23.09.2011, 05:51
EHF Executive meets in Olympic city

London is the venue for the meeting of the EHF Executive Committee

EHF Executive meets in Olympic city

Host city of the 2012 Olympic Games, London, is the venue for the 106th meeting of the Executive Committee of the European Handball Federation on Saturday 24 September 2011.

Visiting at the invitation of the England Handball Association, the 10 members of the Executive will also make use of the visit to meet with representatives of both the English and British Handball Associations to discuss handball in the UK and its future development.

Friday 23 September saw the members of the Executive visit the Olympic Park in East London and in particular the two venues that will host the handball competition, the Handball Arena and the larger Basketball Arena, which will hosts the finals of the Olympic competition.

The meeting of the EHF Executive will review the federation’s busy summer programme, including beach and younger age category events, and also deal with issues raised in the Technical Commissions and from meetings of the EHF Nations and Professional Handball Boards.

The programme for the federation’s 20th anniversary celebrations in November 2011 will also be discussed in detail.

Photograph (London 2012): The EHF Executive and officials from the England Handball Associaiton visit the Olympic Park, London.



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