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Wed, 19 Feb 2020 16:28:48 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/034231 19.02.2020 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/034231 Court of Handball fines Vujovic and Jovic, Zagreb coach suspended for the game at Barça http://www.eurohandball.com/article/034207/Court+of+Handball+fines+Vujovic+and+Jovic%2c+Zagreb+coach+suspended+for+the+game+at+Bar%c3%a7a OFFICIAL STATEMENT: One-match suspension for Vujovic from the earlier ruling comes to an immediate effect. Fri, 14 Feb 2020 10:00:36 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/034207 14.02.2020 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/034207 Court of Handball imposes a fine on PGE VIVE Kielce http://www.eurohandball.com/article/034200/Court+of+Handball+imposes+a+fine+on+PGE+VIVE+Kielce OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Polish club in the VELUX EHF Champions League has been sancioned for the offensive banner of their fans. Thu, 13 Feb 2020 08:41:39 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/034200 13.02.2020 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/034200 Four national federations fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/034156/Four+national+federations+fined OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Court of Handball has imposed fines on the Handball Federations of Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Spain following disciplinary cases having arose from Rounds 1 and 2 of the Women's EHF EURO 2020 Qualifiers Fri, 07 Feb 2020 16:48:03 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/034156 07.02.2020 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/034156 Court of Handball suspends Bespalov for one match http://www.eurohandball.com/article/034102/Court+of+Handball+suspends+Bespalov+for+one+match OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Court of Handball suspended Donbas' Andryi Bespalov for one match in European handball competitions Thu, 30 Jan 2020 16:06:01 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/034102 30.01.2020 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/034102 Court of Handball suspends Cisnadie coach for one match http://www.eurohandball.com/article/034048/Court+of+Handball+suspends+Cisnadie+coach+for+one+match OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The head coach of Magura Cisnadie Alexandru Mircea Weber will miss the fourth round game of his team in the Women's EHF Cup. Thu, 23 Jan 2020 21:44:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/034048 23.01.2020 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/034048 CoA upholds Polish federation's appeal http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033729/CoA+upholds+Polish+federation%27s+appeal Polish Handball Federation had filed appeal following a Court of Handball discussion after the withdrawal of a Polish club from the Beach Handball Champions Cup 2019 Thu, 12 Dec 2019 07:54:25 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033729 12.12.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033729 Bistrita-Nasaud replaces CSM Corona Brasov in Women’s EHF Cup http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033723/Bistrita-Nasaud+replaces+CSM+Corona+Brasov+in+Women%e2%80%99s+EHF+Cup NEWS: The European Handball Federation has reached a decision following the provisional suspension of Romanian side CSM Corona Brasov Mon, 09 Dec 2019 14:36:03 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033723 09.12.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033723 EHF statement on Romanian club CSM Corona Brasov http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033713/EHF+statement+on+Romanian+club+CSM+Corona+Brasov Following alleged violations of anti-doping rules, the EHF has provisionally suspended players from Romanian club, CSM Corona Brasov, as well as the club itself from participating in European handball competitions Thu, 05 Dec 2019 13:56:56 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033713 05.12.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033713 EHF statement regarding the Romanian NADA investigations on three players http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033654/EHF+statement+regarding+the+Romanian+NADA+investigations+on+three+players The European Handball Federation has issued a statement commenting on the recent investigation of the Romanian national anti-doping agency regarding three Romanian handball players Fri, 22 Nov 2019 16:56:36 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033654 22.11.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033654 Court of Handball imposes three sanctions on AC PAOK http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033630/Court+of+Handball+imposes+three+sanctions+on+AC+PAOK OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Greek club has been fined for various infringements during the EHF Cup game against Muratpasa Belediyesi. Wed, 20 Nov 2019 11:10:36 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033630 20.11.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033630 Court of Handball imposes fine on organiser of Olympus Riviera event http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033573/Court+of+Handball+imposes+fine+on+organiser+of+Olympus+Riviera+event OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Court of Handball has decided to impose a fine on the organiser of the EHF European Beach Handball Tour event, Olympus Riviera Mon, 11 Nov 2019 12:22:51 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033573 11.11.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033573 Court of Handball fines Metz Handball http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033552/Court+of+Handball+fines+Metz+Handball OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The players of the French champions failed to pass through the mixed zone after the DELO WOMEN'S EHF Champions League game at Vipers Kristiansand. Fri, 08 Nov 2019 12:04:33 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033552 08.11.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033552 Court of Handball imposes a fine on IFK Kristianstad http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033547/Court+of+Handball+imposes+a+fine+on+IFK+Kristianstad OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Swedish participant of the VELUX EHF Champions League was fined for insufficient floor installation and maintenance. Thu, 07 Nov 2019 11:43:38 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033547 07.11.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033547 Court of Handball fines Martin http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033541/Court+of+Handball+fines+Martin OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Rostov head coach Ambros Martin was fined for an inappropriate conduct towards the EHF referees. Tue, 05 Nov 2019 18:05:24 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033541 05.11.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033541 Court of Handball fines Romanian Handball Federation http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033434/Court+of+Handball+fines+Romanian+Handball+Federation OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Court of Handball has imposed a fine on the Romanian Handball Federation for failing to report completed transfers and request international transfer certificates for three Ukrainian players. Mon, 14 Oct 2019 13:11:32 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033434 14.10.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033434 Court of Handball imposes fine on Polish federation http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033363/Court+of+Handball+imposes+fine+on+Polish+federation OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Decision made in relation to a withdrawal of a Polish club from this year’s Beach Handball Champions Cup Fri, 04 Oct 2019 11:38:45 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033363 04.10.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033363 EHF statement following the match Barça vs RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033291/EHF+statement+following+the+match+Bar%c3%a7a+vs+RK+Celje+Pivovarna+Lasko The European Handball Federation strongly condemns racist chants as they occured in the VELUX EHF Champions League round 2 match, Barça vs RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko Mon, 23 Sep 2019 18:03:31 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033291 23.09.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033291 Court of Appeal reduces fine for Energa AZS Koszalin http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033119/Court+of+Appeal+reduces+fine+for+Energa+AZS+Koszalin OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Court of Appeal has reduced a fine imposed by the Court of Handball for the polish club Energa AZS Koszalin after failing to release two international players to the Ukrainian National Team Tue, 13 Aug 2019 10:42:07 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033119 13.08.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033119 Three national federations fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033070/Three+national+federations+fined OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Court of Handball has imposed fines on the Handball Federations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia and Croatia following disciplinary cases having arose from Rounds 5 and 6 of the Men's EHF EURO 2020 Qualifiers Wed, 24 Jul 2019 12:40:10 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033070 24.07.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033070 Court of Appeal upholds the decision on sanctions for Szeged http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033029/Court+of+Appeal+upholds+the+decision+on+sanctions+for+Szeged The Court of Appeal has decided to fully confirm the first instance decision. Wed, 10 Jul 2019 14:43:29 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033029 10.07.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/033029 Court of Handball fines Energa AZS Koszalin http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032985/Court+of+Handball+fines+Energa+AZS+Koszalin OFFICIAL STATEMENTS: The Court of Handball has imposed a fine on the the Polish club Energa AZS Koszalin after failing to release two international players to the Ukrainian National Team Mon, 01 Jul 2019 09:22:52 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032985 01.07.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032985 Court of Handball fines Dutch national team officials http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032971/Court+of+Handball+fines+Dutch+national+team+officials OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Two Dutch national team officials have been fined by Court of Handball for unsportsmanlike conduct towards the EHF referees during and after the Men’s EHF EURO 2020 Qualifiers Thu, 27 Jun 2019 15:21:47 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032971 27.06.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032971 National federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032872/National+federation+of+Bosnia+and+Herzegovina+fined OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Court of Handball has imposed a fine on the Handball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for having failed to set-up boards on all three sides of the playing court within the organisation of the Men’s EHF EURO Qualifiers 2020 Thu, 06 Jun 2019 11:17:05 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032872 06.06.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032872 CoH imposes fines on MOL-Pick Szeged and Vardar http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032736/CoH+imposes+fines+on+MOL-Pick+Szeged+and+Vardar OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Both clubs were santioned for events which occurred at the end of VELUX EHF Champions League Quarter-final match Fri, 24 May 2019 14:58:06 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032736 24.05.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032736 Court of Handball fines RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032593/Court+of+Handball+fines+RK+Celje+Pivovarna+Lasko OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Slovenian club has been fined for failing to provide coordination and support to the EHF Anti-Doping unit Tue, 07 May 2019 14:56:58 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032593 07.05.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032593 EHF to look into MOL-Pick Szeged versus HC Vardar match http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032586/EHF+to+look+into+MOL-Pick+Szeged+versus+HC+Vardar+match OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The European Handball Federation will look into events which occurred at the end of VELUX EHF Champions League Quarter-final match between MOL-Pick Szeged (HUN) and HC Vardar (MKD) Mon, 06 May 2019 17:36:22 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032586 06.05.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032586 Court of Handball suspends Chen Pomeranz for two matches http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032582/Court+of+Handball+suspends+Chen+Pomeranz+for+two+matches OFFICIAL STATEMENT: A decision in case of a direct red card for Chen Pomeranz in the EHF EURO 2020 Qulifiers match Israel versus Kosovo on 14 April 2019 has been released Mon, 06 May 2019 16:01:37 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032582 06.05.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032582 Court of Handball fines Dinamo Bucuresti and Thüringer HC http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032515/Court+of+Handball+fines+Dinamo+Bucuresti+and+Th%c3%bcringer+HC OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Two clubs have been fined for the marketing-related issues. Wed, 24 Apr 2019 12:16:15 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032515 24.04.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032515 CoH releases decisions for disciplinary cases opened after 2020 Qualifiers http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032337/CoH+releases+decisions+for+disciplinary+cases+opened+after+2020+Qualifiers OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Court of Handball has released ten decisions following disciplinary cases opened after the first two rounds of Men's EHF EURO 2020 Qualifiers Tue, 26 Mar 2019 09:22:40 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032337 26.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032337 Players suspended following doping violations http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032240/Players+suspended+following+doping+violations Three youth players have been suspended following positive doping tests at championships held over the summer of 2018 Mon, 04 Mar 2019 15:26:54 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032240 04.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032240 Court of Handball fines Thüringer HC http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032215/Court+of+Handball+fines+Th%c3%bcringer+HC OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The German club has been fined for repeated violations in the Women's EHF Champions League Fri, 01 Mar 2019 15:20:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032215 01.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032215 Sulic ruled out for two games http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032211/Sulic+ruled+out+for+two+games OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Court of Handball imposed a two-match ban and a fine on the Croatian line player of Orlen Wisla Plock Renato Sulic. Fri, 01 Mar 2019 11:41:27 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032211 01.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032211 Court of Appeal upholds fines for PGE Vive Kielce http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032115/Court+of+Appeal+upholds+fines+for+PGE+Vive+Kielce OFFICIAL STATEMENT: All three fines for the Polish club issued by the Court of Handball have been confirmed by the second instance. Thu, 14 Feb 2019 16:55:50 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032115 14.02.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032115 Fourth edition of EHF Legal Bodies Journal published http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032027/Fourth+edition+of+EHF+Legal+Bodies+Journal+published Work of the EHF legal bodies outlined in fourth edition of official EHF legal journal Mon, 04 Feb 2019 09:50:47 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032027 04.02.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032027 EHF reaches agreement on use of FINAL4 terminology http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031984/EHF+reaches+agreement+on+use+of+FINAL4+terminology OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The EHF has confirmed that negotiations with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) on the use of its existing trademark has been successfully completed Thu, 24 Jan 2019 15:13:04 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031984 24.01.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031984 Court of Handball suspends Dzinovic for one match http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031976/Court+of+Handball+suspends+Dzinovic+for+one+match OFFICIAL STATEMENT: HC Vogosca Poljine Hills player will miss next match in the European club competitions following the ruling Wed, 23 Jan 2019 14:48:25 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031976 23.01.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031976 EHF EURO 2018: No further sanctions for Pineau http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031959/EHF+EURO+2018%3a+No+further+sanctions+for+Pineau A decision in the case of a direct red card for Allison Pineau in the final match of Women's EHF EURO 2018 has been released Fri, 18 Jan 2019 16:57:27 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031959 18.01.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031959 Court of Handball fines Vardar http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031955/Court+of+Handball+fines+Vardar OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Macedonian club has been sanctioned for failing to remove the homophobic banner from the stands at the VELUX EHF Champions League match against PGE Vive Kielce. Thu, 17 Jan 2019 15:22:18 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031955 17.01.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031955 Court of Handball imposes fines on Kielce and Vardar http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031906/Court+of+Handball+imposes+fines+on+Kielce+and+Vardar OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Both clubs were sanctioned for various infringements in their last direct VELUX EHF Champions League encounter. Thu, 20 Dec 2018 13:24:10 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031906 20.12.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031906 EHF EURO 2018: Consequences for Skorobogatchenko http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031846/EHF+EURO+2018%3a+Consequences+for+Skorobogatchenko A decision in the case of a direct red card for Antonina Skorobogatchenko in the match Denmakr versus Russia on 10 December 2018 has been released. Tue, 11 Dec 2018 17:40:57 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031846 11.12.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031846 Court of Appeal reduces penalties for Kielce and Plock http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031845/Court+of+Appeal+reduces+penalties+for+Kielce+and+Plock OFFICIAL STATEMENTS: The second instance body has decided on the cases of the Polish participants in the VELUX EHF Champions League. Mon, 10 Dec 2018 23:26:04 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031845 10.12.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031845 Court of Handball fines FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031844/Court+of+Handball+fines+FTC+Rail+Cargo+Hungaria OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Hungarian club has been sanctioned for the unsportsmanlike behaviour of their fans. Mon, 10 Dec 2018 23:17:54 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031844 10.12.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031844 EHF EURO 2018: No Sanctions for Dimitrieva http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031812/EHF+EURO+2018%3a+No+Sanctions+for+Dimitrieva In the case of a direct red card for Daria Dimitrieva, in the match Russia versus Slovenia on 4 December 2018, a decision has been released. Wed, 05 Dec 2018 23:20:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031812 05.12.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031812 Court of Handball fines Kuban http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031798/Court+of+Handball+fines+Kuban OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Russian club has been fined for having failed to comply with any obligation in relation with the EHF scouting system. Tue, 04 Dec 2018 23:23:11 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031798 04.12.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031798 EHF EURO 2018: No further Sanctions for Jacobsen http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031793/EHF+EURO+2018%3a+No+further+Sanctions+for+Jacobsen In the case of a direct red card for Marit Rosberg Jacobsen, in the match Czech Republic versus Norway on 3 December 2018, a decision has been released. Tue, 04 Dec 2018 15:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031793 04.12.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031793 Court of Handball imposes fine on Montenegrin federation http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031738/Court+of+Handball+imposes+fine+on+Montenegrin+federation NEWS: A fine has been imposed on the Handball Federation of Montenegro Tue, 04 Dec 2018 14:43:09 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031738 04.12.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031738 EHF EURO 2018: Consequences for Kochaniak http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031782/EHF+EURO+2018%3a+Consequences+for+Kochaniak A decision in the case of a direct red card for Karoline Kochaniak in the match Poland versus Denmark on 2 December 2018 has been released. Mon, 03 Dec 2018 15:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031782 03.12.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031782 EHF EURO 2018: No further punishment for Denmark's Hansen http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031755/EHF+EURO+2018%3a+No+further+punishment+for+Denmark%27s+Hansen A decision has been released in the case of a direct red card for Anne Mette Hansen in the match Denmark versus Sweden on 1 December 2018. Sat, 01 Dec 2018 14:50:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031755 01.12.