25.06.2009, 03:06
Beach Euro reaches Main Round

The Preliminary Round of the European Championships in Larvik, Norway are complete.

Action from the Beach Euro 2009The winners and losers of the men’s and women’s European Beach Handball Championships in Larvik, Norway are knows following the completion of the preliminary round earlier today (Thursday, 25 June).

Beach Euro Women's Championship

The final standings were as follows:

Group A

1. Italy
2. Norway
3. Denmark
4. Hungary
5. Spain
6. Polan

Group B

1. Ukraine
2. Croatia
3. Switzerland
4. Sweden
5. Turkey

Download the complete final standings for more information.

Europe’s national beach selections are back in action almost immediately with the first women's matches of the Main Round throwing off at 5.00 pm this afternoon.

Group I

Italy, Ukraine, Norway, Croatia, Switzerland, Denmark

Group II

Hungary, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, Poland

Teams take the points they gained in the preliminary round against the teams in their main round group with them.

For complete information and match schedule for the Main Round download the Main Round Summary.

Beach Euro Men's Championship

The final rankings in the men's competition are as follows:

Group A

1. Russia
2. Denmark
3. Norway
4. Turkey
5. Sweden
6. Ukraine

Group B

1. Spain
2 Hungary
3 Croatia
4 Poland
5 Switzerland
6. Italy

Download the final standings for more information.

The top four in each group qualify for the Main Round with the bottom top dropping out and in to a consolation round.

The Main Round Groups are as follows:

Group I

1. Hungary
2. Russia
3. Norway
4. Poland

Group II

1. Croatia
2. Denmark
3. Turkey
4. Spain

Group C1

1. Sweden
2. Switzerland
3. Ukraine
4. Italy

Download the Main Round summary for more information and a full schedule of match times.

Follow the championship live

There are plenty of ways to follow the European Beach Handball Championships in person, from the office or at home.

There is free entry to the Larvik Beach Arena, check the event's website at www.beachhandball.no, check for regular updates from the EHF Beach Team at www.twitter.com/beacheuro2009 or watch the live streaming from Norway's TV2 live feed.

TEXT: JJ Rowland

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