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Slovenia and France meet for the second time in Ekaterinburg

ROUND REVIEW: Number one and two from Preliminary Group D meet in the final at the Men's U19 World Championship.

Slovenia and France meet for the second time in Ekaterinburg

In the preliminary round, Slovenia and France were in the same group, Group D, in which they drew 32:32 in the deciding match for the group win on the last match day.

This result meant that Slovenia won the group ahead of France due to goal difference, which was six goals better than the French team.

The two teams meet on Thursday for the second time at the Men's U19 World Championship in Ekaterinburg, Russia, and this time, the match cannot end in a draw, as it will be the final at the championship.

This is a fact after both teams won their semi-finals on Wednesday.

Slovenian proved that their group win ahead of the French favourites had been no coincidence, as they defeated Iceland 31:30 in the first semi-final.
Iceland had not lost a single point on their road to the semi-finals, and the Icelandic also got the far better start against Slovenia.

4:0 and 9:5 did Iceland lead in the first half which they also won by four goals, 15:11.

During the second half, Slovenia managed to catch up, though, and although Iceland were still leading by two goals with ten minutes left, the Slovenian put up the better finish and won by a single goal.

France did not leave much doubt in the semi-final against Spain. In a match played at a high pace, Les Bleus were leading 18:13 already at half time, and they never really gave that lead away.

Spain did managed to reduce the deficit to three goals a few times in the second half, but they never got any closer, and instead, the Frenchmen managed to increase their lead to seven goals several times towards the end.

Seven goals were also the difference at the final buzzer, as France won the match 34:27.
The final between Slovenia and France will be played Thursday at 18.00 local time in the Palace of Sports “DIVS” in Ekaterinburg.

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