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Uwe Gensheimer out for months

German international left wing will miss 2013 World Championship following severe injury in EHF Cup match

Uwe Gensheimer out for months

The final result of 37:17 almost lost all its importance for German side Rhein Neckar Löwen: Despite winning their first international match of this season on Saturday – the first leg of Round 3 in the EHF Cup against Greek champions A.C. Diomidis Argous – the current leader in the German Bundesliga were shocked.

Right before the domestic top duel against second ranked THW Kiel on 28 November, Löwen-legend Uwe Gensheimer had to be hospitalised.

In the 6th minute the German international and current German Handball Player of the Year slipped while scoring against the Greek defending champions of the EHF Challenge Cup.

Gensheimer screamed out loud and everyone in the arena immediately noticed his pain and that something bad had happened.

And already on Saturday evening Gensheimer and his club received the diagnosis: rupture of the Achilles tendon which means that Gensheimer will be sidelined for at least six months.

So the 26-year-old will not only have to be replaced by his club for a long period, but he will also miss the World Championship in January in Spain.

“It is terrible for Uwe. He was the key for our great run in this season,” Löwen manager Thorsten Storm said.

And coach Gudmundur Gudmundsson added, “Unfortunately we cannot enjoy this clear victory against Argous. But injuries belong to sports, and we have to cope with this situation as a team.”

Gensheimer already found back his fighting spirit: “I hope that I will be back for the Final Tournament of the EHF Cup in May.”

German head coach Martin Heuberger – who phoned Gensheimer already on Sunday morning -  was shocked by the news as well.

„This is a massive blow for Uwe, for (Rhein Neckar) Löwen and of course for the German national team regarding the World Championship.”

Heuberger now has to decide who will be the additional left wing for Spain beside THW Kiel’s Dominik Klein.

“It is nearly impossible to replace someone like Uwe. Dominik will have to carry much more responsibility now.”

TEXT: Björn Pazen / ts

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