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Six double headers in Women's EHF Cup Qualification

PREVIEW: Nine more teams for Round 3 of the Women’s EHF Cup to emerge this weekend

Six double headers in Women's EHF Cup Qualification

The early rounds of the European Cup tournaments are traditionally the time of many double headers, and the coming weekend does not form any exception to that rule, when it comes to the Women’s EHF Cup.

Six ties are going to be decided with both legs being played this weekend, with nine more participants for Round 3 to be decided.

This weekend’s action starts Friday evening in Nicosia, where A.C. Latsia Nicosia are hosting RK Zagorje from Slovenia.

The second leg is taking place in the same venue Saturday night.

Both teams will be trying to copy their achievement from last season of reaching Round 3.

A further double header is being carried out in Italian Conversano-Bari, where Indeco Conversano have the home advantage against H.C. Holon from Israel on Saturday and Sunday.

Holon were in the Challenge Cup last season, while Conversano are European debutants.

Alavarium / Love Tiles from Portugal and Bosnian ZRK Ilidza are also settling their internal score this Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday night, the two teams meet for the first leg in the Pavilhao Alavarium, which will also host the return match the following evening.

Alavarium will try to reach Round 3 like the Portuguese team did last year, while Ilidza have already taken a big jump up compared to last season when they played in the Challenge Cup.

The Garliava Sport Centre in Lithuania will also be hosting two EHF Cup matches this weekend.

Saturday afternoon, ACME-Zalgiris Kaunas are receiving SPONO Eagles from Switzerland, and the two teams meet again in the Kaunas Sport Hall Sunday evening.

For Kaunas, reaching the Round 3 of EHF Cup would be their best European achievement so far, while the Swiss Eagles are chasing Round 3 for the second year in a row.

The Centre Sportif Rene Hartmann in Dudelange Luxembourg is the venue of the last double header this weekend.

WHC Zamet from Croatia are visiting HB Dudelange for two matches Saturday and Sunday evening.

Dudelange have been in the third round of the tournament for the past three years and will obviously try to do so again.

It is Zamet first European experience.

For a complete list of all the weekend’s fixtures click here.

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