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031755 Court of Handball imposes a fine on Karvina http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031630/Court+of+Handball+imposes+a+fine+on+Karvina OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Czech champions failed in the late entry registration procedure. Fri, 16 Nov 2018 10:33:36 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031630 16.11.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031630 Court of Handball fines HC Motor Zaporozhye http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031608/Court+of+Handball+fines+HC+Motor+Zaporozhye OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The fine of 7,500 € has been imposed on the Ukrainian club for the violation of the VELUX EHF Champions League regulations. Tue, 13 Nov 2018 12:38:40 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031608 13.11.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031608 Court of Handball suspends Toledo for one match http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031578/Court+of+Handball+suspends+Toledo+for+one+match OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Brazilian right back will miss the important Group D tie against Elverum in the VELUX EHF Champions League. Fri, 09 Nov 2018 11:10:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031578 09.11.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031578 EHF Court of Handball decisions http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031527/EHF+Court+of+Handball+decisions Three separate decisions have been released following the VELUX EHF Champions League fifth round match between PGE Vive Kielce and HC Vardar. Wed, 31 Oct 2018 18:04:20 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031527 31.10.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031527 EHF Court of Handball decision on advertising rights http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031468/EHF+Court+of+Handball+decision+on+advertising+rights Fines for PGE Vive Kielce and Orlen Wisla Plock following breach of advertising rights in fifth round of Men’s EHF Champions League Fri, 19 Oct 2018 16:30:20 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031468 19.10.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031468 EHF Marketing GmbH meets with PGE Vive Kielce and Orlen Wisla Plock http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031446/EHF+Marketing+GmbH+meets+with+PGE+Vive+Kielce+and+Orlen+Wisla+Plock OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Following issues in the Men’s EHF Champions League in the first five rounds of the new season, a meeting was held on 16 October with the clubs, their sponsors and EHF Champions League sponsor, Nord Stream 2 Tue, 16 Oct 2018 18:00:39 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031446 16.10.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031446 EHF Court of Handball decision on breach of advertising rights http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031414/EHF+Court+of+Handball+decision+on+breach+of+advertising+rights OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Infringements in fourth round of Men's EHF Champions League by PGE Vive Kielce and Orlen Wisla Plock sanctioned by EHF Court of Handball Sat, 13 Oct 2018 13:21:01 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031414 13.10.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031414 One-match bans for Brestovac and Döne http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031411/One-match+bans+for+Brestovac+and+D%c3%b6ne OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Both the HC Metalurg head coach and Besiktas captain will miss the fifth round of the VELUX EHF Champions League following the rulings of the Court of Handball Fri, 12 Oct 2018 14:52:22 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031411 12.10.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031411 Court of Handball fines Servaas http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031410/Court+of+Handball+fines+Servaas OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Bertus Servaas, the PGE Vive Kielce president has been fined for improper behaviour during the VELUX EHF Champions League match. Fri, 12 Oct 2018 14:37:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031410 12.10.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031410 Decision released following breach of advertising regulations http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031362/Decision+released+following+breach+of+advertising+regulations The EHF Court of Handball has released a decision following infringements in the third round of the Men’s EHF Champions League by PGE Vive Kielce Fri, 05 Oct 2018 14:46:25 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031362 05.10.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031362 Competition´s sponsor rights to be protected in Men’s EHF Champions League http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031346/Competition%c2%b4s+sponsor+rights+to+be+protected+in+Men%e2%80%99s+EHF+Champions+League As a result of implementation issues in the Men's EHF Champions League following the signing of a new premium sponsor, the EHF has released an official statement Tue, 02 Oct 2018 19:06:01 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031346 02.10.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031346 Two-match ban for Latvia's Arnolds Straume http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031319/Two-match+ban+for+Latvia%27s+Arnolds+Straume The player had been directly disqualified in the the Men’s EHF Championship 2018 match, Montenegro vs Latvia Fri, 28 Sep 2018 11:39:09 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031319 28.09.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031319 Court of Handball releases decision on sleeve advertising http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031281/Court+of+Handball+releases+decision+on+sleeve+advertising PGE Vive Kielce and Orlen Wisla Plock sanctioned following opening matches of season in the EHF Champions League Fri, 21 Sep 2018 14:56:22 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031281 21.09.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031281 National federation of Kosovo fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031215/National+federation+of+Kosovo+fined The Court of Handball has imposed a fine on the Handball Federation of Kosovo for having failed to deliver a TV broadcasting signal in the Women's EHF EURO 2018 Qualification Thu, 06 Sep 2018 13:43:03 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031215 06.09.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031215 National federations of Lithuania and Montenegro fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031086/National+federations+of+Lithuania+and+Montenegro+fined OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Federations fined for failing to provide a correct advertising set-up during Women's EHF EURO 2018 Qualifiers Mon, 06 Aug 2018 09:13:52 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031086 06.08.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031086 Doping violations in beach handball announced http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031085/Doping+violations+in+beach+handball+announced OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Two positive tests reported at Men’s and Women’s 18 Beach EURO in Ulcinj, Montenegro Fri, 03 Aug 2018 14:11:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031085 03.08.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031085 Recourse filed by the Danish Handball Federation granted http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031082/Recourse+filed+by+the+Danish+Handball+Federation+granted The EHF Court of Arbitration (ECA) has accepted the recourse filed by the Danish Handball Federation in connection with the fine imposed on Mikkel Hansen for alleged misbehaviour at the EHF EURO 2018 Wed, 01 Aug 2018 12:21:54 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031082 01.08.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031082 EHF Court of Handball reaches decision following tournament cancellation http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030911/EHF+Court+of+Handball+reaches+decision+following+tournament+cancellation Serbian Handball Federation sanctioned following cancelled Women’s U20 World Championship qualification tournament in March 2018 Mon, 04 Jun 2018 16:24:12 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030911 04.06.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030911 Court of Handball fines SG Flensburg-Handewitt http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030883/Court+of+Handball+fines+SG+Flensburg-Handewitt OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The German club has been fined for violation of advertisement regulations in the VELUX EHF Champions League. Tue, 29 May 2018 13:06:45 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030883 29.05.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030883 EHF Court of Appeal releases decision in case of Russian doping violations http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030882/EHF+Court+of+Appeal+releases+decision+in+case+of+Russian+doping+violations Following appeals lodged by the Russian Handball Federation in the cases of three players suspended for positive doping tests, the EHF Court of Appeal has reached further decisions Tue, 29 May 2018 12:25:57 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030882 29.05.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030882 Court of Handball imposes fine on Vujovic http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030710/Court+of+Handball+imposes+fine+on+Vujovic OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Veselin Vujovic, coach of both the club RD Koper and the Slovenian men's national team, due to derogatory remarks made in the media towards EHF referees Mon, 14 May 2018 16:12:02 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030710 14.05.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030710 Turkish Handball Federation fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030709/Turkish+Handball+Federation+fined OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Court of Handball reaches decision following the violation of host broadcaster minimum requirements by the Turkish federation Mon, 14 May 2018 16:03:27 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030709 14.05.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030709 Russia lose Women’s 19 EHF EURO 2017 silver medal following players’ doping violations http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030447/Russia+lose+Women%e2%80%99s+19+EHF+EURO+2017+silver+medal+following+players%e2%80%99+doping+violations OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Court of Handball has released its ruling in a case against the Russian Handball Federation following anti-doping infringements of three of its players at the Women’s 19 EHF EURO 2017 Tue, 03 Apr 2018 10:23:51 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030447 03.04.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030447 Kosovo federation fined; Vladimir Vranjes' suspension upheld http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030421/Kosovo+federation+fined%3b+Vladimir+Vranjes%27+suspension+upheld OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The judicial bodies of the EHF have reached decisions regarding Handball Federation of Kosovo’s failure to produce a match signal of applicable quality, and the conduct of Bosnian international Vladimir Vranjes Mon, 26 Mar 2018 15:14:22 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030421 26.03.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030421 Women’s U20 World Championship qualification statement http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030405/Women%e2%80%99s+U20+World+Championship+qualification+statement Following issues in the playing of group five of the Women’s U20 World Championship qualification, the EHF has taken the decision not to play the remaining games at the event Sat, 24 Mar 2018 13:28:04 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030405 24.03.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030405 Women’s U20 World Championship qualification update http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030404/Women%e2%80%99s+U20+World+Championship+qualification+update Following the cancellation of the match between Serbia and Kosovo at the qualification event in Serbia, the EHF has issued an official statement. Fri, 23 Mar 2018 18:39:43 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030404 23.03.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030404 One match ban for Mokrzki http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030392/One+match+ban+for+Mokrzki OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Court of Handball suspended the Gwardia Opole player following his aggresive attitude in the EHF Cup match. Thu, 22 Mar 2018 15:08:42 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030392 22.03.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030392 Women's 20 World Championship Qualification tournament moved http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030389/Women%27s+20+World+Championship+Qualification+tournament+moved OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The group 5 qualification tournament for the Women's 20 World Championship 2018 has been moved to Belgrade Thu, 22 Mar 2018 10:14:17 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030389 22.03.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030389 Koper coach Vujovic suspended for three matches http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030366/Koper+coach+Vujovic+suspended+for+three+matches OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Court of Handball suspends head coach of Koper for an unsportsmanlike conduct in the EHF Cup match. Thu, 15 Mar 2018 17:10:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030366 15.03.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030366 Court of Appeal rejects Bosnia and Herzegovina claim http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030361/Court+of+Appeal+rejects+Bosnia+and+Herzegovina+claim Decision of EHF Court of Handball to award World Championship qualification match to Switzerland upheld Thu, 15 Mar 2018 14:33:38 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030361 15.03.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030361 Tadici to miss the second leg of the quarter-final at Kastamonu http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030328/Tadici+to+miss+the+second+leg+of+the+quarter-final+at+Kastamonu OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Court of Handball has suspended the head coach of HC Zalau for two matches following his unsportmanlike behaviour in the first leg against Kastamonu. Fri, 09 Mar 2018 14:03:25 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030328 09.03.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030328 VELUX EHF Champions League: Last 16 match scheduling http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030326/VELUX+EHF+Champions+League%3a+Last+16+match+scheduling The EHF has released an official statement to ensure transparency in the decision-making process relating to the scheduling of the Last 16 matches involving THW Kiel and Rhein-Neckar Löwen Fri, 09 Mar 2018 11:50:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030326 09.03.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030326 EHF Court of Appeal confirms decision at EHF EURO 2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030284/EHF+Court+of+Appeal+confirms+decision+at+EHF+EURO+2018 Decision to impose warning on Danish Handball Federation and €4,000 fine on Danish player Mikkel Hansen upheld by EHF Court of Appeal Wed, 28 Feb 2018 11:35:25 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030284 28.02.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030284 Court of Handball suspends Vranjes for two matches http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030266/Court+of+Handball+suspends+Vranjes+for+two+matches OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Bosnian player receives the two-match ban plus a 500 € fine for the unsportsmanlike conudct in the qualification game against Switzerland. Fri, 23 Feb 2018 12:39:54 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030266 23.02.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030266 Bosnia Herzegovina lodge appeal http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030257/Bosnia+Herzegovina+lodge+appeal Handball Federation of Bosnia Herzegovina appeals decision by EHF Court of Handball to uphold a protest from the Swiss Handball Federation following World Championship qualification clash Wed, 21 Feb 2018 16:09:42 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030257 21.02.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030257 EHF Court of Handball upholds Swiss protest http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030225/EHF+Court+of+Handball+upholds+Swiss+protest Decision means Switzerland and not Bosnia Herzegovina will go through to compete in the next round of qualification for the 2019 Men’s World Championship. Fri, 16 Feb 2018 10:40:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030225 16.02.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030225 Ramhat Hashron to miss Gera in two matches http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030226/Ramhat+Hashron+to+miss+Gera+in+two+matches OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The line player will also miss the second leg of the Men's Challenge Cup Last 16 for a severe unsportsmanlike conduct in the first leg. Thu, 15 Feb 2018 12:46:18 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030226 15.02.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030226 Besiktas Mogaz HT team manager fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030151/Besiktas+Mogaz+HT+team+manager+fined The Court of Handball has published its decision following disciplinary proceedings opened against the team manager of Besiktas Mogaz HT Thu, 01 Feb 2018 14:06:46 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030151 01.02.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030151 Suspension reduced for Russian players http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030021/Suspension+reduced+for+Russian+players OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Three Russian national team players have had their suspension for anti-doping infringements reduced by three months. Wed, 24 Jan 2018 17:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030021 24.01.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030021 Court of Handball opens case following Swiss protest http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029996/Court+of+Handball+opens+case+following+Swiss+protest The EHF Court of Handball has opened legal proceedings following the match between Bosnia Herzegovina and Switzerland on 13 January 2018. Wed, 24 Jan 2018 11:20:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029996 24.01.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029996 Court of Handball decisions in EHF Challenge Cup http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030010/Court+of+Handball+decisions+in+EHF+Challenge+Cup Two players suspended following match between SGS Ramhat Hashron HC (ISR) and RK Konjuh Zivinice (BIH) Tue, 23 Jan 2018 17:05:30 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030010 23.01.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/030010 EHF Court of Handball releases decision following doping violations http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029961/EHF+Court+of+Handball+releases+decision+following+doping+violations Three players from the Russian national team have been suspended as a result of positive doping tests at the Women’s 19 EHF EURO Fri, 19 Jan 2018 13:50:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029961 19.01.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029961 Court of Handball fines HC Holon http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029756/Court+of+Handball+fines+HC+Holon OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Israeli club was fined 5,000 € for an attempt to forge a document. Tue, 19 Dec 2017 06:41:13 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029756 19.12.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029756 Court of Handball fines Tasova Yibo SC http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029654/Court+of+Handball+fines+Tasova+Yibo+SC OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Turkish club withdrew from the Challenge Cup before the Round 2 matches. Mon, 20 Nov 2017 12:17:22 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029654 20.11.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029654 Court of Handball suspends Pesquiera for two matches http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029653/Court+of+Handball+suspends+Pesquiera+for+two+matches OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The line player of SL Benfica will miss next two matches in the European club competitions following the ruling. Mon, 20 Nov 2017 11:57:43 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029653 20.11.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029653 Court of Handball fines Serbian Handball Federation http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029577/Court+of+Handball+fines+Serbian+Handball+Federation The Court of Handball has imposed a fine on the Serbian Handball Federation following an incident during a Men's EHF EURO 2018 qualifier Tue, 07 Nov 2017 12:18:44 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029577 07.11.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029577 EHF Court of Arbitration upholds decision against Hellenic Handball Federation http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029576/EHF+Court+of+Arbitration+upholds+decision+against+Hellenic+Handball+Federation The EHF Court of Arbitration has rejected the claim of the Hellenic Handball Federation related to a fine imposed on the federation at the Women's 17 EHF Championship 2017 following Greece's exclusion from the tournament Tue, 07 Nov 2017 10:35:33 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029576 07.11.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029576 Court of Appeal upholds the ruling of first instance http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029517/Court+of+Appeal+upholds+the+ruling+of+first+instance OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The decision of the Court of Handball has been upheld and the penalty throws will define the winner of the EHF Cup Qualification Round 2 match between St Petersburg and FH Hafnarfjordur. Wed, 25 Oct 2017 16:13:45 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029517 25.10.