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Close race in Lithuania

ROUND REVIEW: Double-header in Kaunas decided by one goal in the Women's EHF Cup.

Close race in Lithuania

Double-headers are seldom close, but this weekend's meeting in Lithuania between ACME-Zalgiris Kaunas and SPONO Eagles from Switzerland formed an exception to that rule.

Actually, neither of the matches was close, but the final result was, as both teams got a big win each.

Through 13 goals from Rahel Furrer and 12 from Lisa Frey, the Swiss visitors seemed to have made everything clear after the first match Saturday, which they won 38:27 despite a narrow 17:16 lead at half time.

The Lithuanian hosts were far from defeated yet.

In the second match Sunday evening, they were close clinching the Round 3 berth after all as they won 35:25, only one goal from SPONO's win the day before.

Still, the Swiss team proceeded to the next round with the narrowest margin possible.

In the rest of the double headers this weekend, the differences were considerably clearer.

In Portuguese Aveiro, Bosnian ZRK Ilidza were able to follow Alavarium / Love Tiles fairly close on the first leg, which the Portuguese hosts won 25:21.

In the second match, however, the hosts made no doubt and won as big as 30:15.

The difference on aggregate was almost as big in Conversano-Bari, Italy, where Indeco Conversaro defeated H.C.Holon from Israel rather modestly, 32:27 in the first leg, but were considerably more merciless the following day, winning 30:19.

Another Italian team was not as successful as Conversano.

Cassano Magnago were not involved in a double header, but were chasing a 13 goal deficit after losing 30:17 away to DHK Banik Most last weekend.

It came as no surprise, that the Italian team were not able to catch up with that gap in their home game Saturday evening.

In fact, the Czech team won another clear win, 27:20 this time, and made no doubt about their third round berth.

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