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Confident teams meet in Women´s EHF Cup Final

Preview of the Women's EHF Cup Final

Confident teams meet in Women´s EHF Cup Final

It will be two teams with the self confidence intact who meet in the first leg of the Women´s EHF Cup final in the Gråkjær Arena of Holstebro Sunday in the late afternoon.

While the hosts, Team Tvis Holstebro have qualified for the Danish championship final for the first time in history, Metz are travelling to Denmark with a Fresh 25:15 home win against Issy Paris in the French play-off.

In the mind of Holstebro´s head coach Niels Agesen´s mind, though, there is no doubt that the experienced French team are favourites, at least over the two matches.

“I have seen quite a lot of Metz lately, and the way I see it, our chances lie in deciding the pace, as Metz are physically stronger than our players.

Furthermore, they have more experience at top level, as they have eight internationals and two or three players in the fringe of the national team. That is just about as much as our entire team,” Niels Agesen told eurohandball.com.

“If we are to stand a chance in the return match in France next Sunday, we will need a win of least two or three goals, and hopefully more, at home. I have just seen how Metz won by ten at home against Issy, so it is going to be tough in the away game anyway,” Agesen added.

Metz, on their side, will do what they can to make Agesen´s worries come true – at least if you ask right winger Katty Piejos. 31 year old Piejos is leaving Metz after this season for French league rivals Fleury, and it comes as no surprise that she would very much like to leave as EHF Cup winner.

“When you have reached the final, you have no choice but to try and win it. A final is all about winning,” Katty Piejos told her club´s website.

The first leg is taking place in the Gråkjær Arena of Holstebro Sunday at 16.50 local time, while the return match is scheduled for next Sunday at 18.00 local time in Les Arenes of Metz.

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