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029517 Court of Handball rejects the protest of Györ http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029512/Court+of+Handball+rejects+the+protest+of+Gy%c3%b6r OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The first instance body reminded that referees' decision based on their observations of the factual situation cannot be subject to any protest. Tue, 24 Oct 2017 16:34:36 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029512 24.10.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029512 Hafnarfjordur lodge an appeal against the CoH ruling http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029491/Hafnarfjordur+lodge+an+appeal+against+the+CoH+ruling OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Court of Appeal will deal with the case after the Icelandic club has appealed against the ruling of the first instance body. Thu, 19 Oct 2017 19:03:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029491 19.10.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029491 Court of Handball fines Spanish Handball Federation http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029487/Court+of+Handball+fines+Spanish+Handball+Federation The Court of Handball has ruled that the Royal Spanish Handball Federation (RFEBM) shall pay be fined for having infringed multiple obligations when a Men's EHF EURO 2018 qualifier in June Wed, 18 Oct 2017 18:30:06 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029487 18.10.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029487 Penalty throws to decide between Hafnarfjordur and St. Petersburg http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029486/Penalty+throws+to+decide+between+Hafnarfjordur+and+St.+Petersburg OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Court of Handball has reached the decision on the protest of the Russian side after the second leg match of the Men's EHF Cup Qualification Round 2. The result of the extra time will be cancelled and the penalty throws will define the winner. Wed, 18 Oct 2017 11:53:57 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029486 18.10.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029486 Court of Handball opens a case for a Men’s EHF Cup game http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029477/Court+of+Handball+opens+a+case+for+a+Men%e2%80%99s+EHF+Cup+game OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The EHF’s first instance legal body has opened proceedings following a protest of St. Petersburg HC. Mon, 16 Oct 2017 12:03:38 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029477 16.10.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029477 Handball Federation of Montenegro fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029403/Handball+Federation+of+Montenegro+fined NEWS: The EHF Court of Handball has released a decision in a case opened against the Handball Federation of Montenegro following their failure to deliver TV signal Thu, 05 Oct 2017 12:37:47 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029403 05.10.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029403 Spengler to miss two matches following the CoH ruling http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029348/Spengler+to+miss+two+matches+following+the+CoH+ruling OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Court of Handball has imposed a ban on the Kriens-Luzern player following an incident in the qualification round 1 of the Men's EHF Cup. Mon, 25 Sep 2017 16:36:21 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029348 25.09.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029348 Proceedings opened following anti-doping violations http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029280/Proceedings+opened+following+anti-doping+violations The EHF Court of Handball has opened cases against the Handball Federation of Russia and three members of the Russian national team following anti-doping violations at the Women’s 19 EHF EURO in Slovenia Tue, 12 Sep 2017 18:55:57 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029280 12.09.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029280 Positive doping tests at Women’s 19 EHF EURO http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029263/Positive+doping+tests+at+Women%e2%80%99s+19+EHF+EURO Three players of the Handball Federation of Russia have returned positive doping test results at the Women’s 19 EHF EURO played in Slovenia in August Fri, 08 Sep 2017 17:40:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029263 08.09.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029263 Dutch Handball Federation fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029197/Dutch+Handball+Federation+fined OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The EHF Court of Handball has reached a decision in a case opened against the Dutch Handball Federation for two violations to the EHF EURO Qualification Regulations Tue, 29 Aug 2017 13:35:58 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029197 29.08.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029197 Appeal by Greek Handball Federation rejected http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029102/Appeal+by+Greek+Handball+Federation+rejected Greek Handball Federation unsuccessful in its bid to overturn decision by Disciplinary Commission at Women’s 17 EHF Championship Wed, 02 Aug 2017 15:35:55 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029102 02.08.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029102 Greece excluded from Women’s 17 EHF Championship http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029098/Greece+excluded+from+Women%e2%80%99s+17+EHF+Championship As a result of the Greek national team’s refusal to play the match against FYR Macedonia at the Women’s 17 EHF Championship, the tournament’s Disciplinary Committee has reached the decision to exclude the federation from further participation in the event Wed, 02 Aug 2017 08:04:13 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029098 02.08.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029098 Court of Handball fines Macedonian Handball Federation http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029071/Court+of+Handball+fines+Macedonian+Handball+Federation NEWS REPORT: The Court of Handball has fined the Macedonian Handball Federation for an infringement of the EHF EURO Qualification Regulations Mon, 24 Jul 2017 20:16:15 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029071 24.07.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029071 Court of Handball fines FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029064/Court+of+Handball+fines+FTC-Rail+Cargo+Hungaria OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Hungarian club were sanctioned following the incidents the last season EHF Champions League quarter-finals. Tue, 18 Jul 2017 16:11:59 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029064 18.07.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029064 Court of Handball sanctions Montpellier http://www.eurohandball.com/article/028739/Court+of+Handball+sanctions+Montpellier OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The French club violated several dispositions of the VELUX EHF Champions League regulations and the EABS manual in their first leg of the Last 16. Mon, 29 May 2017 15:06:57 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/028739 29.05.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/028739 Court of Handball imposes a fine on Glassverket http://www.eurohandball.com/article/028222/Court+of+Handball+imposes+a+fine+on+Glassverket OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Despite reminders from EHF and EHF Marketing the Norwegian club failed to play their EHF Cup Group Phase matches on a court with handball lines only. Mon, 27 Mar 2017 12:38:39 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/028222 27.03.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/028222 Court of Handball fines Metz http://www.eurohandball.com/article/028221/Court+of+Handball+fines+Metz OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The French club must pay 1,000 EUR for their announcer's behaviour in the main round game against Vardar. Mon, 27 Mar 2017 12:33:45 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/028221 27.03.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/028221 Bekescsabai Elöre NKSE's appeal rejected http://www.eurohandball.com/article/027996/Bekescsabai+El%c3%b6re+NKSE%27s+appeal+rejected NEWS REPORT: EHF Court of Appeal upholds the decision of first instance and hence confirmed the €500 fine to be paid by the Hungarian club Tue, 14 Feb 2017 10:02:22 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/027996 14.02.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/027996 Ukrainian Handball Federation fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/027880/Ukrainian+Handball+Federation+fined NEWS REPORT: The Court of Handball has imposed of fine of 2,000 euro on the Handball Federation of Ukraine for a breach of the EHF EURO Qualification Reguations. Thu, 19 Jan 2017 12:12:34 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/027880 19.01.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/027880 Court of Appeal rejects Turkish federation's appeal http://www.eurohandball.com/article/027838/Court+of+Appeal+rejects+Turkish+federation%27s+appeal OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The first instance decision is upheld on the fine for the Turkish Handball Federation. Tue, 03 Jan 2017 12:55:41 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/027838 03.01.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/027838 Court of Handball fines Spanish Handball Federation http://www.eurohandball.com/article/027815/Court+of+Handball+fines+Spanish+Handball+Federation The Spanish Handball Federation has been fined for an infringement of the EHF EURO Qualification regulations for advertising set-up Tue, 20 Dec 2016 17:14:14 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/027815 20.12.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/027815 Court of Handball fines Slovenian Handball Federation http://www.eurohandball.com/article/027160/Court+of+Handball+fines+Slovenian+Handball+Federation The Slovenian Handball Federation has been fined following the failure of the national team's coach to pass through the mixed zone after a Men’s EHF EURO 2018 Qualification game Tue, 06 Dec 2016 15:56:13 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/027160 06.12.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/027160 Court of Handball fines Budvanska Rivijera http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026769/Court+of+Handball+fines+Budvanska+Rivijera OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Montenegrin club repeatedly failed to timely provide the EHF Coaches Licensing Application Sheet. Mon, 07 Nov 2016 11:05:05 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026769 07.11.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026769 Court of Handball fines Budvanjska Rivijera and Filippos Verias http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026703/Court+of+Handball+fines+Budvanjska+Rivijera+and+Filippos+Verias OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Both clubs have been sanctioned for violating the principles of fair-play and sportsmanship in the Men's EHF Cup Qualification Round 1 game. Mon, 24 Oct 2016 12:08:13 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026703 24.10.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026703 Babichev and Kontrec cleared to play http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026682/Babichev+and+Kontrec+cleared+to+play OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Court of Handball rules out any further sanctions for both players, who were shown a red card in the VELUX EHF Champions League Round 4. Fri, 21 Oct 2016 15:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026682 21.10.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026682 Court of Handball imposes suspensions on two Budvanska Rivijera players http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026670/Court+of+Handball+imposes+suspensions+on+two+Budvanska+Rivijera+players OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Slobodan Bulajic and Slavisa Lacmanovic have been suspended following their behaviours in the Men's EHF Cup Qualification Round 1 match against Filippos Verias. Wed, 19 Oct 2016 18:19:12 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026670 19.10.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026670 Court of Appeal upholds fine for Croatian Handball Federation http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026606/Court+of+Appeal+upholds+fine+for+Croatian+Handball+Federation NEWS REPORT: The Court of Appeal has upheld a decision taken by the Court of Handball and confirmed the fine for the Croatian Handball Federation Mon, 10 Oct 2016 12:02:20 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026606 10.10.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026606 Turkish Handball Federation fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026532/Turkish+Handball+Federation+fined NEWS REPORT: The Turkish Handball Federation has been fined for multiple violations of the host broadcaster minimum requirements in a Women's EHF EURO 2016 qualifier Mon, 26 Sep 2016 16:11:15 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026532 26.09.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026532 Court of Handball bans Triantafyllidis for one match http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026529/Court+of+Handball+bans+Triantafyllidis+for+one+match OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The centre back of Filippos Verias will miss the EHF Cup Round 2 first leg against Gornik Zabrze. Mon, 26 Sep 2016 13:16:51 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026529 26.09.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026529 Croatian Handball Federation fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026320/Croatian+Handball+Federation+fined NEWS REPORT: The failure to deliver a satellite signal for one of their Women's EHF EURO 2016 Qualification matches has led to a substantial fine for the Croatian Handball Federation Mon, 25 Jul 2016 14:04:48 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026320 25.07.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026320 Suspended fine for German Handball Federation http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026271/Suspended+fine+for+German+Handball+Federation OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The failure to send a key player to the Men's EHF EURO 2018 Qualication Draw in April has resulted in a suspended fine for the German Handball Federation Thu, 07 Jul 2016 13:58:38 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026271 07.07.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026271 St. Rapahel official fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026247/St.+Rapahel+official+fined OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Court of Handball fined St. Raphael official Dan Rares Fortuneanu for unsportsmanlike conduct during the EHF Cup quarter-finals Wed, 29 Jun 2016 12:29:01 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026247 29.06.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026247 Court of Appeal upholds the first instance decision on the transfer case of Belos http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026224/Court+of+Appeal+upholds+the+first+instance+decision+on+the+transfer+case+of+Belos OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The appeal of Jugovic Kac against the Court of Handball decision was not accepted. Wed, 22 Jun 2016 14:32:33 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026224 22.06.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026224 Veszprem fined for spectator incident http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026189/Veszprem+fined+for+spectator+incident The EHF Court of Handball has ruled upon the case opened against MVM Veszprém following an incident occurred within the frame of the 2015/16 VELUX EHF Champions League Quarter-final (2nd leg) against HC Vardar. Thu, 09 Jun 2016 14:17:43 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026189 09.06.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026189 Vori to miss the third place match http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026055/Vori+to+miss+the+third+place+match OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Disciplinary commission of the VELUX EHF FINAL4 suspended the Croatian line player of Paris for one game following his semi-final unsportsmanlike conduct. Sat, 28 May 2016 23:20:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026055 28.05.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/026055 Fabregas receives one game ban http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025887/Fabregas+receives+one+game+ban OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The EHF Court of Handball has suspended the Montpellier player for one match. Wed, 11 May 2016 15:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025887 11.05.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025887 Ystad's Nilsson suspended for one match http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025886/Ystad%27s+Nilsson+suspended+for+one+match OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The EHF Court of Handball has ruled out the player of the Swedish club for one game following his unsportmanlike conduct in the group phase match at Helvetia Anaitasuna. Mon, 09 May 2016 15:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025886 09.05.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025886 Handball Federation of Malta fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025524/Handball+Federation+of+Malta+fined The Handball Federation of Malta has been fined for withdrawing from the Women's Trophy 2016 after it had initially registered for the event Fri, 22 Apr 2016 16:02:54 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025524 22.04.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025524 One game suspension for Bircan and Dompris http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025429/One+game+suspension+for+Bircan+and+Dompris OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The suspensions for both players result out of unsportsmanlike behaviour in crucial match situations. Thu, 07 Apr 2016 11:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025429 07.04.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025429 Court of Handball fines Wiegert http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025428/Court+of+Handball+fines+Wiegert OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The fine was imposed on the coach of SC Magdeburg for improper and disrespectful conduct during the EHF Cup game. Wed, 06 Apr 2016 16:27:07 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025428 06.04.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025428 Susnja and Kamyshyk cleared to play in the Last 16 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025312/Susnja+and+Kamyshyk+cleared+to+play+in+the+Last+16 OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Court of Handball decided that no sanction beyond will be imposed on the players following their direct disqualifications in the previous VELUX EHF Champions League matches. Tue, 15 Mar 2016 12:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025312 15.03.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025312 Court of Handball fines Malencic http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025254/Court+of+Handball+fines+Malencic OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The former player of Bursa Nilüfer criticised, insulted and threatened an EHF refereee after a Challenge Cup match vs Wacker Thun. Fri, 04 Mar 2016 17:22:34 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025254 04.03.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025254 Montenegrin handball federation fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025232/Montenegrin+handball+federation+fined The EHF Court of Handball has released a decision in a case opened against the Handball Federation of Montenegro Wed, 02 Mar 2016 17:05:50 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025232 02.03.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025232 Izmir's Yilmaz out for one match http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025149/Izmir%27s+Yilmaz+out+for+one+match The EHF Court of Handball has published a decision within the frame of the disciplinary proceedings opened following the last minute red card received by Çagla Yilmaz Fri, 19 Feb 2016 12:10:57 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025149 19.02.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025149 Olimpus' Boret suspended for one match http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025086/Olimpus%27+Boret+suspended+for+one+match Moldovan player received direct disqualification in Challenge Cup clash Mon, 08 Feb 2016 17:33:16 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025086 08.02.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/025086 Latvia's Aivis Jurdzs banned for one match http://www.eurohandball.com/article/024092/Latvia%27s+Aivis+Jurdzs+banned+for+one+match The Latvian international Aivis Jurdzs received a red card in a Men's World Championship qualifier and was banned for one match Sat, 16 Jan 2016 10:51:11 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/024092 16.01.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/024092 Samtredia fined for withdrawal http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023929/Samtredia+fined+for+withdrawal OFFICIAL STATEMENT: EHF Court of Handball rules that the non-participation of the Georgian club after having registered and taken part in the first draw is regarded as a forfeit in violation of the European Cup Regulations Fri, 08 Jan 2016 14:56:54 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023929 08.01.2016 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023929 Court of Appeal upholds Zagreb's fine http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023893/Court+of+Appeal+upholds+Zagreb%27s+fine OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The appeal decision regarding Zagreb has been released. Thu, 17 Dec 2015 14:44:59 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023893 17.12.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023893 Duvnjak suspended for Veszprem clash http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023849/Duvnjak+suspended+for+Veszprem+clash OFFICIAL STATEMENT: THW Kiel’s Croatian playmaker receives ban following a direct disqualification in Round 9 Thu, 03 Dec 2015 14:40:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023849 03.12.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023849 Court of Handball opens disciplinary proceedings against Duvnjak http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023843/Court+of+Handball+opens+disciplinary+proceedings+against+Duvnjak OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Croatian playmaker of THW Kiel received a direct disqualification in the VELUX EHF Champions League Round 9 match at Celje. Wed, 02 Dec 2015 14:50:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023843 02.12.