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13 Polman goals not enough for Esbjerg

MATCH REVIEW: The damage was well and truly done in the first leg, as a second leg draw sees Lada cruise to EHF Cup glory

13 Polman goals not enough for Esbjerg

Lada won the Women´s EHF Cup for the second time and took their third European title in history, as they added a 32:32 draw to their nine-goal win against Team Esbjerg at home last Sunday.

The overall win was never in danger for the Russian team in the return match in Esbjerg, where Lada were never down by more than two goals and were even in the lead several times.

Women´s EHF Cup Final, second leg
Team Esbjerg (DEN) vs Lada (RUS) 32:32 (16:14)

First leg 25:36. Aggregate 57:68

Unlike the first match, Team Esbjerg had goalkeeper Kari Aalvik Grimsbø and left back Emily Baunsgaard back from injury.

This did not help the Danish team on Sunday afternoon, as they were trying to catch up with Lada´s  nine-goal win from the two teams´ first meeting in Russia last Sunday.

Neither did it help the home team that Dutch international Estevana Polman was on fire, scoring no less than 13 goals.

Through the 32:32 draw in Blue Water Dokken in Esbjerg, Lada maintained their healthy lead from the first leg and lifted the EHF Cup trophy at the end.

A huge factor in Esbjerg’s failure was that they missed a remarkable seven penalty shots, four of them within the first quarter of an hour.

This meant that Lada´s obvious scoring problems at the beginning of the match did not become fatal for the visitors, who managed to keep the game level during the first half and go into the dressing rooms only two goals down.

Changing leads

Early in the second half, the 700 spectators saw Esbjerg manage to create a three goal lead at 16:13, but that was as close as the hosts got to catching up with the 11-goal deficit.

Instead, the lead was changing for the rest of the match, before the 60 minutes couldn’t separate them on the day.

“We knew it would be difficult, but I was a bit annoyed that we were not able to create some distance at the beginning of the match, as that could have put some pressure on Lada that way. There is no doubt, however, that the best team over two matches won, but we will be back next season,” Team Esbjerg coach Lars Frederiksen ensured the Danish TV station DR1 after the match.

While Estavana Polman scored 13 goals for Esbjerg, Olga Chernoivanenko, Veronika Garanina and Olga Gorshenina scored five each for Lada.

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