336 16.08.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015336 Budućnost prepare for new season http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015326/Budu%c4%87nost+prepare+for+new+season Pre-season training begins in Montenegro Fri, 10 Aug 2012 11:10:19 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015326 10.08.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015326 Nikolić joins Zvezda http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015314/Nikoli%c4%87+joins+Zvezda Already last season Zvezda’s coach Zdravko Zovko was interested in Nikolić but she was still under contract Wed, 08 Aug 2012 15:16:53 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015314 08.08.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015314 U Jolidon Cluj battle for Women's EHF Champions League place http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015315/U+Jolidon+Cluj+battle+for+Women%27s+EHF+Champions+League+place U Jolidon Cluj’s biggest success was the EHF Challenge Cup 2006/07 final, which the Romanian girls lost against RK Naisa Niš Mon, 06 Aug 2012 12:10:21 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015315 06.08.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015315 IUVENTA want to play in the WOMEN’S EHF Champions League http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015282/IUVENTA+want+to+play+in+the+WOMEN%e2%80%99S+EHF+Champions+League The knock-out matches against the Hungarians (19.-20. and 22.-23.09.2012) will be their fifth attempt to qualify for the most prestigious women’s club competition. Mon, 23 Jul 2012 14:09:36 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015282 23.07.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015282 Women’s qualification tournament in France http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015280/Women%e2%80%99s+qualification+tournament+in+France The winner will join Group D in the Group Matches, playing defending champions, Buducnost (MNE) and Thüringer HC (GER) as well as the winner of the Qualification Tournament 1 Thu, 19 Jul 2012 17:12:14 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015280 19.07.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015280 A fresh start for RK Krim Mercator http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015271/A+fresh+start+for+RK+Krim+Mercator Coach Tone Tiselj will have a lot of new faces to choose from this season. Thu, 19 Jul 2012 11:35:34 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015271 19.07.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015271 Serbian national coach leads RK Zaječar to the Qualification Tournament http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015256/Serbian+national+coach+leads+RK+Zaje%c4%8dar+to+the+Qualification+Tournament RK Zaječar will play against the Russian team Rostov-Don in the semi-final of the Qualification Tournament Mon, 16 Jul 2012 13:15:58 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015256 16.07.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015256 Dragan Adzic: We will make life difficult for everyone http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015232/Dragan+Adzic%3a+We+will+make+life+difficult+for+everyone Budućnost see the departure of six key players and the arrival of six new faces Tue, 10 Jul 2012 15:33:53 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015232 10.07.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015232 Ana Radovic leaving Buducnost for Kif Vejen http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015207/Ana+Radovic+leaving+Buducnost+for+Kif+Vejen Radovic makes her way to Denmark Tue, 10 Jul 2012 09:45:50 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015207 10.07.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015207 Serbian champions sign two new Spanish players http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015206/Serbian+champions+sign+two+new+Spanish+players Spanish contingent growing at RK Zajecar Tue, 10 Jul 2012 09:45:28 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015206 10.07.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015206 Reactions to the draw - WOMEN'S EHF Champions League http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015215/Reactions+to+the+draw+-+WOMEN%27S+EHF+Champions+League Reactions to the draw of the Group Matches of the WOMEN'S EHF Champions League. Fri, 06 Jul 2012 22:50:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015215 06.07.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015215 Draw results - WOMEN'S EHF Champions League http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015211/Draw+results+-+WOMEN%27S+EHF+Champions+League The draw for the Group Matches for the WOMEN’S EHF Champions League has been made in the headquarters of adidas in Herzogenaurach, Friday 6th July Fri, 06 Jul 2012 13:20:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015211 06.07.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015211 Women’s EHF Champions League Group Matches draw http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015196/Women%e2%80%99s+EHF+Champions+League+Group+Matches+draw Herzogenaurach, Germany will host the draw for the Women's EHF Champions League Wed, 04 Jul 2012 13:47:15 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015196 04.07.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015196 Jasna Tošković on her way to Issy Paris Handball http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015181/Jasna+To%c5%a1kovi%c4%87+on+her+way+to+Issy+Paris+Handball Tošković with a move France and London in sight Mon, 02 Jul 2012 10:38:42 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015181 02.07.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015181 Sonja Barjaktarović signs for Rostov-Don http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015180/Sonja+Barjaktarovi%c4%87+signs+for+Rostov-Don The Montenegrin goalkeeper makes the move to a Russian outfit Mon, 02 Jul 2012 10:33:47 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015180 02.07.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015180