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023843 Court of Handball fines HC PPD Zagreb http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023792/Court+of+Handball+fines+HC+PPD+Zagreb OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The first instance body has ruled that the Croatian champions breached the exclusivity rights in Rounds 3 and 5 Mon, 30 Nov 2015 09:50:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023792 30.11.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023792 AC Kiplokes 2012 fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023738/AC+Kiplokes+2012+fined The Greek beach handball club AC Kiplokes 2012 withdrew from the 2015 EHF Beach Handball Champions Cup after it had registered in the first place Tue, 17 Nov 2015 16:48:03 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023738 17.11.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023738 Bulgarian federation fined for playing on wrong court http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023737/Bulgarian+federation+fined+for+playing+on+wrong+court The EHF Court of Handball has released a decision in a case opened against the Bulgarian Handball Federation for infringements observed at the Women's EHF EURO 2016 qualifier Bulgaria vs Spain Tue, 17 Nov 2015 16:42:57 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023737 17.11.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023737 Metz Handball versus Viborg HK A/S match result confirmed http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023736/Metz+Handball+versus+Viborg+HK+A%2fS+match+result+confirmed Clarification of match result in the Women’s Cup Winners’ Cup between Metz Handball and Viborg HK A/S played on 14 November 2015. Tue, 17 Nov 2015 15:30:48 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023736 17.11.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023736 Matches cancelled following terrorist attacks in Paris http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023714/Matches+cancelled+following+terrorist+attacks+in+Paris The EHF has announced the cancellation of two matches in European Cup competitions on 14/15 November 2015. Sat, 14 Nov 2015 16:34:26 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023714 14.11.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023714 Kotov to miss the trip to Spain http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023602/Kotov+to+miss+the+trip+to+Spain OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Court of Handball banned the Chekhov right back for two VELUX EHF Champions League matches after unsportsmanlike conduct from the match against Tatran Presov. Wed, 04 Nov 2015 15:15:05 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023602 04.11.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023602 Zorman out for visit to Vardar http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023540/Zorman+out+for+visit+to+Vardar NEWS REPORT: EHF Court of Handball has ruled upon disciplinary proceedings opened following the direct red card received by Uros Zorman during the last minute of Kielce vs Barcelona Thu, 22 Oct 2015 12:05:55 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023540 22.10.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023540 European Cup update http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023507/European+Cup+update Information has been released on two games scheduled to take place in the Women's EHF Cup and Men's Challenge Cup. Fri, 16 Oct 2015 21:52:58 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023507 16.10.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023507 Kneer and Buzmakov receive one-match suspension http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023495/Kneer+and+Buzmakov+receive+one-match+suspension NEWS REPORT: The EHF Court of Handball has released decisions based on direct red card offences in the VELUX EHF Champions League and Men's EHF Cup Thu, 15 Oct 2015 16:44:06 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023495 15.10.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023495 Varazdin to miss Zobec in the next game http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023414/Varazdin+to+miss+Zobec+in+the+next+game OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Court of Handball has suspended the player of Varazdin for one game following his unsportsmanlike conduct in the EHF Cup. Mon, 05 Oct 2015 11:34:20 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023414 05.10.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023414 Romanian Handball Federation fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023399/Romanian+Handball+Federation+fined OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The EHF Court of Handball has rendered a decision following a violation of regulations and rules of the game in a Men's EHF EURO 2108 qualifier Fri, 02 Oct 2015 09:42:16 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023399 02.10.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023399 Union Mios Biganos-Begles fined for the withdrawal http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023379/Union+Mios+Biganos-Begles+fined+for+the+withdrawal OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Court of Handball also ruled that the French club is suspended from entering any EHF club competition until 30 June 2017 Tue, 29 Sep 2015 10:00:30 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023379 29.09.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023379 Zagreb to miss their captain against Celje http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023346/Zagreb+to+miss+their+captain+against+Celje NEWS REPORT: Court of Handball suspended Zlatko Horvat for one match after his direct red card against THW Kiel. Wed, 23 Sep 2015 18:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023346 23.09.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023346 Croatian Handball Federation fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023263/Croatian+Handball+Federation+fined Federation did not ensure the presence of a key player at the Men's EHF EURO 2016 final tournament draw Wed, 02 Sep 2015 17:33:51 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023263 02.09.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023263 Odorhei to pay two fines http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023133/Odorhei+to+pay+two+fines OFFICIAL STATEMENT: EHF Court of Handball impose two fines on the reigning Challenge Cup winners. Thu, 16 Jul 2015 13:23:41 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023133 16.07.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/023133 Court of Handball rejects Benfica's protest http://www.eurohandball.com/article/022101/Court+of+Handball+rejects+Benfica%27s+protest OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Although the observation of the delegate was not correct, it was a factual decision of referees, which cannot be a subject to any protest. Wed, 29 Apr 2015 10:44:30 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/022101 29.04.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/022101 Benfica files a protest in the Men's Challenge Cup http://www.eurohandball.com/article/022051/Benfica+files+a+protest+in+the+Men%27s+Challenge+Cup OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The EHF has received a protest from the Portuguese club following the semi-final match versus Odorhei. Tue, 21 Apr 2015 10:46:37 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/022051 21.04.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/022051 Ardesen fined for crowd troubles http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021977/Ardesen+fined+for+crowd+troubles OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Court of Handball sanctioned the Turkish side for spectators behaviour during the Challenge Cup match against Szczecin. Fri, 10 Apr 2015 11:43:50 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021977 10.04.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021977 No further sanction for Dereven http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021960/No+further+sanction+for+Dereven OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Court of Handball decided not to impose further suspensions on the next season's reinforcement of HC Vardar. Wed, 08 Apr 2015 11:49:38 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021960 08.04.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021960 Yashchuk to miss both legs of the Challenge Cup Semi-final http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021918/Yashchuk+to+miss+both+legs+of+the+Challenge+Cup+Semi-final OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Court of Handball has suspended the player of Pogon Baltica Szczecin for two games following her unsportsmanlike conduct in the Women's Challenge Cup Quarter-final. Tue, 31 Mar 2015 12:11:03 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021918 31.03.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021918 Buricea banned for two matches http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021855/Buricea+banned+for+two+matches OFFICIAL STATEMENT: HCM Constanta player George Ionut Buricea will miss the last match of his team in the EHF Cup Group Phase against Holstebro. Fri, 20 Mar 2015 13:08:16 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021855 20.03.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021855 Court of Appeal upholds the ban for Vladimir Vranjes http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021773/Court+of+Appeal+upholds+the+ban+for+Vladimir+Vranjes OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Szeged player will miss the first leg of the VELUX EHF Champions League Last 16 against Rhein-Neckar Löwen on Friday. Tue, 10 Mar 2015 19:46:29 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021773 10.03.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021773 Court of Handball suspends Ardesen's Iskit for one game http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021767/Court+of+Handball+suspends+Ardesen%27s+Iskit+for+one+game OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Turkish team will miss their player in the first leg of the Women's Challenge Cup Quarter-final against Pogon. Tue, 10 Mar 2015 10:13:50 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021767 10.03.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021767 Hungarian Handball Federation fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021732/Hungarian+Handball+Federation+fined The EHF Court of Handball has imposed a fine of 5,000 euro on the Hungarian Handball Federation following incidents at the Women's EHF EURO 2014 Main Round match between Hungary and Romania Tue, 03 Mar 2015 16:56:32 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021732 03.03.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021732 Hess ban upheld http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021599/Hess+ban+upheld The EHF Court of Appeal confirmed the two-match ban for Marcel Hess, imposed by the EHF Court of Handball on 13 January 2015 Wed, 11 Feb 2015 11:13:22 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021599 11.02.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021599 Aflitulin suspended for one game http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021572/Aflitulin+suspended+for+one+game OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Following his elbowing foul in the previous round the Motor player will miss the Round 9 match of the VELUX EHF Champions League vs Aalborg. Thu, 05 Feb 2015 10:30:12 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021572 05.02.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021572 Krim to pay transfer money back to Györ http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021528/Krim+to+pay+transfer+money+back+to+Gy%c3%b6r OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Court of Handball ruled that the Slovenian club had no right to claim transfer compensation from the defending EHF Champions League winners. Tue, 27 Jan 2015 12:55:04 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021528 27.01.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021528 Hens clear to play in EHF Cup Group Phase opener http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021502/Hens+clear+to+play+in+EHF+Cup+Group+Phase+opener The EHF Court of Handball has released a decision following disciplinary proceedings against Pascal Hens of HSV Hamburg Thu, 15 Jan 2015 17:20:10 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021502 15.01.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021502 Hess and Donoso Andalaft handed two-match suspensions http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021493/Hess+and+Donoso+Andalaft+handed+two-match+suspensions The EHF Court of Handball has released three decisions following disciplinary proceedings against the players Marcel Hess (Pfadi Winterthur), Boris Sivak and Victor Andres Donoso Andalaft (HK AGRO Topolcany). Tue, 13 Jan 2015 17:15:31 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021493 13.01.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021493 Vandewal suspended and fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021488/Vandewal+suspended+and+fined OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Schuler Afbouwgroep/DOS player banned for two EHF European Cup matches and fined €1,000 following her severe unsportsmanlike conduct Mon, 12 Jan 2015 17:14:37 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021488 12.01.2015 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/021488 Court of Handball suspends and fines Vilovski http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020709/Court+of+Handball+suspends+and+fines+Vilovski OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Serbian line player has been suspended for three games and fined €2,000 following his unsportsmanlike conduct in the Men's EHF Cup qualifier. Thu, 27 Nov 2014 15:37:11 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020709 27.11.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020709 Metalurg's Taleski to miss one game http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020697/Metalurg%27s+Taleski+to+miss+one+game OFFICIAL STATEMENT: EHF Court of Handball has suspended the player of Macedonian champions for the next match against PSG Handball. Wed, 26 Nov 2014 12:56:10 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020697 26.11.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020697 Liscevic to miss the game against Baia Mare http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020632/Liscevic+to+miss+the+game+against+Baia+Mare OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Serbian playmaker has been suspended for one match following her last-minute foul in the previous round. Wed, 19 Nov 2014 16:35:29 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020632 19.11.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020632 Ukrainian Handball Federation: clarification of status http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020586/Ukrainian+Handball+Federation%3a+clarification+of+status The EHF has confirmed the status of the member federation representing handball in Ukraine Fri, 14 Nov 2014 16:39:13 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020586 14.11.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020586 Court of Appeal confirms fine for Chekhovskie http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020567/Court+of+Appeal+confirms+fine+for+Chekhovskie OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Russian club of the VELUX EHF Champions League for non-attendance at the post-match press conference. Tue, 11 Nov 2014 16:34:14 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020567 11.11.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020567 Schroeder to miss next match in the EC http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020480/Schroeder+to+miss+next+match+in+the+EC OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Court of Handball suspended the player of Kaerjeng for delay of the game in the EHF Cup action vs Handball Esch. Wed, 29 Oct 2014 08:48:20 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020480 29.10.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020480 Court of Handball suspends Abutovic for one game http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020479/Court+of+Handball+suspends+Abutovic+for+one+game OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Following his foul in the match versus Montpellier the Serbian player of Vardar will miss the upcoming match against Veszprem. Wed, 29 Oct 2014 08:41:44 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020479 29.10.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020479 Court of Appeal confirms ban for Petrov http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020402/Court+of+Appeal+confirms+ban+for+Petrov The appeal of Sporta Hlohovec was rejected as the Court of Appeal upheld the decision of the first instance body. Fri, 17 Oct 2014 18:48:10 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020402 17.10.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020402 Petrov to miss second leg against Sporting http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020386/Petrov+to+miss+second+leg+against+Sporting Court of Handball suspended the player of Sporta Hlohovec for one game following his foul in the first leg of the Men's EHF Cup Qualification Round 2 against Sporting Lisabon. Thu, 16 Oct 2014 18:43:18 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020386 16.10.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020386 Manaskov and Stojkovic banned for one match http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020335/Manaskov+and+Stojkovic+banned+for+one+match Court of Handball suspended both players following the incident between them in the VELUX EHF Champions League Round 2 last Saturday. Thu, 09 Oct 2014 12:10:57 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020335 09.10.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020335 One match ban for Rutenka http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020288/One+match+ban+for+Rutenka The Belarusian left back of FC Barcelona will miss the VELUX EHF Champions League Round 2 match against Orlen Wisla Plock. Thu, 02 Oct 2014 12:28:58 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020288 02.10.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020288 Court of Appeal rejects FTC appeal http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020287/Court+of+Appeal+rejects+FTC+appeal The result of the Women’s EHF Champions League Qualification Tournament match: FTC Rail-Cargo Hungaria (HUN) vs. HC Leipzig (GER) is confirmed. Thu, 02 Oct 2014 12:16:59 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020287 02.10.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020287 No further sanctions for Jackers http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020280/No+further+sanctions+for+Jackers The back player of the Belgium club Hubo Initia Hasselt will be able to play in the next European Cup match of his team. Thu, 02 Oct 2014 09:30:42 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020280 02.10.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020280 Two match suspension still to serve for Veselin Vujovic http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020242/Two+match+suspension+still+to+serve+for+Veselin+Vujovic New Zagreb coach must serve out two match suspension before taking the reins at Zagreb in European competition Thu, 25 Sep 2014 08:45:03 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020242 25.09.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020242 Zomimak coach sanctioned http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020157/Zomimak+coach+sanctioned Marjanco Andonov suspended for one match following incident in first round of EHF Cup qualification Thu, 11 Sep 2014 11:38:22 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020157 11.09.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020157 Grujicic suspended for one match http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020069/Grujicic+suspended+for+one+match EHF Court of Handball reaches decision after the HC Metaloplastika Sabac right back received a red card in the Challenge Cup Final last season Fri, 08 Aug 2014 12:30:41 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020069 08.08.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020069 EHF Court of Arbitration confirms fine for Dutch Handball Federation http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020068/EHF+Court+of+Arbitration+confirms+fine+for+Dutch+Handball+Federation The independent legal body confirmed the sum to be paid by the Dutch Handball Federation for withdrawing from the organisation of the Women's EHF EURO 2012, but lowered the amount of additional costs Fri, 08 Aug 2014 10:38:55 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020068 08.08.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020068 Motor Zaporozhye confirmed as qualification participants http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020036/Motor+Zaporozhye+confirmed+as+qualification+participants OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Should the Ukrainian champions qualify for the VELUX EHF Champions League Group Phase, their home matches will be played in Kiev. Tue, 29 Jul 2014 12:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020036 29.07.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020036 No European Cup matches in Israel due to security concerns http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020022/No+European+Cup+matches+in+Israel+due+to+security+concerns OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The clubs have been requested to provide the EHF with a proposal of a venue. Thu, 24 Jul 2014 18:08:47 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020022 24.07.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020022 TV Emsdetten fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020015/TV+Emsdetten+fined OFFICIAL STATEMENT: the EHF Court of Handball imposed on the German club a 2,500 euro fine and a two-year transfer ban at international level. Tue, 22 Jul 2014 15:05:25 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020015 22.07.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020015 Official statement http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020001/Official+statement The EHF has released an official statement following an IHF decision to award Germany with a wildcard place at the Men's IHF World Championship Fri, 18 Jul 2014 17:32:03 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020001 18.07.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/020001 HC Spartak fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019966/HC+Spartak+fined The EHF Court of Handball has reached a decision in a case regarding security and good order issues open against the Bulgarian club HC Spartak Mon, 07 Jul 2014 14:17:02 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019966 07.07.