11.03.2013, 11:00
Klingvall testing new players

Sweden head to Iceland to begin preparations for their 2013 World Championship play-off in June

Klingvall testing new players

Sweden’s women’s national team coach, Torbjörn Klingvall, views their visit to Iceland for two friendlies on 23 and 24 March as a perfect opportunity to bring some younger players into the squad.

“Apart from the fact that we are repaying Iceland for doing us a favour by coming here for a couple of test matches before EURO 2012.

"This is a chance to take a closer look at some new players and also to test some of the more established players once again,” Torbjörn Klingvall told eurohandball.com

For Klingvall, and for his colleagues all over Europe, the last week in March is his first opportunity to gather his players after last December’s EHF EURO 2012 in Serbia.

After this get-together, he only has the Scandinavian Open in May to prepare for Sweden’s two 2013 World Championship play-off matches against Poland at the beginning of June.

“I have not got so far as to doing any research on Poland yet, so I really do not know how we stand compared to them, but one thing I do know is that we will not get much time together this time. Four training sessions and two matches, that will be all.

“For the Scandinavian Open we will have more time, but by then the championship play-offs will have started in Denmark, and that means that there may be players who are not available at that time,” Klingvall explained.

Swedish women’s national team for the test matches in Iceland, 23 and 24 March:

Goalkeepers: Cecilia Grubbström (OGC Nice), Filippa Idéhn (IK Sävehof).

Back court players: Jenny Alm (IK Sävehof), Lina Karlsson (Västerås Irsta), Johanna Ahlm (Viborg HK), Isabelle Gulldén (Viborg HK), Nathalie Hagman (Lugi IF), Sabina Jacobsen (Randers HK), Linnea Torstensson (RK Krim Mercator), Ida Oden (IK Sävehof).

Line players: Clara Monti Danielsson (Lugi IF), Ulrika Ågren (Randers HK), Frida Tengstedet (IK Sävehof).

Wingers: Hanna Fogelström (IK Sävehof), Jessica Helleberg (Team Esbjerg), Louise Sand (IK Sävehof).

TEXT: Peter Bruun / cor

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