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Hypo NÖ start with away match in the Cup Winners' Cup Final

Tuesday's draw determined the home right in each of the final matches of the Cup Winners' Cup.

Hypo NÖ start with away match in the Cup Winners' Cup Final

The final of the 2012/13 Women´s Cup Winners' Cup will start on the home court of Issy Paris Hand on 4/5 May and will conclude on the ground of Hypo NÖ one week later.

The home right in each of the final legs was determined on Tuesday, 16 April, at the EHF Office in Vienna.  

Exact dates and times of the final matches will be confirmed following the coordination of TV requirements.

The winning team will replace the reigning trophy holders, FTC Rail Cargo Hungária, on the throne of the Cup Winners' Cup.

The Hungarian team played in the Women's EHF Champions League Main Round this season.

The record Austrian champions are on the way to their sixth trophy in the EHF history of the European club competitions.

After nine years of absence they are back in the final of the Cup Winners' Cup and can add another success to their four EHF Champions League trophies and one Champions Trophy cup.

They have not missed a single season in 20-year-old history of European club competitions organised by the EHF.

In their current continental campaign they ranked third in the Women's EHF Champions League Group Matches and claimed the berth in the Cup Winner's Cup.

"Obviously were we disappointed to be eliminated from the Champions League, but right afterwards, we set a new aim, to reach the final of the Cup Winners' Cup and we succeeded in it.

"We were happy that we beat the Russian champions and Thüringer, now we come up against an up and coming team from Issy with very good defence," said Hypo NÖ team adviser Márk Hegedüs

Hypo's long and proud tradition in European cup competition should give them the edge, but their inconsistancy this season means that nothing can be taken for granted.

"We might be considered the favourites but we have seen our performance going up and down throughout the season, so you cannot be sure," admits Hegedüs.

By reaching the final Issy have already set new heights in their club's history as their previous top mark in the European Cups was the participation in the quarter-finals of the Cup Winners' Cup, which they reached twice.

"It is very exciting for us, because it is our first European final and our first experience at this level.

"But not our first final of the season, we have already won the French league cup and we are hoping to win another title," said Issy event manager, Mathieu Marchand.

This season they hosted the Wild Card Tournament of the EHF Champions League, but failed to progress to the Group Matches.

"It was a very good experience for us to play at that level, but Hypo are a very good team and we are the outsiders.

"The players are very determined, we hope to put on a good show in the first leg and then we will see what happens," concluded Marchand.

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