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019966 Vugrinec to miss one match http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019957/Vugrinec+to+miss+one+match OFFICIAL STATEMENT: EHF Court of Handball has suspended Metalurg right back for an unsportsmanlike conduct Thu, 03 Jul 2014 15:40:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019957 03.07.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019957 Fines for Slovenian and Ukrainian Handball Federations http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019933/Fines+for+Slovenian+and+Ukrainian+Handball+Federations Federations imposed with fines by EHF Court of Handball following conduct of players during 2015 Men’s World Championship qualification match played in January 2014 Tue, 24 Jun 2014 13:53:22 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019933 24.06.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019933 Suspended fine for Ukrainian Handball Federation http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019932/Suspended+fine+for+Ukrainian+Handball+Federation EHF Court of Handball has released a decision following Ukrainian Handball Federation's withdrawal from the organisation of 2014 Women’s U20 World Championship qualification tournament Tue, 24 Jun 2014 13:33:41 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019932 24.06.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019932 EHF Court of Handball decision released http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019930/EHF+Court+of+Handball+decision+released Proceedings taken against President of HC Vardar Skopje, Mr. Sergey Samsonenko, for derogatory remarks Mon, 23 Jun 2014 17:35:50 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019930 23.06.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019930 Sulic suspended for one game http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019747/Sulic+suspended+for+one+game OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Croatian line player of Veszprem will miss the 3/4 Placement match of the VELUX EHF FINAL4 following his unsportsmanlike action in the semi-final against Kiel. Sun, 01 Jun 2014 11:57:39 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019747 01.06.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019747 Court of Appeal confirms Zorman match ban http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019585/Court+of+Appeal+confirms+Zorman+match+ban Appeal by Slovenian Handball Federation rejected, Uros Zorman ban remains in place following direct disqualification Wed, 28 May 2014 21:50:56 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019585 28.05.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019585 Three-match bans for Shevelev, Zvizej and Zorman http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019415/Three-match+bans+for+Shevelev%2c+Zvizej+and+Zorman EHF Court of Handball releases decision following incident in the World Championship 2015 qualifier between Slovenia and Ukraine Thu, 15 May 2014 15:39:33 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019415 15.05.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019415 Proceedings opened following media statements http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019382/Proceedings+opened+following+media+statements EHF Court of Handball opens proceedings against Mr Sergey Samsonenko, President of the Macedonian club, RK Vardar-Skopje Fri, 09 May 2014 13:06:25 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019382 09.05.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019382 Court of Handball fines Rostov-Don http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019041/Court+of+Handball+fines+Rostov-Don OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Russian club failed to inform the EHF or EHF Marketing about the host broadcast. Thu, 17 Apr 2014 16:36:43 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019041 17.04.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019041 Vardar and Buducnost sanctioned for security issues http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019040/Vardar+and+Buducnost+sanctioned+for+security+issues OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Court of Handball imposed financial sanctions on both clubs, which failed to secure good order in their home EHF Champions League matches. Thu, 17 Apr 2014 16:30:47 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019040 17.04.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019040 Two-match ban for Szöllösi http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019038/Two-match+ban+for+Sz%c3%b6ll%c3%b6si OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Csurgo line player will miss his next two matches in the European club competitions Thu, 17 Apr 2014 16:21:46 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019038 17.04.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/019038 No further sanctions for Mitrovic and Jansson http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018971/No+further+sanctions+for+Mitrovic+and+Jansson OFFICIAL STATEMENT: EHF Court of Handball released decisions in both cases from the same quarter-final match of the Challenge Cup. Tue, 08 Apr 2014 11:57:35 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018971 08.04.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018971 Fine lowered for the Netherlands Handball Federation http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018879/Fine+lowered+for+the+Netherlands+Handball+Federation OFFICIAL STATEMENT: EHF Court of Appeal has partially accepted an appeal of the Dutch federation against the EHF Court of Handball ruling Fri, 28 Mar 2014 12:08:38 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018879 28.03.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018879 Dujshebaev fined € 5,000 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018870/Dujshebaev+fined+%e2%82%ac+5%2c000 OFFICIAL STATEMENT: EHF Court of Handball punished Vive Targi Kielce coach Talant Dujshebaev for improper behaviour after the first leg match of the VELUX EHF Champions League Last 16 against Rhein Neckar Löwen. Thu, 27 Mar 2014 17:54:50 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018870 27.03.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018870 Domenech de Almeida to miss Ademar's farewell in EHF Cup http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018865/Domenech+de+Almeida+to+miss+Ademar%27s+farewell+in+EHF+Cup OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The line player of Ademar Leon has been given a one match ban for a "glue incident". Thu, 27 Mar 2014 14:48:15 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018865 27.03.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018865 Proceedings opened against Talant Dujshebaev http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018843/Proceedings+opened+against+Talant+Dujshebaev Court of Handball opens disciplinary proceedings against KS Vive Targi Kielce coach Tue, 25 Mar 2014 09:31:24 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018843 25.03.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018843 Lugi's Leijonborg suspended for two matches http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018806/Lugi%27s+Leijonborg+suspended+for+two+matches OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The 21-year old line player will miss the remaining fixtures of his team in the group phase. Thu, 20 Mar 2014 16:37:14 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018806 20.03.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018806 Zvezda fined €500 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018772/Zvezda+fined+%e2%82%ac500 OFFICIAL STATEMENT: EHF Court of Handball sanctioned the Russian club for not informing about a broadcast. Fri, 14 Mar 2014 16:33:38 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018772 14.03.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018772 Knezevic banned for two games http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018766/Knezevic+banned+for+two+games OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The Montenegrin back court player will miss the last Main Round match at Ljubljana and also the semi-final of the Women's EHF FINAL4 Thu, 13 Mar 2014 17:26:46 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018766 13.03.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018766 Löwen vs. Kielce Last 16 match moved to Monday http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018753/L%c3%b6wen+vs.+Kielce+Last+16+match+moved+to+Monday The return legs' highlight of the VELUX EHF Champions League Last 16 will be played on 31 March in Mannheim's SAP Arena Tue, 11 Mar 2014 18:06:07 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018753 11.03.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018753 EHF Court of Handball opens disciplinary proceedings http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018748/EHF+Court+of+Handball+opens+disciplinary+proceedings Incident in Women's EHF Champions League match between Buducnost and Györi Audi ETO KC leads to opening of proceedings against Milena Knezevic Mon, 10 Mar 2014 18:34:56 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018748 10.03.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018748 Zaporozhye and Kiel to play in Hungary http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018747/Zaporozhye+and+Kiel+to+play+in+Hungary Györ is the new venue for the VELUX EHF Champions League Last 16 first leg match between Zaporozhye and Kiel Mon, 10 Mar 2014 16:56:41 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018747 10.03.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018747 EHF statement on European Cup matches taking place in Ukraine http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018737/EHF+statement+on+European+Cup+matches+taking+place+in+Ukraine HC Motor Zaporozhye against THW Kiel and ZTR Zaporozhye against IK Sävehof will be played on neutral ground Fri, 07 Mar 2014 16:47:33 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018737 07.03.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018737 EHF decision on the Women’s EHF EURO 2014 Qualification match Ukraine vs. Denmark http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018736/EHF+decision+on+the+Women%e2%80%99s+EHF+EURO+2014+Qualification+match+Ukraine+vs.+Denmark The encounter, originally scheduled for 26 March, will now take place on 11/12 June 2014 Fri, 07 Mar 2014 16:31:31 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018736 07.03.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018736 Agren to miss a trip to Russia http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018682/Agren+to+miss+a+trip+to+Russia NEWS REPORT: The EHF Court of Handball suspended the Swedish line player for one match following her red card in the Women's Cup Winners' Cup Last 16 match against Érd. Tue, 25 Feb 2014 20:50:35 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018682 25.02.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018682 Suspension for Vranjes http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018672/Suspension+for+Vranjes NEWS REPORT: Two-game ban for Bosnia Herzegovina player after on-court incident Mon, 24 Feb 2014 17:32:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018672 24.02.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018672 No suspension for Vranjes http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018638/No+suspension+for+Vranjes NEWS REPORT: There will be no further saction taken on the Pick Szeged player after a decision by the EHF Court of Handball Tue, 18 Feb 2014 16:05:13 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018638 18.02.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018638 TV Emsdetten must pay education compensation for Gretarsson http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018521/TV+Emsdetten+must+pay+education+compensation+for+Gretarsson NEWS REPORT: The EHF Court of Appeal has released its decision in the case regarding education compensation due to the transfer of Oddur Gretarsson Thu, 30 Jan 2014 12:44:47 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018521 30.01.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018521 Court of Handball suspends Müller for one match http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018510/Court+of+Handball+suspends+M%c3%bcller+for+one+match NEWS REPORT: The head coach of German champions Herbert Müller will miss the match in Skopje and was also fined 5,000 euro Tue, 28 Jan 2014 12:57:50 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018510 28.01.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018510 Chambery to enter the EHF Cup Group Phase without Paty and Paturel http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018473/Chambery+to+enter+the+EHF+Cup+Group+Phase+without+Paty+and+Paturel NEWS REPORT: Three players have been sanctioned by the EHF Court of Handball for the unsportsmanlike conduct in the EHF Cup qualifier. Fri, 24 Jan 2014 17:23:31 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018473 24.01.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018473 No further sanctions for Haenen and Alican http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018267/No+further+sanctions+for+Haenen+and+Alican NEWS REPORT: Both players will be eligible to play for their national teams (the Netherlands, respectively Turkey) in the last round of the European qualification for the IHF World Championships 2015 Fri, 10 Jan 2014 18:05:33 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018267 10.01.2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018267 Warning for HCM Baia Mare http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018201/Warning+for+HCM+Baia+Mare NEWS REPORT: EHF Court of Handball reaches decision in the case of the use of laser pointers in the Women's EHF Champions League match HCM Baia Mara against Thüringer HC Fri, 13 Dec 2013 17:10:08 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018201 13.12.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018201 Three national federations fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018186/Three+national+federations+fined NEWS REPORT: Denmark, Sweden and Norway fined for violation of regulations during EHF EURO 2014 Qualification Tue, 10 Dec 2013 10:58:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018186 10.12.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018186 Legal proceedings opened against HC Thüringer coach http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018155/Legal+proceedings+opened+against+HC+Th%c3%bcringer+coach EHF begins legal proceedings against Mr Herbert Müller, coach of HC Thüringer, for remarks made in media Mon, 02 Dec 2013 18:06:04 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018155 02.12.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018155 Samobor's Balasko suspended for two matches http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018049/Samobor%27s+Balasko+suspended+for+two+matches NEWS REPORT: The right winger of the Croatian club will miss the second leg of the Women's EHF Cup Round 3. Fri, 15 Nov 2013 18:09:28 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018049 15.11.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018049 Official statement: HCM Baia Mare (ROU) vs Thüringer HC (GER) http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018039/Official+statement%3a+HCM+Baia+Mare+(ROU)+vs+Th%c3%bcringer+HC+(GER) The EHF has released an official statement following comments made to the media by Herbert Müller, coach of Thüringer HC. Thu, 14 Nov 2013 16:08:30 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018039 14.11.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018039 Turkish and Israeli federations fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018004/Turkish+and+Israeli+federations+fined NEWS REPORT: Two decisions were released by the competent EHF Administrative bodies Thu, 07 Nov 2013 17:41:04 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018004 07.11.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/018004 AEK, Dinamo and Tatran fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017937/AEK%2c+Dinamo+and+Tatran+fined NEWS REPORT: All three clubs shall pay fines for incidents at the VELUX EHF Champions League Qualification Tournament as EHF Court of Handball released its decision. Wed, 23 Oct 2013 13:20:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017937 23.10.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017937 One match ban for Karaivanov http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017877/One+match+ban+for+Karaivanov NEWS REPORT: Macedonian side HC Zomimak-M will miss Karaivanov in the second leg against Maccabi Tyrec Tel Aviv after the EHF Court of Handball had suspended the player. Thu, 17 Oct 2013 10:11:10 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017877 17.10.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017877 One match ban for Mirkulovski http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017759/One+match+ban+for+Mirkulovski The EHF Court of Handball has reached a decision following disciplinary proceedings against HC Metalurg's player Thu, 26 Sep 2013 14:50:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017759 26.09.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017759 EHF Court of Appeal decision released http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017708/EHF+Court+of+Appeal+decision+released Decision in the case regarding the transfer of Maximilian Hermann from HIT Medalp Tirol (AUT) to Bergischer HC (GER) reached Tue, 17 Sep 2013 16:40:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017708 17.09.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017708 Handball Federation of Portugal fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017705/Handball+Federation+of+Portugal+fined The EHF Court of Handball has released its decision after withdrawal from hosting the Women's 19 EHF EURO in 2015 Tue, 17 Sep 2013 12:11:06 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017705 17.09.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017705 Suspension for Turkish player http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017679/Suspension+for+Turkish+player Disciplinary proceedings for Alican Göcmen following EHF EURO qualification match Thu, 12 Sep 2013 18:14:29 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017679 12.09.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017679 EHF Court of Handball decision in the case of BM Atlético Madrid http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017673/EHF+Court+of+Handball+decision+in+the+case+of+BM+Atl%c3%a9tico+Madrid NEWS REPORT: Spanish club fined 25,000 euro and banned from any EHF club competition for two more seasons Wed, 11 Sep 2013 10:43:57 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017673 11.09.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017673 Appeal lodged by Netherlands Handball Federation http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017651/Appeal+lodged+by+Netherlands+Handball+Federation NHV lodges appeal following decision on its withdrawal from organisation of Women's EHF EURO Wed, 04 Sep 2013 18:10:24 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017651 04.09.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017651 EHF Court of Handball decision released http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017567/EHF+Court+of+Handball+decision+released Netherlands Handball Federation sanctioned following withdrawal from the organisation of Women’s EHF EURO 2012 Wed, 21 Aug 2013 16:20:52 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017567 21.08.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017567 Armenian Handball Federation fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017532/Armenian+Handball+Federation+fined EHF Court of Handball reach a decision on Armenia's withdrawal from the Women's 19 European Beach Handball Championship Mon, 12 Aug 2013 17:27:45 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017532 12.08.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017532 Esch and Suceava fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017380/Esch+and+Suceava+fined The EHF Court of Handball has released a decision on two Men's Challenge Cup following disciplinary proceedings. Fri, 05 Jul 2013 11:54:09 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017380 05.07.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017380 Nemanja Ilić suspended for one match http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017264/Nemanja+Ili%c4%87+suspended+for+one+match The EHF Court of Handball has released a decision on Serbian player following disciplinary proceedings. Fri, 14 Jun 2013 18:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017264 14.06.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/017264 Damgaard's one-match suspension confirmed http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016958/Damgaard%27s+one-match+suspension+confirmed The Court of Appeal upheld the first instance decision. The best scorer of Holstebro will miss the EHF Cup semi-final match against HBC Nantes on Saturday Fri, 17 May 2013 15:01:21 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016958 17.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016958 Damgaard Nielsen banned for one match http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016928/Damgaard+Nielsen+banned+for+one+match EHF Court of Handball has released a decision on Team Tvis Holstebro player, who will not be eligible to play in the first match of the Danish club at the EHF Cup Finals in Nantes Tue, 14 May 2013 15:57:53 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016928 14.05.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016928 EHF Court of Handball decisions reached http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016766/EHF+Court+of+Handball+decisions+reached Serbian club WHC Backa Palaka-Nopal and Macedonian club HC Ovce Pole punished for withdrawing from European Cup competitions Thu, 18 Apr 2013 11:30:30 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016766 18.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016766 EHF Court of Handball decision released http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016764/EHF+Court+of+Handball+decision+released Three match suspension for Initia Hasselt's Sander Brouwers for improper conduct towards EHF referees Thu, 18 Apr 2013 10:47:14 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016764 18.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016764 Kiel case closed http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016760/Kiel+case+closed Investigation of the manipulation allegations regarding the 2006/07 EHF Champions League Final ceased. Wed, 17 Apr 2013 16:35:42 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016760 17.