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Jurack enjoyed early comeback

A fantastic performance of the German international only two months after giving birth.

Jurack enjoyed early comeback

On February 4th Grit Jurack gave birth to her son Lukas, her first-born child. Saturday – only a little more than two months later – she was back on the court for the first leg of Viborg HK's Champions League semi-final tie against Larvik HK.

Unsurprisingly this was her first match this season, but it became a great success for the 32 year old German international. Not only did she score three goals, she also played extremely well on the right back position, having several assists to another German international who made a comeback on the very same evening: line player Anja Althaus who returned from injury with five goals.

Despite of having returned to the handball court so soon after having given birth, Jurack felt fine after her comeback game.

eurohandball.com: What was it like to be back?

Grit Jurack: It was great! I did not expect to get so much time on the court, and that things would turn out so well for me, as they did. So I am really happy.

eurohandball.com: And how does your body feel?

Grit Jurack: Physically, I feel very fine, too.

eurohandball.com: Can you explain why your comeback could be so successful?

Grit Jurack: Maybe the long break made me approach the match in a slightly more relaxed way than usually – simply because I did not have particularly high expectations in my own performance. As you said, it was only two months since I gave birth, so my expectations were pretty low. Fortunately I was able to perform quite well after all.

eurohandball.com: How do you explain the fact that you and your team-mates created a six goal win in the second half after an equal first half?

Grit Jurack: Our defence was extremely strong, and after the break we managed to improve in our attack as well. We found some combinations which we have not practiced for a long time, and which may have confused Larvik a bit.

eurohandball.com: What will you have to do in order to keep the six goal lead in the return match? Should you simply forget that you are six goals up, when the match in Larvik starts?

Grit Jurack: That too, and then we will simply have to control the game in the same way, as we did with the first match – then we will win by six again (Jurack laughing, ed.)

eurohandball.com: Having improved so much in only two months, can you personally improve even more for the second match?

Grit Jurack: I hope so, but we will have to see.

TEXT: Peter Bruun

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