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Draw statements from the club´s representatives

Quotes from clubs after the Tuesday draw of first playing rounds in the European Cup competitions.

Draw statements from the club´s representatives

Men's EHF Cup:

Thierry Anti, coach of HBC Nantes (vs Partizan Beograd): "It was not a good draw for us as Partizan played in the Champions League last season and I know it will not be easy. This match promises a great deal of intensity. However, it is positive that we play the first leg away. We will do our job in Serbia and then we can rely on our supporters in the rematch.“

Oscar Mainer, general manager of BM Aragon (vs. Csurgo): "It will be very passionate and uncertain, as Hungarian handball has shown to be growing in the past years and especially this club in the last two seasons. We are fully aware of the potential of this club, where our ex player Gabor Grebenár is currently playing. In any case it is very positive that the second match will be played at home and hopefully this could be decisive."

Henrik Møllgaard, captain of Skjern (vs winner of match between Jičín or Dobrudja): “It will be two games we should win and then we move on to the third round. There is not much risk. I personally think that it's fun to get really far away. Minsk, Belarus, or somewhere like that."
Official website of Diomidis Argous (vs. Nexe Nasice): "There is cautious optimism among the Diomedes staff, after they avoided behemoths of European handball. However, they cannot ignore that RK Nexe come from one of the most powerful, comprehensive and successful nations in Europe."

Patrik Voltmann, president of Sporta Hlohovec (vs. Ottmar St. Gallen): "We are neither too thrilled, nor too disappointed for the result of the draw. It could be much worse and we certainly have a chance to qualify for the next round. St. Gallen are a good quality team and it will be an interesting encounter between their playing coach Jan Filip and our coach Martin Lipták, as the latter coached the former not a long time ago in the Czech national team.“

Petr Babák, coach of HBC Ronal Jičín (vs. HC Dobrudja): "I have to admitt that I have no idea about the strength of our opponents. We wished to get more attractive rival, but on the other hand we could end up being paired with a distant opponent from Iceland or Norway, what would be worse for us.“

Ola Lindgren, coach of IFK Kristianstad (vs. loser of Drott/Esch): “We only hope that Drott win. It would be sad if we get another Swedish team again this year. I really know nothing about the Luxembourgish team apart from that they were in the Challenge Cup final last year. They are a blank canvas. It is great to be able to watch the matches against Drott, otherwise it could be a bit tricky to work out a good strategy.”

Women`s EHF Cup

Dušan Poloz, coach of DHK Baník Most (vs. Levanger): "Somehow I attract matches with Norwegian teams. It will be a complicated task, but my knowledge of Norwegian handball might help me to prepare my team very well. In addition, we are going to have a training camp in Norway soon. After a disappointing last season Levanger changed the coach, but it is a big club and I am convinced they will try to make up recent failures."

Renate Wolf, manager of Bayer 04 Leverkusen (vs. Alavarium Love Tiles): "There are no weak opponents in the European Cups. We are going to focus our preparation on this team."

Aleksandar Knezević, coach of Frisch Auf Göppingen (vs. Žito Prilep): "I would go for a shorter trip, but on the other hand this is an interesting draw."

Women's Cup Winners Cup

Ulrika Ågren, player of BSV Buxtehude (vs. Lugi HF): "Of course, it is very nice to have an opportunity to play in my country. There could be hardly a better draw than this."


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