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016760 EHF Court of Handball decision released http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016686/EHF+Court+of+Handball+decision+released One match suspension for Turkish player, Göcmen Alican, following direct disqualification in EHF EURO 2014 qualifier Sat, 06 Apr 2013 09:59:51 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016686 06.04.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016686 ECA confirm the result of Zagreb vs Minsk match http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016498/ECA+confirm+the+result+of+Zagreb+vs+Minsk+match EHF Court of Arbitration decided about a compensation for HC Croatia Osiguranje Zagreb Thu, 14 Mar 2013 12:05:35 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016498 14.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016498 EHF Court of Handball decision released http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016449/EHF+Court+of+Handball+decision+released German club, Rhein-Neckar Löwen, fined for not fulfilling standards in Men’s EHF Cup Wed, 06 Mar 2013 19:15:07 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016449 06.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016449 HC Croatia Osiguranje Zagreb file claim http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016432/HC+Croatia+Osiguranje+Zagreb+file+claim Croatian club to contest appeal decision with EHF Court of Arbitration Mon, 04 Mar 2013 18:19:05 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016432 04.03.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016432 EHF Court of Appeal decision released http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016373/EHF+Court+of+Appeal+decision+released EHF Court of Appeal releases decision regarding the appeal from HC Croatia Osiguranje Zagreb Thu, 21 Feb 2013 19:10:47 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016373 21.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016373 HC Croatia Osiguranje Zagreb launch appeal http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016354/HC+Croatia+Osiguranje+Zagreb+launch+appeal Following an unsuccessful protest, HC Croatia Osiguranje Zagreb have decided to appeal the decision of the EHF Court of Handball Mon, 18 Feb 2013 18:37:55 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016354 18.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016354 HC Croatia Osiguranje Zagreb protest unsuccessful http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016332/HC+Croatia+Osiguranje+Zagreb+protest+unsuccessful The EHF Court of Handball has confirmed the final result of the VELUX EHF Champions League match between HC Croatia Osiguranje Zagreb and HC DINAMO-Minsk Fri, 15 Feb 2013 20:37:56 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016332 15.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016332 Croatia Zagreb protest after match with Minsk http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016298/Croatia+Zagreb+protest+after+match+with+Minsk The protest of the Croatian club refers to a situation in the first half. Mon, 11 Feb 2013 13:16:13 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016298 11.02.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016298 EHF Court of Handball disciplinary decision http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016210/EHF+Court+of+Handball+disciplinary+decision The EHF Court of Handball has made a decision regarding disciplinary proceedings against the coach Jakob Vestergaard from Oltchim Rm. Valcea Thu, 31 Jan 2013 14:39:08 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016210 31.01.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016210 EHF Court of Handball disciplinary decision http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016204/EHF+Court+of+Handball+disciplinary+decision The EHF Court of Handball have made a decision regarding the direct disqualification of Ionut Stefan Georgescu Wed, 30 Jan 2013 09:15:37 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016204 30.01.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016204 EHF Court of Handball disciplinary decisions http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016183/EHF+Court+of+Handball+disciplinary+decisions The EHF Court of Handball have made two decisions regarding the direct disqualifications of Vujovic Veselin and Zsuzsanna Tomori Thu, 24 Jan 2013 15:21:06 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016183 24.01.2013 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016183 EHF Court of Handball disciplinary decision http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016092/EHF+Court+of+Handball+disciplinary+decision The Handball Federation of Montenegro is fined 15,000€ for the infringement of their obligation to maintain good order and security Fri, 14 Dec 2012 14:33:21 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016092 14.12.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016092 EHF Court of Handball diciplinary decision http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016020/EHF+Court+of+Handball+diciplinary+decision A one match suspension has been given to Serbian club RK Vojvodina's player Miloš Barišić Thu, 29 Nov 2012 13:19:40 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016020 29.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/016020 EHF Court of Handball decision in the case AG Copenhagen http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015845/EHF+Court+of+Handball+decision+in+the+case+AG+Copenhagen Danish club fined 25,000 EUR and banned for any EHF club competition for two more seasons Tue, 06 Nov 2012 15:13:11 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015845 06.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015845 EHF Court of Handball decision http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015817/EHF+Court+of+Handball+decision Two-match ban for HC Mojkovac's Boris Savic Fri, 02 Nov 2012 13:02:37 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015817 02.11.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015817 EHF Court of Appeal decision http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015750/EHF+Court+of+Appeal+decision A decision regarding the transfer of Novak Boskovic from Maccabi “Tyrec” Tel Aviv to RK Cimos Koper has been released Wed, 24 Oct 2012 12:14:31 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015750 24.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015750 Vojvodina´s player banned for one match http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015699/Vojvodina%c2%b4s+player+banned+for+one+match Serbian club will miss Miloš Barišić in the second leg of Men´s EHF Cup Round 2 on Saturday Fri, 19 Oct 2012 10:44:37 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015699 19.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015699 RK Partizan match to be investigated http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015626/RK+Partizan+match+to+be+investigated The EHF has announced that it is to initiate proceedings following incidents surrounding the match between RK Partizan and SG Flensburg-Handewitt. Tue, 09 Oct 2012 18:51:47 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015626 09.10.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015626 Slovenian player suspended http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015335/Slovenian+player+suspended Junior player, Igor Zabic, receives one-match suspension Tue, 14 Aug 2012 17:03:34 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015335 14.08.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015335 EHF Court of Handball decision http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015311/EHF+Court+of+Handball+decision Borko Ristovski will be sanctioned with a one match suspension at national team level for unsportsmanlike and aggressive behaviour towards an opponent Mon, 06 Aug 2012 11:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015311 06.08.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015311 Proceedings opened following Cup Winner's Cup Final http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015051/Proceedings+opened+following+Cup+Winner%27s+Cup+Final Incidents in Viborg HK and FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria match lead to disciplinary proceedings Fri, 01 Jun 2012 19:08:47 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015051 01.06.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015051 Klein appeal upheld http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015050/Klein+appeal+upheld Germany's Dominik Klein eligible to play in World Championship play-offs Fri, 01 Jun 2012 19:03:02 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015050 01.06.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/015050 EHF Court of Handball decision http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014910/EHF+Court+of+Handball+decision One match suspecsion for Viktoriya Borshchenko of Dinamo Volgograd (RUS) Thu, 03 May 2012 18:39:19 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014910 03.05.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014910 Nikolaos Samaras one-match ban upheld http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014860/Nikolaos+Samaras+one-match+ban+upheld A.C. Diomidis Argous player received a direct disqualification in EHF Men's Challenge Cup semi-final match. Fri, 27 Apr 2012 20:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014860 27.04.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014860 EHF Court of Handball decisions released http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014858/EHF+Court+of+Handball+decisions+released No further sanctions against Jesper Brian Noddesbo of FC Barcelona Intersport and Kasper Hvidt of AG Kobenhavn Wed, 25 Apr 2012 11:27:52 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014858 25.04.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014858 Proceedings opened against players http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014850/Proceedings+opened+against+players Direct disqualification for Kasper Hvidt of AG Kobenhavn and Jesper Brian Noddesbo of FC Barcelona Intersport leads to disciplinary proceedings Mon, 23 Apr 2012 12:46:38 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014850 23.04.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014850 Siarhei Rutenka appeal accepted http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014821/Siarhei+Rutenka+appeal+accepted FC Barcelona Intersport player available for VELUX EHF Champions League quarter-final clash Tue, 17 Apr 2012 16:43:25 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014821 17.04.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014821 Appeal lodged http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014801/Appeal+lodged FC Barcelona Intersport appeal over one match suspension for Rutenka Thu, 12 Apr 2012 14:23:43 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014801 12.04.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014801 One match ban for Rutenka http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014787/One+match+ban+for+Rutenka FC Barcelona Intersport player banned following Montpellier match. Thu, 05 Apr 2012 15:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014787 05.04.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014787 One match ban for Landre http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014774/One+match+ban+for+Landre Fleury Loiret Handball's Laurisa Landre misses second leg of EHF Women's Challenge Cup semi-final. Wed, 04 Apr 2012 17:19:59 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014774 04.04.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014774 Suspension decision upheld http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014721/Suspension+decision+upheld Decision to sanction Dominic Klein with two match suspension confirmed Wed, 21 Mar 2012 17:13:29 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014721 21.03.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014721 Sven-Sören Christophersen appeal accepted http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014697/Sven-S%c3%b6ren+Christophersen+appeal+accepted Berlin Füchse player has had his appeal against suspension accepted Fri, 16 Mar 2012 15:32:32 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014697 16.03.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014697 Füchse Berlin player suspended http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014681/F%c3%bcchse+Berlin+player+suspended Decision reached in the case of Füchse Berlin's Sven-Sören Christophersen. Mon, 12 Mar 2012 12:38:13 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014681 12.03.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014681 Player suspended http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014588/Player+suspended Filip Mirkulovski of HC Metalurg (MKD) will miss his team's next match in the VELUX EHF Champions League Wed, 15 Feb 2012 19:25:48 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014588 15.02.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014588 EHF Court of Appeal decision http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014579/EHF+Court+of+Appeal+decision The EHF Court of Appeal has released its decision in the case involving the player Maris Versakovs and the club, S.V Beckdorf. Mon, 13 Feb 2012 18:08:18 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014579 13.02.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014579 Player suspended http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014565/Player+suspended Goril Snorroeggen (DEN) suspended for one match. Thu, 09 Feb 2012 17:20:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014565 09.02.2012 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014565 Federation fined http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014485/Federation+fined Italian Handball Federation fined €2,000 Wed, 21 Dec 2011 10:10:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014485 21.12.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014485 Player suspended http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014468/Player+suspended Player and club appeal six-month suspension of Maris Versakovs (LAT) Wed, 21 Dec 2011 09:50:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014468 21.12.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014468 Intersport new Official Sponsor of Men’s and Women’s EHF EURO http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014451/Intersport+new+Official+Sponsor+of+Men%e2%80%99s+and+Women%e2%80%99s+EHF+EURO The international sporting goods retailer continues its long-standing handball involvement. Tue, 13 Dec 2011 14:46:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014451 13.12.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014451 VELUX EHF FINAL4 stays in Cologne until 2014 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014350/VELUX+EHF+FINAL4+stays+in+Cologne+until+2014 The VELUX EHF FINAL4, the federation’s premier club handball event, is to be played in the German city of Cologne until at least 2014. Mon, 14 Nov 2011 11:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014350 14.11.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014350 Player suspended http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014342/Player+suspended Katarina Bulatovic of Buducnost Podgorica (MNE) suspended for one match. Thu, 10 Nov 2011 10:39:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014342 10.11.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014342 Coach sanctioned http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014321/Coach+sanctioned The EHF Court of Handball has sanctioned Zvonko Papak of ZRK Zrinjski Mostar (BIH) for unsportsmanlike conduct. Fri, 04 Nov 2011 16:19:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014321 04.11.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014321 Player Suspension Appeal Accepted http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014301/Player+Suspension+Appeal+Accepted Ana Paula Rodrigues Belo of Hypo Niederösterreich suspension appeal accepted. Thu, 27 Oct 2011 17:39:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014301 27.10.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014301 Player Suspended http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014277/Player+Suspended Ana Paula Rodrigues Belo of Hypo Niederösterreich suspended for one match. Wed, 19 Oct 2011 18:54:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014277 19.10.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014277 Player suspended http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014251/Player+suspended The EHF Court of Handball has suspended Zarko Markovic of HC Metalurg for unsportsmanlike conduct. Tue, 11 Oct 2011 18:50:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014251 11.10.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014251 Panetolikos AS (GRE) withdraws from European Cup participation http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014220/Panetolikos+AS+(GRE)+withdraws+from+European+Cup+participation Court of Handball decision fines the Greek club’s exiting of the Challenge Cup. Fri, 30 Sep 2011 14:43:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014220 30.09.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014220 Panetolikos AS withdraw from European Cup http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014204/Panetolikos+AS+withdraw+from+European+Cup The Greek club will not participate in the 2011/2012 Women's Challenge Cup. Mon, 26 Sep 2011 13:57:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014204 26.09.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014204 E.S.N. Vrilissia (GRE) withdraws European Cup participation http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014183/E.S.N.+Vrilissia+(GRE)+withdraws+European+Cup+participation Court of Handball decision fines the Greek club’s exiting of the Cup Winners' Cup. Tue, 20 Sep 2011 16:02:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014183 20.09.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014183 EHF at EU meeting on integrity of sport http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014162/EHF+at+EU+meeting+on+integrity+of+sport European Handball Federation part of summit on match-fixing in sport. Thu, 15 Sep 2011 12:25:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014162 15.09.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014162 AG Kobenhavn shirts approved http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014148/AG+Kobenhavn+shirts+approved EHF approves playing shirts for VELUX EHF Champions League team. Thu, 08 Sep 2011 12:04:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014148 08.09.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014148 EHF Court of Handball decision http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014122/EHF+Court+of+Handball+decision Ukrainian national team player Oleksii Ganchev received a suspension. Thu, 18 Aug 2011 10:37:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014122 18.08.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014122 EHF extends sympathies to Norway http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014093/EHF+extends+sympathies+to+Norway European Handball Family stands by Norway following tragedy. Mon, 25 Jul 2011 11:11:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014093 25.07.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014093 EHF Court of Arbitration decision http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014079/EHF+Court+of+Arbitration+decision Incidents in the 2011/2012 Women's Challenge Cup involving the Greek handball club F.S. Arion were sanctioned. Thu, 14 Jul 2011 10:33:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014079 14.07.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014079 EHF Arbitration Tribunal decision http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014077/EHF+Arbitration+Tribunal+decision The Ukraine Handball Federation are fined following shortcomings in the 2011 Women's 19 European Championship qualification. Wed, 13 Jul 2011 15:43:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014077 13.07.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014077 European Open Disciplinary Commission ruling on Qatar http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014066/European+Open+Disciplinary+Commission+ruling+on+Qatar Case follows incident at 4th Men’s 19 European Open Championship 2011. Fri, 08 Jul 2011 13:20:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014066 08.07.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014066 EHF Arbitration Tribunal decision http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014034/EHF+Arbitration+Tribunal++decision RK Cimos Koper are fined following shortcomings in the Men's Challenge Cup final. Mon, 27 Jun 2011 18:56:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014034 27.06.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014034 EHF EURO Draw Seedings http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014007/EHF+EURO+Draw+Seedings Clarification on the procedure of the composition of the final tournament draw pots. Tue, 14 Jun 2011 11:08:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014007 14.06.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/014007 EHF Arbitration Tribunal proceedings http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013999/EHF+Arbitration+Tribunal+proceedings Proceedings opened against the Ukraine Handball Federation. Fri, 10 Jun 2011 16:14:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013999 10.06.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013999 Decision on case of EHF/THW Kiel and Alfred Gislason http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013990/Decision+on+case+of+EHF%2fTHW+Kiel+and+Alfred+Gislason Alfred Gislason is sanctioned with a fine of €2,500 and one match exclusion (EHF club competitions). Mon, 06 Jun 2011 15:27:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013990 06.06.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013990 3rd Meeting of the Professional Handball Board (PHB) http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013972/3rd+Meeting+of+the+Professional+Handball+Board+(PHB) The third Meeting of the Professional Handball Board took place on 30 May 2011 in Cologne (GER). Mon, 30 May 2011 16:43:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013972 30.05.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013972 EHF Arbitration Tribunal fines A.E.K. http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013960/EHF+Arbitration+Tribunal+fines+A.E.K. A.E.K. (GRE) is fined after incidents in a Men's Challenge Cup game. Wed, 25 May 2011 16:29:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013960 25.05.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013960 EHF Arbitration Tribunal decision http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013942/EHF+Arbitration+Tribunal+decision Partizan Dunav Osiguranje (SRB) is fined after incidents in a Men’s Challenge Cup game. Thu, 19 May 2011 15:03:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013942 19.05.