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Restyled Czechs ready for home tournament

A much changed Czech women's national team compete in the 40th O štít města Chebu, a traditional tournament in the old West Bohemia city of Cheb.

Restyled Czechs ready for home tournament

2012 was deemed a successful year for the Czech women´s national team. Qualification for the EHF EURO 2012 and qualification for the Main Round surprised the handball community in Europe and sporting public in the Czech Republic.

The team have come together for the first time since the championships in Cheb, but the coaches Jan Bašný and Dušan Poloz have not got a full squad to choose from this time around.

The challenging playing programme over the last few months is catching up on the players.

“Key players from the successful team in Serbia are tired and chased by injuries. For them a big event like the EURO in the middle of season is something new and they are also under pressure at the end of the Czechoslovakian WHIL league,” explains Jan Bašný.

Fatigue and injuries are the reason why the Czech team will be without a few regulars in Cheb, players like Barbora Raníková, Jana Knedlíková, Pavla Poznarová and Helena Štěrbová.

“We had a plan to give a more chances to younger players and less busy girls from Serbia, but many changes are actually the result of injuries and visible fatigue,” says Bašný.

For the team that finished 12th at the EHF EURO 2012, qualification for the 2013 World Championship is the priority and Iceland stand in their way in June.

“We want travel to the next big tournament and the way to Serbia leads over Iceland. We know our opponents well and we have to be extremely motivated and of course in full strength. I hope all players will be healthy in June,” concluded Bašný.

Results are not the priority in Cheb over the next few days, but on home court they want to produce attractive and effective handball.

They finished in third place last year in Cheb with favourites Hungary taking the title.

Despite many changes top the squad, the Czechs will be in a new role of favourite this time, with Austria, Switzerland and Tunisia as opponents.

The tournament programme and information can be found on the Czech Handball Federation website (www.chf.cz) or on the tournament´s website here.

Czech Republic squad

Goalkeepers: Satrapová Lucie (DHC Slavia Praha), Müllnerová Dominika (DHK Baník Most)

Wingers: Chrenková Romana (DHC Sokol Poruba), Salčáková Kristýna (HC Britterm Veselí nad Moravou), Janoušková Michaela (DHK Baník Most), Vysloužilová Martina (DHK Baník Most)

Back court: Kutlvašrová Hana (DHC Slavia Praha), Luzumová Iveta (Mios Biganos, FRA), Černá Klára (DHC Slavia Praha), Keclíková Kateřina (DHC Slavia Praha), Růčková Petra (DHK Baník Most), Hrbková Michaela (DHC Sokol Poruba), Borovská Michaela (Sokol Písek), Kubáčková Tereza (DHK Zora Olomouc), Crhová Martina (Kristianstad HK, SWE),

Line players: Vítková Petra (DHK Baník Most), Matoušková Iveta (EKS Start Erblag, POL), Selucká Dominika (DHC Sokol Poruba)

TEXT: Jan Vtípil / cor

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