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Tournament MVP excited about the future

Serbia's Marko Pavlović sees a great journey ahead for beach handball

Tournament MVP excited about the future

Serbia may have missed out on a medal at the 2013 European Beach Handball Championship, after two “shoot-out” losses in the semi-final and bronze medal match, but the tournament gave a fresh boost to the development of the sport in Serbia.

The Serbian Handball Federation was proud to announce that Marko Pavlović was the most valuable player (MVP) of the tournament.

“We didn't dream about a place among Europe’s top four before our trip to Denmark. I am very satisfied with all we have done in Randers and most of all with our place in the World Championship next year.

“On the other hand, we are all sad because we went home without a medal,” Marko Pavlović told the Serbian Handball Federation website.

Pavlović played with RK Partizan Beograd in the VELUX EHF Champions League last season and the experienced left back’s large sum of goals and assists saw him become the MVP.
“It's a computer mistake. I am kidding, of course. To become MVP in beach handball, your team has to play in an attractive way and all of the players have to be in the game during whole match under the same pressure. The team style helped me a lot to get this prize,” explained the 30-year-old.

Very different sport

Pavlović is overjoyed with the development of beach handball in recent years and sees a bright future for the sport.

“I think that we would be to see beach handball as an Olympic sport, just like beach volleyball. Our sport is in great expansion.

“Unfortunately in Serbia, most of the people aren’t aware about the development in Europe and rest of the world. In Brazil there are thousands of fans watching beach handball tournaments,”

“It’s a completely different sport to indoor handball, only the ball is the same. There is not much contacts, only body on body and the movement on the sand is totally different.

“The game is much more attractive with a lot two point score, spins and goalkeeper shots.

“The rules allow beach handball to become even more attractive and more dynamic. What is also very interesting for me is that you never know where the ball bounces from the sand after you shoot,” said Pavlović.

There are not many major handball stars playing beach handball and the Serbian left-back thinks that they would not have much of an advantage on the sand if they did play.

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