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013942 EHF Arbitration Tribunal fines Montenegro http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013940/EHF+Arbitration+Tribunal+fines+Montenegro Case followed incidents from EHF EURO 2012 Qualification game. Thu, 19 May 2011 12:43:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013940 19.05.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013940 EHF Arbitration Tribunal deals with VELUX EHF Champions League game http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013913/EHF+Arbitration+Tribunal+deals+with+VELUX+EHF+Champions+League+game Remarks after the match THW Kiel vs. FC Barcelona Borges will be examined. Tue, 10 May 2011 13:57:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013913 10.05.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013913 ECA case EHF / SUI – settlement reached http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013887/ECA+case+EHF+%2f+SUI+%e2%80%93+settlement+reached Settlement agreed in case of 2012 Men’s EHF European Championship Qualification match between Russia and Switzerland Fri, 29 Apr 2011 16:08:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013887 29.04.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013887 EHF Arbitration Tribunal deals with Men’s Challenge Cup game http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013842/EHF+Arbitration+Tribunal+deals+with+Men%e2%80%99s+Challenge+Cup+game Incidents from the match of Partizan Dunav Osiguranje (SRB) will be examined. Wed, 13 Apr 2011 11:32:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013842 13.04.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013842 EHF to investigate match http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013813/EHF+to+investigate+match Following an official report of crowd disturbances after the match AEK Athens versus Partizan Dunav Osiguranje, the EHF is to further investigate the circumstances surrounding the problems. Mon, 04 Apr 2011 13:07:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013813 04.04.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013813 EHF Arbitration Tribunal deals with EHF EURO 2012 Qualification game http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013812/EHF+Arbitration+Tribunal+deals+with+EHF+EURO+2012+Qualification+game Incidents from the match Montenegro vs. Israel will be examined. Mon, 04 Apr 2011 12:48:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013812 04.04.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013812 Vietnam to show VELUX EHF Champions League http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013804/Vietnam+to+show+VELUX+EHF+Champions+League Europe’s premier men’s club handball competition is to be televised in Vietnam thanks to a new television deal brokered by MP & Silva and EHF Marketing GmbH. Thu, 31 Mar 2011 15:07:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013804 31.03.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013804 EHF visits Gerflor site http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013788/EHF+visits+Gerflor+site The official flooring partner presented new ideas within the framework of the cooperation. Thu, 24 Mar 2011 10:03:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013788 24.03.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013788 Key meetings held in Vienna http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013747/Key+meetings+held+in+Vienna The European Handball Federation’s Headquarters in Vienna, Austria hosted a series of important events and meetings on 7, 8 and 9 March 2011. Here is a summary of the meetings and their outcomes. Wed, 09 Mar 2011 19:56:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013747 09.03.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013747 Sharp LCD technology to premiere at VELUX EHF FINAL4 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013740/Sharp+LCD+technology+to+premiere+at+VELUX+EHF+FINAL4 VELUX EHF Men’s Champions League Premium sponsor Sharp will enliven the crescendo of men's club handball. Mon, 07 Mar 2011 19:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013740 07.03.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013740 Hans Thomas (1950-2011) http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013739/Hans+Thomas+(1950-2011) The European Handball Federation has received the sad news of the passing away of Hans Thomas, who died on Saturday 05 March 2011 at the age of 60. Mon, 07 Mar 2011 16:20:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013739 07.03.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013739 Issue of multiple club ownership http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013710/Issue+of+multiple+club+ownership The EHF is look into the issue of club ownership ahead of next season. Tue, 01 Mar 2011 09:56:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013710 01.03.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013710 Final second goal decisions http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013709/Final+second+goal+decisions The EHF will examine new technology. Tue, 01 Mar 2011 09:53:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013709 01.03.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013709 Suspension of St. Petersburg HC player http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013697/Suspension+of+St.+Petersburg+HC+player Alexander Pyshkin has been suspended for three games following a direct disqualification in the VELUX EHF Men’s Champions League. Thu, 24 Feb 2011 09:13:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013697 24.02.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013697 Suspension of RK Bosna Sarajevo player http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013695/Suspension+of+RK+Bosna+Sarajevo+player Tarik Međić has been suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the VELUX EHF Men’s Champions League. Wed, 23 Feb 2011 11:50:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013695 23.02.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013695 EHF looking into incident in Sarajevo http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013690/EHF+looking+into+incident+in+Sarajevo The EHF Arbitration Tribunal to deal with the case of a disqualification of a St. Petersburg player. Mon, 21 Feb 2011 17:10:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013690 21.02.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013690 EPHLA and EHF sign Memorandum of Understanding http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013684/EPHLA+and+EHF+sign+Memorandum+of+Understanding The general assembly of the European Professional Handball Leagues Association took place in Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona/ESP) on 17 February 2011. Fri, 18 Feb 2011 11:18:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013684 18.02.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013684 2011 EHF Rinck Convention Seminar http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013670/2011+EHF+Rinck+Convention+Seminar The Seminar for Signatories took place on 11/12 February 2011 in Vienna (AUT). Mon, 14 Feb 2011 17:18:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013670 14.02.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013670 EHF files a claim in Swiss protest case http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013655/EHF+files+a+claim+in+Swiss+protest+case The matter will now be dealt with by the EHF Court of Arbitration (ECA). Tue, 08 Feb 2011 11:15:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013655 08.02.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013655 ETS supports European Commission Communication on sport http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013632/ETS+supports+European+Commission+Communication+on+sport A statement from the Association of European Team Sports (ETS). Tue, 25 Jan 2011 15:03:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013632 25.01.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013632 EHF Arbitration Tribunal decision on Swiss protest http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013628/EHF+Arbitration+Tribunal+decision+on+Swiss+protest Qualification match to be replayed, EHF file claim against decision. Mon, 17 Jan 2011 14:05:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013628 17.01.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013628 Legal case against Schwenker and Serdarusic http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013627/Legal+case+against+Schwenker+and+Serdarusic An official statement on the main proceedings in Kiel, Germany. Fri, 14 Jan 2011 15:33:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013627 14.01.2011 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013627 RASÁN announced as Beach Handball Partner http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013612/RAS%c3%81N+announced+as+Beach+Handball+Partner The European Handball Federation is proud to announce the Spanish ball manufacturers as a new addition to the exclusive group of partners. Wed, 22 Dec 2010 15:28:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013612 22.12.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013612 First meeting of the Professional Handball Board http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013553/First+meeting+of+the+Professional+Handball+Board On 24 November 2010 representatives of the EHF, clubs, national federations and other stakeholders met in Vienna. Wed, 24 Nov 2010 19:32:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013553 24.11.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013553 Arbitration Tribunal examining Swiss protest http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013493/Arbitration+Tribunal+examining+Swiss+protest The Swiss Handball Federation has lodged a protest. Wed, 03 Nov 2010 12:54:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013493 03.11.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013493 Suspension of H.C. Pelister 08 player http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013446/Suspension+of+H.C.+Pelister+08+player Mihajlo Petrovski has been suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the Men’s EHF Cup. Fri, 15 Oct 2010 15:32:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013446 15.10.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013446 EHF Arbitration Tribunal decision on Porto incident http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013434/EHF+Arbitration+Tribunal+decision+on+Porto+incident The EHF Arbitration Tribunal made a decision regarding the incident involving Mr. Zoran Georgiev, HC Metalurg representative. Thu, 14 Oct 2010 12:47:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013434 14.10.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013434 Suspension of FC Barcelona Borges player http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013410/Suspension+of+FC+Barcelona+Borges+player László Nagy has been suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the VELUX EHF Men’s Champions League. Fri, 08 Oct 2010 14:47:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013410 08.10.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013410 Arbitration Tribunal decision on Brest case http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013404/Arbitration+Tribunal+decision+on+Brest+case The Arbitration Tribunal made a final decision in the HC Metalurg protest. Thu, 07 Oct 2010 11:07:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013404 07.10.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013404 Arbitration Tribunal examining HC Metalurg protest http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013396/Arbitration+Tribunal+examining+HC+Metalurg+protest The club HC Metalurg has lodged a protest. Tue, 05 Oct 2010 08:53:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013396 05.10.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013396 EHF OFFICIAL STATEMENT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013380/EHF+OFFICIAL+STATEMENT Viran Morros de Argila will be suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the VELUX EHF Champions League. Fri, 01 Oct 2010 09:46:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013380 01.10.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013380 Exceptions to the IHF Rules of the Game http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013374/Exceptions+to+the+IHF+Rules+of+the+Game Clarification to the EHF situation regarding the new handball rules. Wed, 29 Sep 2010 17:45:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013374 29.09.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013374 Technical problems during broadcast http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013368/Technical+problems+during+broadcast The VELUX EHF Men’s Champions League match between FC Barcelona Borges and Rhein Neckar Löwen could not be broadcast by various right holders. Tue, 28 Sep 2010 16:40:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013368 28.09.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013368 GCH and Asobal officially withdraw complaints http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013247/GCH+and+Asobal+officially+withdraw+complaints The Commission of European Communities informed the EHF on the administrative closure of the two complaints. Fri, 16 Jul 2010 14:13:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013247 16.07.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013247 ECA decision on the Lemme/Ullrich case http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013244/ECA+decision+on+the+Lemme%2fUllrich+case The EHF Court of Arbitration made its final decision on the Lemme/Ullrich case. Thu, 15 Jul 2010 12:10:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013244 15.07.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013244 New bid for 2011 Women’s 17 European Championship http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013234/New+bid+for+2011+Women%e2%80%99s+17+European+Championship The EHF released the Bulgarian Handball Federation from its organisational duties. Wed, 07 Jul 2010 12:50:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013234 07.07.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013234 Arbitration Tribunal decision http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013232/Arbitration+Tribunal+decision The Icelandic Handball Federation shall pay a fine of 2,000 EUR each for not complying with EHF EURO 2010 Qualification Regulations. Tue, 06 Jul 2010 17:31:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013232 06.07.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013232 Arbitration Tribunal decision http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013187/Arbitration+Tribunal+decision DHB and ÖHB shall pay a fine of 2,000 EUR each for not complying with EHF EURO 2010 Qualification Regulations. Mon, 07 Jun 2010 16:46:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013187 07.06.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013187 EHF award scholarship http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013185/EHF+award+scholarship A gift to the Danish National Federation on the occasion of its 75th anniversary. Sat, 05 Jun 2010 21:28:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013185 05.06.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013185 EHF and FCH sign Memorandum of Understanding http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013170/EHF+and+FCH+sign+Memorandum+of+Understanding The strategic document on the future cooperation of European Handball stakeholders was signed during the EHF FINAL4 in Cologne. Tue, 01 Jun 2010 13:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013170 01.06.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013170 EHF Arbitration Tribunal deals with Ciudad Real vs HSV game http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013120/EHF+Arbitration+Tribunal+deals+with+Ciudad+Real+vs+HSV+game An unsportsmanlike incident happened during the EHF Champions League Quarterfinal match. Fri, 07 May 2010 15:06:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013120 07.05.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013120 Buducnost T-Mobile fined for crowd disturbances http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013087/Buducnost+T-Mobile+fined+for+crowd+disturbances The EHF Arbitration Tribunal has reached a decision on the incidents in Podgorica during the Women’s Cup Winners’ Cup Semi-final. Thu, 29 Apr 2010 09:50:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013087 29.04.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013087 Women's Champions League Finals http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013069/Women%27s+Champions+League+Finals Confirmation of official throw-off times of the two final games. Wed, 21 Apr 2010 15:21:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013069 21.04.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013069 European Cup schedule confirmed http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013067/European+Cup+schedule+confirmed The playing schedule has been finally confirmed as the European club competitions will continue this weekend. Wed, 21 Apr 2010 11:16:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013067 21.04.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013067 EHF Cup game cancelled http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013052/EHF+Cup+game+cancelled The Elda Prestigio vs Bayer Leverkusen game will not take place on Sunday. Sat, 17 Apr 2010 12:46:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013052 17.04.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013052 Games cancelled in EHF competitions http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013050/Games+cancelled+in+EHF+competitions Women's Challenge Cup and M20 ECh Qualification games will surely not be carried out this weekend. Fri, 16 Apr 2010 14:55:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013050 16.04.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013050 Arbitration Tribunal deals with the incident in Podgorica http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013046/Arbitration+Tribunal+deals+with+the+incident+in+Podgorica The parties involved were requested to submit their statements. Thu, 15 Apr 2010 16:53:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013046 15.04.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013046 European Cup game postponed in Poland http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013039/European+Cup+game+postponed+in+Poland The Challenge Cup semi-final second leg will be played on 2 May due to a week of mourning in Poland. Wed, 14 Apr 2010 10:59:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013039 14.04.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013039 EHF looking into an incident in Podgorica http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013036/EHF+looking+into+an+incident+in+Podgorica A serious incident happened during the Women’s Cup Winners’ Cup semi-final. Tue, 13 Apr 2010 15:13:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013036 13.04.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013036 Suspension of Slovan player http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013029/Suspension+of+Slovan+player Bozovic Janko will be suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the Men's Challenge Cup. Fri, 09 Apr 2010 16:52:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013029 09.04.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/013029 ECA decision on the Loke case http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012994/ECA+decision+on+the+Loke+case The EHF Court of Arbitration rejected the claim of the Danish Handball Association. Wed, 24 Mar 2010 16:14:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012994 24.03.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012994 Arbitration Tribunal confirms Valladolid player ban http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012993/Arbitration+Tribunal+confirms+Valladolid+player+ban The highest legal body of the EHF made a decision on the direct disqualification of Oscar Perales. Wed, 24 Mar 2010 09:59:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012993 24.03.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012993 Suspension of Zvezda Zvenigorod player http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012976/Suspension+of+Zvezda+Zvenigorod+player Ekaterina Andryushina will be suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the Women's Cup Winners' Cup. Thu, 18 Mar 2010 15:46:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012976 18.03.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012976 Suspension of Pevafersa Valladolid player http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012968/Suspension+of+Pevafersa+Valladolid+player Oscar Perales will be suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the EHF Champions League. Mon, 15 Mar 2010 10:40:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012968 15.03.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012968 EHF statement on IHF matters http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012925/EHF+statement+on+IHF+matters The EHF has been asked for its position concerning the accusations expressed in Der Spiegel. Thu, 25 Feb 2010 10:22:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012925 25.02.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012925 Suspension of Tatran Presov player http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012897/Suspension+of+Tatran+Presov+player Tomas Mazar will be suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the EHF Cup. Wed, 17 Feb 2010 15:18:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012897 17.02.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012897 Administrative decision on a Cup Winners’ Cup game http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012894/Administrative+decision+on+a+Cup+Winners%e2%80%99+Cup+game The result of the Steaua MFA Bucuresti vs HC Portovik Yuzhny game was modified by an administrative measure. Wed, 17 Feb 2010 12:12:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012894 17.02.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012894 Memorandum of Understanding http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012892/Memorandum+of+Understanding A draft version of the document describes the future cooperation of EHF with the European clubs. Mon, 15 Feb 2010 14:53:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012892 15.02.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012892 Developments in the case of the 2006/07 EHF CL Final – EHF statement http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012869/Developments+in+the+case+of+the+2006%2f07+EHF+CL+Final+%e2%80%93+EHF+statement The European Handball Federation provides a statement on the new developments of the legal procedures related to the 2006/07 EHF CL Final. Wed, 10 Feb 2010 15:26:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012869 10.02.