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Lada close to second EHF Cup triumph

MATCH REVIEW: The Russian club will take a huge lead into the second leg of the Women's EHF Cup Final after beating Esbjerg 36:25

Lada close to second EHF Cup triumph

Lada are very close to winning the Women's EHF Cup for the second time in the history of the club.

Their first triumph in the tournament was two years ago, and after the 11-goal win at home against Team Esbjerg Sunday afternoon, the Russian clubs is heading for another EHF Cup title.

There was never any doubt about the outcome of the match in Togliatti, where Lada were even leading by 14 goals several time before winning by 11.

Women's EHF Cup Final first leg
Lada (RUS) vs Team Esbjerg (DEN) 36:25 (17:6)

From the start, Lada left no doubt as to which team was best on the day, when they met Team Esbjerg in the first leg of the Women´s EHF Cup final.
In front of 2,500 spectators in the Sportkomplex USK “Olimp” in Togliatti, Lada were leading 2:0 after the first minute, and that lead was soon increased to four and then five goals.

Two team time-outs from Esbjerg did not help the visitors, and from 9:4, the home team even scored eight unanswered goals and increased to 17:4, before Esbjerg managed to score the last two goals before half time.

The first goal of the second half was also scored by the visitors, but from 17:7, Lada got up 27:13, 28:14 and 31:17, before the Danish team was allowed to reduce the deficit by three goals in the last minutes, mainly thanks to a series of brilliant saves by Esbjerg keeper Emily Stang Sando towards the end.

Forgot to play handball

Still, the result makes Lada huge favourites ahead of the second leg in Blue Water Dokken in Esbjerg next Sunday.

“The players seemed to be so nervous that they forgot to play handball. Many things have happened in the world of handball, and of course we still have an opportunity, as we know that Russian teams are obviously stronger at home than away per tradition, but 11 goals is a lot to have to catch up with,” Teams Esbjerg's sports director Thomas Hylle told the newspaper Jydske Vestkysten after the match.

Centre back Ekatarina Ilina scored eight goals for Lada, while Dutch international Estevana Polman scored six for Esbjerg.

Photo: Sergey Bogatyuk

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