19.03.2009, 07:16
EHF initiates proceedings

The EHF Arbitration Tribunal as well as EHF Competition Responsibles are looking into alleged manipulation attempts.

EHF initiates proceedings

As it has been confirmed earlier by the European Handball Federation, accusations have been made about the 2006 Men’s Cup Winners’ Cup Final game between Chehovskie Medvedi (RUS) and CBM Valladolid (ESP) played on 29.04.2006.

All parties involved (EHF officials, clubs, etc.) were requested to submit their statements and an official communication has also been provided to the EHF by the German Handball Federation (DHB).

As a response to the situation, proceedings have been initiated by the EHF Arbitration Tribunal, which is the highest level legal body within the European Handball Federation. The President of the EHF Arbitration Tribunal will nominate three members for the arbitration procedure.

As a part of the procedure, a technical analysis of the game has been requested from two independent rule and refereeing experts. The examination of the situation will continue with the analysis of further statements that will be requested from all parties involved.

The EHF is aware of the other alleged manipulation attempts reported by the international media, namely a 2009 World Championship Qualification Europe game between Romania and Montenegro in June 2008, and a Women’s Champions League match in Togliatti, Russia, back in January 2006.

The EHF is eager to look into these matters once again and also to evaluate the handling of the matters at the time when they happened, considering the amount of information available in that moment.

Therefore, the EHF Competitions Commission Chairman, the CC Member responsible for refereeing matters and the responsible EHF Office members will use the upcoming Sunday, 22 March 2009, to analyse these situations.

In the light of the current discussions in Europe regarding possible new ways of handling the organisational matters of the match officials carrying out duties at EHF competitions, the meeting will also serve as a discussion panel to agree on measures to be taken for the remaining parts of the season. On the other hand, mid- and long term proposals will be worked out for the EHF Executive Committee Meeting taking place just one week later in Vienna.

The EHF is committed to open communication in all matters and will inform on the outcome of the talks.


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