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End of Trefilov's reign at Lada

Evgeny Trefilov forced to leave Lada for health reasons

End of Trefilov's reign at Lada

Reigning Women’s EHF Cup winner Lada have announced the retirement of the head coach Evgeny Trefilov on their official website.

In September, Trefilov was sacked Russia’s national team coach after the failure to get a medal at the Olympic Games in London.

At the beginning of November he asked club bosses to give him a one month break to undergo medical examination and to improve his health.

The doctors said that he probably has a micro infarction in the process of his dismissal from the Russian national team.

Mr Trefilov came back to his coaching duty and held a training camp with Lada in the Moscow region in the first half of December when the Russian championship was on a break for the Women’s EHF EURO 2012.

Lada played some friendly games, including two with Trefilov's former team Zvezda.

After the camp, he returned with the team in Togliatti and a few days later Lada’s club director Rasul Battalov issued a statement:

“Trefilov's health deteriorated in the early autumn and we gave him the opportunity to have a rest for a month.

“After the course of treatment he held a training camp in Moscow region and also visited some Moscow specialists.

“The doctors urged to change his lifestyle to relax much more. When Trefilov came back to Togliatti, he told us about the sudden pressure drops, and because of this, he will suspend his career.”

The four-time World champion and silver medallist of Beijing Olympics Evgeny Trefilov doesn't intend to finish his career.

According to the sports news agency R-Sport, Evgeny moved from Togliatti to Krasnodar region, his homeland.

He was quoted by the agency: “Now I have to think about the new job. I may say that rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated,” said Evgeny Trefilov, humourous as always.

“If I can't find work in women's adult handball, I might go to the junior sports school and take the group.

“I won't sit without work, I'm still far away from retirement.”

After Trefilov's departure from Togliatti, Alexander Ovsyannikov will succeed him as the head coach.

The experienced coach has already been in this role in Lada for the last two seasons before Trefilov's comeback just before the 2011 World Championship in Brazil.

TEXT: Artem Shmelkov / cor

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