18.07.2012, 02:20
New logos for EHF European Cups

Ahead of the coming season, the EHF European Cups will receive a new look

New logos for EHF European Cups

The Men's and Women’s EHF Cup will be branded with new logos for the coming season.

The Cup Winners' Cup and Challenge Cup competitions will also receive a revised look ahead of the new season.

The new corporate identities were launched at the VELUX EHF FINAL4 in May 2012 for the VELUX EHF Champions League and WOMEN'S EHF Champions League.  

A new logo has now been developed for the Men’s and Women’s EHF Cup competitions. 

EHF Cup logo

With a similar format to the new EHF Champions League logos, inspiration from the competitions themselves and the key concepts of ‘competitive, compulsive and compelling’.

The 3 'C's helped to create an abstract arm and a dynamic arc that mirrors the action of an overarm shot.

With the incorporation of the EHF logo into the design it was then logical for this logo to become the ball that the ’arm’ is holding.

EHF blue and light blue are used for the men's competitions, whilst the women's version utilises a golden yellow - which is part of the colour scheme used in the Women's Champions League identity - that brings in a continuity to the EHF brand.

Cup Winners’ Cup and Challenge Cup

The logos for the Women’s Cup Winners' Cup and Men’s and Women’s Challenge Cup competitions follows on from the previous European Cup identity.

It features the silhouette of the cup that is awarded to the victors. In each case the identities have been updated with the new EHF logo centered within and by applying the new EHF typeface.

The colour scheme follows that of the EHF Cup with the men's competitions being predominately blue and the Women's using golden yellow.

New Men’s EHF Cup

The new format Men’s EHF Cup competition, which will throw off in September 2012, has been formed from the merging of the EHF Cup and Cup Winners’ Cup.

The new competition forms part of a new three-tier playing system in men’s club competitions, with the VELUX EHF Champions League as the premium product, followed by the EHF Cup and then Challenge Cup.

There has been no change to the women’s competition structure, which will continue to be played with the Women’s EHF Champions League, EHF Cup, Cup Winners’ Cup and Challenge Cup.


The new logos are available for download for club and editorial use by clicking here.

For any further information please contact a member of the EHF Media and Communications Department – media@eurohandball.com - for additional information.



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