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Debutants bring European handball to the Faroe Islands

ROUND PREVIEW: Action starts on Friday in the Women's EHF Cup in Salerno as Italian champions take on IBV from Iceland.

Debutants bring European handball to the Faroe Islands

Nearly half of the matches in the second round of the Women's EHF Cup are being played as double headers this weekend. One of them is taking place in the capital of the Faroe Islands.

The 50,000 inhabitants of the Faroe Islands are not used to watching European handball live. This weekend, the people of the islands in the North Atlantic get the chance and even twice, though.

In the Holin A Halsi in the capital, Torshavn, the local heroines of Kyndil Torshavn welcome Femina Vise from Belgium to the two round two matches Saturday and Sunday.

Femina Vise's greatest European achievements so far are reaching the round of the last 32 in the Women´s EHF Champions League in the 1998/99 season and again the following year. This weekend they will be on a long journey in order to take the first step towards new success.

Jomi  Salerno failed to qualify for the Women's EHF Champions League this season. Now they have the chance to get some kind of revenge in the EHF Cup.

This weekend they can take the first step towards that as they host the two matches against IBV from Iceland. The two teams meet in the Palapakumbo in Salerno on Friday and Saturday.

A further double header this weekend is taking place in the Chemkostav Arena in Michalovce, Slovakia, where IUVENTA are receiving KHF Kastrioti from Kosovo for two matches Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.

IUVENTA are leading the joint Czech-Slovak league by three points ahead of DHK Banik Most. The Czech team should be a favourite against Switzerland's LC Brühl in another pairing.

Olympia HC are from London, but only one British player can be spotted in the squad which counts players of no less than ten nationalities.
This weekend, Olympia will be in Ukrainian Uzhgorod, where they meet HC Karpaty over two matches Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Two further ties in this round are being decided as double headers, both next weekend.

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