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012869 Decision on the Omer claim http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012829/Decision+on+the+Omer+claim The ECA confirmed the ban of former Romanian national team coach. Wed, 20 Jan 2010 10:40:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012829 20.01.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012829 ECA decision on the Prokop case http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012825/ECA+decision+on+the+Prokop+case The ECA has has partially revised the decision of the EHF Arbitration Tribunal. Mon, 18 Jan 2010 20:09:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012825 18.01.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012825 Decision on the Prokop case to be announced on Monday http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012812/Decision+on+the+Prokop+case+to+be+announced+on+Monday The EHF Court of Arbitration gave an official update on the status of the case. Fri, 15 Jan 2010 12:14:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012812 15.01.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012812 Decision on the Loke case http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012805/Decision+on+the+Loke+case The ECA confirms the decision of the EHF Arbitration Tribunal. Wed, 13 Jan 2010 11:52:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012805 13.01.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012805 Arbitration Tribunal decision on the Siscia case http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012798/Arbitration+Tribunal+decision+on+the+Siscia+case The EHF Arbitration Tribunal partially revised the 1st instance decision. Tue, 12 Jan 2010 09:26:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012798 12.01.2010 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012798 Suspension of Haukar player http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012766/Suspension+of+Haukar+player Jonsson Einar Örn will be suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the EHF Cup. Mon, 30 Nov 2009 15:25:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012766 30.11.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012766 Update on arbitration cases http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012764/Update+on+arbitration+cases Three arbitration decisions have been appealed at a higher level of arbitration. Wed, 25 Nov 2009 12:16:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012764 25.11.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012764 ECA confirms Metalurg decision http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012763/ECA+confirms+Metalurg+decision The ECA chamber examined the case of HC Metalurg and made the final decision. Wed, 25 Nov 2009 12:09:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012763 25.11.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012763 RK Metkovic suspended http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012759/RK+Metkovic+suspended The EHF Body of First Instance has dealt with the case of the Croatian team RK Metkovic. Mon, 23 Nov 2009 18:08:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012759 23.11.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012759 Challenge Cup team suspended http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012746/Challenge+Cup+team+suspended The EHF Body of First Instance has dealt with the case of the Croatian team RK Siscia. Tue, 17 Nov 2009 12:59:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012746 17.11.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012746 Suspension of Alcoa FKC player http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012710/Suspension+of+Alcoa+FKC+player Laima Bernataviciute will be suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the EHF Cup. Thu, 05 Nov 2009 12:21:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012710 05.11.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012710 EHF Arbitration Tribunal decision http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012709/EHF+Arbitration+Tribunal+decision The EHF Arbitration Tribunal, the last instance of the internal legal system of the European Handball Federation, made its decision in the case of Gunnar Prokop. Wed, 04 Nov 2009 13:50:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012709 04.11.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012709 Suspension from EHF functions http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012701/Suspension+from+EHF+functions The Executive Committee of the EHF have decided to suspend Gunnar Prokop from his official functions. Tue, 03 Nov 2009 12:44:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012701 03.11.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012701 Update on ECA cases http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012632/Update+on+ECA+cases The claims in the cases of Aihan Omer, Lemme/Ullrich and HC Metalurg will be dealt with on the level of the EHF Court of Arbitration. Tue, 06 Oct 2009 14:58:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012632 06.10.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012632 Claim filed in the Loke case http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012615/Claim+filed+in+the+Loke+case The implementation of the EHF Arbitration Tribunal decision has been temporarily suspended. Fri, 02 Oct 2009 12:26:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012615 02.10.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012615 Decision on the Loke case http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012604/Decision+on+the+Loke+case The Norwegian player has been suspended for nine months. Wed, 30 Sep 2009 12:02:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012604 30.09.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012604 Joint statement by EHF and GCH http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012584/Joint+statement+by+EHF+and+GCH The two organisations publish a joint statement following a meeting on 10-11 September. Wed, 16 Sep 2009 12:04:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012584 16.09.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012584 Arbitration Tribunal decision: the case of HC Lada http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012519/Arbitration+Tribunal+decision%3a+the+case+of+HC+Lada The highest legal body of the EHF made a decision in a case of attempted undue influence. Wed, 19 Aug 2009 16:31:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012519 19.08.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012519 Punishment rescinded http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012494/Punishment+rescinded The EHF Arbitration Tribunal has dealt with the transfer case of Szandra Zácsik. Mon, 10 Aug 2009 15:50:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012494 10.08.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012494 Arbitration decision: case of the Romanian Handball Federation http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012482/Arbitration+decision%3a+case+of+the+Romanian+Handball+Federation The highest legal body of the EHF made its decision in a case of attempted undue influence. Thu, 06 Aug 2009 13:34:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012482 06.08.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012482 Decision in the Case of Zvezda and Hypo NÖ http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012473/Decision+in+the+Case+of+Zvezda+and+Hypo+N%c3%96 The EHF Arbitration Tribunal Inquiry Panel, set up to investigate the allegations of attempts of manipulations of EHF referees in relation to the 2007/2008 Women’s Champions League Final, 1st leg between Zvezda Zvenigorod and Hypo Niederösterreich that took place in Chekhov, Russia on May 17, 2008, has decided not to formulate any charges. Fri, 31 Jul 2009 15:10:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012473 31.07.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012473 EHF Arbitration Tribunal takes final decision in prominent case http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012472/EHF+Arbitration+Tribunal+takes+final+decision+in+prominent+case The EHF Arbitration Tribunal, the last instance of the internal legal system of the European Handball Federation, has dealt with two further cases of undue influence. Fri, 31 Jul 2009 13:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012472 31.07.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012472 Arbitration Tribunal decisions http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012467/Arbitration+Tribunal+decisions The highest legal body of the EHF made decisions in two cases of attempted undue influence. Wed, 22 Jul 2009 19:17:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012467 22.07.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012467 EHF continues cooperation process with clubs http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012455/EHF+continues+cooperation+process+with+clubs The European Handball Federation states their united position to current issues in relation to the clubs. Thu, 09 Jul 2009 13:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012455 09.07.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012455 Arbitration Tribunal Coordination Meeting http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012354/Arbitration+Tribunal+Coordination+Meeting The members of the Arbitration Tribunal convened to discuss the cases of alleged manipulation attempts. Mon, 18 May 2009 16:57:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012354 18.05.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012354 Arbitration Tribunal proceedings http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012328/Arbitration+Tribunal+proceedings A 2008/09 Women’s Challenge Cup semi-final game has been investigated following reports from EHF Officials. Thu, 07 May 2009 11:53:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012328 07.05.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012328 Suspension of Besiktas player http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012309/Suspension+of+Besiktas+player Döne Ramazan will be suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the Challenge Cup. Thu, 30 Apr 2009 14:02:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012309 30.04.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012309 Arbitration Tribunal to handle the 2006/07 CL Final http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012294/Arbitration+Tribunal+to+handle+the+2006%2f07+CL+Final The case of alleged manipulation attempt at the 2006/07 CL Final has been forwarded to the legal body of the EHF. Fri, 24 Apr 2009 16:29:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012294 24.04.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012294 Inquiry Panel and Final Panel to handle proceedings http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012271/Inquiry+Panel+and+Final+Panel+to+handle+proceedings EHF Arbitration Tribunal President appointed the members of the Inquiry Panel to obtain information and review facts. Fri, 17 Apr 2009 10:40:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012271 17.04.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012271 Champions League Final 2007 - Proceedings to be initiated http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012252/Champions+League+Final+2007+-+Proceedings+to+be+initiated The EHF has been dealing with the 2007 CL Final with utmost seriousness in order to secure that the necessary steps are taken at all times. Thu, 09 Apr 2009 12:20:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012252 09.04.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012252 Complaint reported by media http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012230/Complaint+reported+by+media The European Handball Federation has been informed that the Group Club Handball has lodged a complaint to the European Union against the European and the International Handball Federations. Thu, 02 Apr 2009 11:48:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012230 02.04.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012230 Legal procedure initiated http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012224/Legal+procedure+initiated Legal steps have been initated in six cases. The EHF Arbitration Tribunal is currently appointing the tribunal members. Mon, 30 Mar 2009 15:17:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012224 30.03.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012224 Referee and delegate reports assessed http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012214/Referee+and+delegate+reports+assessed The EHF has received the feedback of the match officials and publishes a report about the ongoing analysis of the situation. Wed, 25 Mar 2009 13:45:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012214 25.03.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012214 Update on EHF measures http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012206/Update+on+EHF+measures The EHF intends to keep you up-to-date on the status of action taken in connection with the recently surfaced alleged manipulation attempts in handball. Mon, 23 Mar 2009 17:08:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012206 23.03.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012206 EHF initiates proceedings http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012196/EHF+initiates+proceedings The EHF Arbitration Tribunal as well as EHF Competition Responsibles are looking into alleged manipulation attempts. Thu, 19 Mar 2009 19:16:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012196 19.03.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012196 EHF conducts research http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012190/EHF+conducts+research The EHF has requested all EHF referees and delegates to complete a survey with focus on the past four seasons. Tue, 17 Mar 2009 15:33:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012190 17.03.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012190 EHF Reaction to Independent Analysis http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012186/EHF+Reaction+to+Independent+Analysis The 2006/07 Men's EHF Champions League Final has been analysed by an external referee and rule expert expert. Mon, 16 Mar 2009 18:23:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012186 16.03.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012186 Nomination modified http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012180/Nomination+modified Bernd Methe and Reiner Methe will be the referees of the EURO 2010 Qualification game between FYR Macedonia and Iceland. Sun, 15 Mar 2009 16:31:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012180 15.03.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012180 EHF statement on new corruption accusations http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012179/EHF+statement+on+new+corruption+accusations New accusations have been made about the 2006 Men’s Cup Winners’ Cup Final game. Sun, 15 Mar 2009 16:24:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012179 15.03.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012179 EHF position on Champions League allegations http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012165/EHF+position+on+Champions+League+allegations The European Handball Federation has, with great concern, taken note of the development of the accusations around German clubs and the EHF Champions League matches. Mon, 09 Mar 2009 13:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012165 09.03.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012165 EHF reaction to “Manipulation charges” http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012160/EHF+reaction+to+%e2%80%9cManipulation+charges%e2%80%9d The EHF has been following media reports over the past week about alleged corruption charges in connection with the 2006/07 Men’s Champions League Final. Here is the reaction of the EHF. Fri, 06 Mar 2009 16:19:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012160 06.03.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012160 German talent dies on court http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012149/German+talent+dies+on+court Sebastian Faißt, 20-year old handballer dies on court during an international game in Switzerland. Thu, 05 Mar 2009 11:26:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012149 05.03.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012149 Suspension of Leipzig player http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012125/Suspension+of+Leipzig+player Renate Urne will be suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the Women's EHF Cup. Tue, 24 Feb 2009 12:12:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012125 24.02.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012125 Suspension of Magdeburg player http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012112/Suspension+of+Magdeburg+player Steffen Stiebler will be suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the Men's EHF Cup. Thu, 19 Feb 2009 09:06:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012112 19.02.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012112 MKB Veszprém vs Leon: according to schedule http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012083/MKB+Veszpr%c3%a9m+vs+Leon%3a+according+to+schedule The European Handball Federation has dealt with the consequences of the tragic case of MKB Veszprém player, Marian Cozma. Mon, 09 Feb 2009 17:18:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012083 09.02.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012083 Tragic incident of Veszprém handballers http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012080/Tragic+incident+of+Veszpr%c3%a9m+handballers Marian Cozma dies; Zarko Sesum and Ivan Pesic seriously injured after agression in a restaurant. Sun, 08 Feb 2009 17:07:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012080 08.02.2009 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/012080 Belarus national player dies http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011997/Belarus+national+player+dies The world of handball mourns Volha Kandratsyeva, who passed away on 18 December. Fri, 19 Dec 2008 11:59:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011997 19.12.2008 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011997 Arbitration decision http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011995/Arbitration+decision The Arbitration Tribunal made its decision on the case of MRK Vardar-Pro Skopje coach, Veselin Vujovic. Thu, 18 Dec 2008 11:40:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011995 18.12.2008 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011995 Suspension of Astrakhan player http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011974/Suspension+of+Astrakhan+player Anton Rubizov will be suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the Men's EHF Cup. Fri, 28 Nov 2008 14:40:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011974 28.11.2008 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011974 Suspension of Arrate player http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011973/Suspension+of+Arrate+player Unai Arrieta will be suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the Men's EHF Cup. Fri, 28 Nov 2008 14:33:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011973 28.11.2008 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011973 Heinz Sigg dies http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011972/Heinz+Sigg+dies Swiss EHF Delegate passed away on Thusday at the age of 60. Fri, 28 Nov 2008 10:59:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011972 28.11.2008 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011972 Suspension of ASE Doukas player http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011952/Suspension+of+ASE+Doukas+player Petar Zujovic will be suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the Men's Champions League. Thu, 20 Nov 2008 11:39:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011952 20.11.2008 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011952 Suspension of Icelandic national player http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011951/Suspension+of+Icelandic+national+player Vignir Svavarsson will be suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the 2010 Men’s EURO Qualification. Thu, 20 Nov 2008 11:29:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011951 20.11.2008 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011951 Transfer case of Gorazd Skof http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011927/Transfer+case+of+Gorazd+Skof The EHF Court of Appeal has dealt with the transfer case of the Slovenian player. Thu, 13 Nov 2008 11:50:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011927 13.11.2008 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011927 Suspension of Metalurg Skopje player http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011873/Suspension+of+Metalurg+Skopje+player Vanco Dimovski will be suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the Men's Champions League. Mon, 27 Oct 2008 12:46:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011873 27.10.2008 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011873 Suspension of PLER KC player http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011844/Suspension+of+PLER+KC+player Gyula Forgács from the Hungarian PLER KC will be suspended for one game following a direct disqualification in the Men's Cup Winners' Cup. Thu, 16 Oct 2008 11:40:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011844 16.10.2008 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011844 Handball world mourns death of Alexander Kozhukhov http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011692/Handball+world+mourns+death+of+Alexander+Kozhukhov The President of the IHF Commission of Organising and Competition passed away at the age of 66. Thu, 04 Sep 2008 16:50:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011692 04.09.2008 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011692 Qualification Tournament in Copenhagen http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011667/Qualification+Tournament+in+Copenhagen Group 4 of the Qualification Round 2 in the Women’s EHF Champions League will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 3-5 October 2008. Mon, 01 Sep 2008 16:50:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011667 01.09.2008 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011667 Official Statement III http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011572/Official+Statement+III Following an appeal filed by the federation Rukometni Savez Bosne I Hercegovine, the EHF Court of Appeal has now announced its verdict. Thu, 31 Jul 2008 10:19:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011572 31.07.2008 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/011572