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Watch the ebt Finals live

Live streaming will be available from all main court matches when the ebt finals throw in Budaörs next week

Watch the ebt Finals live

Top-class beach handball comes to the picturesque town of Budaörs, just south-west of Hungary's capital Budapest, with the ebt Finals taking place from 22 to 24 May 2015 - and fans can watch all main court matches live on the internet.

The tournament organisers offer a live stream which is accessible via the official website: http://www.ebtfinal2015.hu/en/live_stream

The ebt Finals will be carried out by 20 teams - 10 women's, including defending champions OVB - Beach Girls, and 10 men's, including champions Detono Zagreb - playing group matches and placement matches and the finals.

The first matches will throw off on Friday, 22 May at 12:45 hrs local time and the following two days will be jam-packed with beach handball action.

The finals will be played on Sunday, 24 May at 18:00 hrs for the men's and at 17:00 hrs for the women's.

The full playing schedule for the men's and the women's event is available on eurohandball.com.

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