27.06.2009, 02:01
Main Round completed

The Main Round of the European Beach Handball Championships is over and Quarter Final places decided.

Action from Beach Euro 2009Another day of glorious sunshine and temperatures well above 25 degrees brought the Main Round of the European Beach Handball Championships in Larvik, Norway to an end today (Friday)

12 men’s and 11 women’s national teams from across Europe have been competing for the past four days for the right to call themselves the European Beach Champions.

The action continues at the Larvik Beach Arena throughout the weekend, with Quarter Finals and men’s Consolation Round played 10.00 am to 8.00 pm (CET) Saturday and finals on Sunday.

The women’s final is scheduled for 3.00 pm and the men’s at 4.00 pm on the Main Court, in front of what promises to be a capacity crowd of more than 2500 people.

Watch all the action live from Larvik via the TV2 live streaming service or make the trip to Larvik, entrance to the Beach Arena is completely free.


Billing as favourite for the men’s Beach title is shared between the men’s defending champions, Russia, and the reigning world champions, Croatia, neither team having lost in these championships.

Of course it’s impossible to write off the Norwegians, who finished in second spot in their Main Round group. They may be missing the Olympic stars of their female counterparts, but in front of a home crowd anything is possible.

Final Standings


Group I

1. Russia
2. Norway
3. Hungary
4. Poland

Group 2

1. Croatia
2. Spain
3. Denmark
4. Turkey

Download the final results and placings.

Quarter Finals

1. Russia versus Turkey (13.00 Court 1)
2. Croatia versus Poland (12.00 pm Court 2)
3. Norway versus Denmark (12.00 pm Court 1)
4. Spain versus Hungary


In the women’s competition a different playing system, due to 11 teams rather than 12 taking part, sees the six Group I teams joined by the top two teams from Group II.

Italy finished top of Group I with eight points, but suffered defeats in the Main Round to Croatia and in the Preliminary Round to Hungary.

The Euro hosts, Norway, even with their stars, finished in third place, defeated in the Main Round by Italy and the Ukraine. Again, the support of their loyal fans could well make all the difference over the final weekend.

Final standings


Group I

1. Italy
2. Ukraine
3. Norway
4. Denmark
6. Switzerland

Group II

1. Hungary
2. Spain
3. Sweden
4. Turkey
5. Poland

Download the final results and placings.

Quarter Finals

1. Italy versus Spain (10.00 am Court 1)
2. Ukraine versus Hungary (11.00 am Court 2)
3. Norway versus Switzerland (11.00 am Court 1)
4. Denmark versus Croatia (10.00 am Court 2)

TEXT: JJ Rowland

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