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Beach Handball captured on film

Acrobatic skills, beauty and thrilling action on show in new EHF professionally produced film.

Beach Handball captured on film

Exciting. Athletic. Skilful. Dynamic. Fun. These are just a few words that go some way to describing the fantastic sport of Beach Handball.

With a history dating back over 20 years, the first European Beach Handball Championships for national teams was held in 2000 in Gaeta in Italy and since then the game has exploded across the golden sands of Europe.


The last two European Championships (in 2009 and 2011) for both men’s and women’s national teams in the adults and younger age categories saw the sport reach an all-time high with thousands of spectators courtside, live televised matches and a global interest.

Alongside the national teams, the club level sees the game played throughout Europe with many leagues and competitions, not least the European Beach Handball Tour.

To recognise the interest in the sport and to continue to push forward with its development the EHF has produced a professional promotional film which captures the essence of the sport through images from the 2011 European Beach Handball Championships held in Umag, Croatia.

The film not only shows the large interest in the sport from fans and media alike, but beautifully captures the acrobatic skills, beauty and thrilling action involved in the game whilst highlighting to young people across Europe how they can enjoy the sport and how easy it is to participate in for fitness, competition and technical development.

To view the film, please visit this link: http://activities.eurohandball.com/teaching-videos/beach-hb#

For more information about the great sport of Beach Handball please visit this link: http://activities.eurohandball.com/hb4all/beachhandball.html


TEXT: Andrew McSteen

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