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Danish teams ready for 2013 Beach European Championship

Danish Handball Federation confirms coaches for men's and women's teams

Danish teams ready for 2013 Beach Handball European Championship

Two men with a lot of experience in beach handball will be in charge of the Danish senior teams, when Denmark are hosting the 2013 Beach Handball European Championship in July in Randers, the country's sixth largest city.

Morten Holmen, who is in charge of the women´s team, and Lars Møller, who is the men´s coach, have both been in their jobs since 2009.

They have now been confirmed once again by the Danish Handball Federation to lead their respective teams - and the expectations are pretty big in the country of the current Men's EHF EURO 2012 champions.

"First of all we are looking forward to showing beach handball to a larger circle of people, nationally as well as internationally," Lars Møller told eurohandball.com.

"When it comes to the expectations for our own team, I would say that we are used to belong to the better half (of beach handball teams), and I hope for us to be, at least, there again with the home advantage.

"There are still at least three teams that have more history in beach handball than we do, but there is no team that we cannot beat," Møller added.

"However, I would not say here and now that we expect to win medals, just because we play at home."

15,000 children playing beach handball

Møller has recently noticed a considerably increase of interest in the sport in his country.

"In the summer of 2012 we had more than 15,000 kids and youngsters playing beach handball, and at one tournament we played on no less than 24 courts at the same time."

The 2013 Beach Handball European Championship will also mark the first time that Denmark take part with junior teams for players aged between 18 and 19 years.

Gorm Andersen is coach for the young men's team, while Tina Schou is in charge of the young women's team.

Both are experienced coaches, and Gorm Andersen in particular has considerable experience in beach handball as he is already attached to the men's senior team, being Lars Møller's assistant.

The younger age category teams will be competing in Randers from 5 to 7 July, and the senior teams will take over the courts from 9 to 14 July.

The official website for the 2013 Beach Handball European Championship can be accessed HERE.

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