12.11.2007, 03:16
Győr on top, FTC still without a point

Podravka and Viborg arrived in Hungary for the weekend and only the Danes could leave with points.

Győr on top, FTC still without a point

Both Hungarian teams played at home in the Women’s Champions League this weekend Only victory was acceptable for Győr, while Ferencváros wanted to keep their hopes for the third place alive.

Still 100%

Surprisingly, Podravka started better in Győr and took a 1-4 lead just in four minutes. Jelcic saved clear chances, while her team mates converted their opportunities.

Győr won a key battle against PodravkaThe hosts got themselves together quickly and consolidated their defence. With the cooperation of Görbicz and Bradeanu, the hosts took a 9-6 lead. Bradeanu found the spaces in the Podravka defence, while Pálinger saved everything for minutes. Despite the many missed chances, Győr held on to a 5-goals advantage and went on to the halftime break with 18-13.

Zebic repeated a great performance that she showed in the first half already and scored her fifth goal after the break. Görbicz was also prolific and scored her 10th goal in the 37th minute.

Orsolya Herr replaced Pálinger in the goal after ten minutes and Dokic also did a good job in defence and attack as well.

The Croatians tried to keep pace with the hosts and they replied every single goal they received. Coach Csaba Konkoly sent Pálinger back and it gave new momentum for the team and it was 32-24 already in the 52nd minute.

Another Hungarian player, Cecília Öri came on court for the last minutes in Podravka, while Győr gave the opportunity to the young Anikó Kovacsics.

The visitors fought hard with a determined Pasicnik and came back to four goals by the end to make it 34-29. 

Secure Danish victory

Viborg dominated in Budapest right from the beginning with the goals of Popović (1-3), but Uhráková was still able to score three quick goals against Lunde Haraldsen. The two Viborg backs, Jurack and Popović, played in so much harmony that they seemed to have always played together. Meanwhile, the FTC players were kept far from the Danish goal.

FTC had just moments against world class ViborgIn the home team Ilyés did well by scoring two difficult goals, but Jurack was impossible to stop. It was also decisive that Lunde saved a 7-m shot of Uhráková in the 25th minute and Viborg could get a 11-17 advantage and it was 14-18 at half time.

The Danes scored three in a row after the break and it was only Szamoránsky who could do something in attack in these minutes.

The hosts got a chance to come closer at 19-27, but a double Viborg suspension was not enough against Katrine Lunde in the goal.

Pastrovics was on a similar level to her counterpart and she also saved some difficult shots.

A former Viborg player, Helga Németh also came in to help FTC with her routine and she could really help the team with goals and assists. FTC came back to four (29-33), but the beautiful goals of Roslyng Christiansen settled the matter at the end (30-37).

Győr are still on top of Group A, while Budapest Bank-FTC are only fourth.

TEXT: Judit Juhász (handball.hu)

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