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Höör and HC Leipzig make it to quarter-finals

ROUND REVIEW: The Swedish team came back from four-goal home defeat to leave Denmark triumphant; the German side had to come from behind once again

Höör and HC Leipzig make it to quarter-finals

H 65 Höörs Handbollsklubb from Sweden, who won the Women’s Challenge Cup in 2014, celebrated another triumph this weekend, as they sent out Danish Silkeborg-Voel KFUM after a thriller in the return match in Denmark.

Silkeborg-Voel were favouites to reach the quarter-final of the EHF Cup after a 26:22 win in Sweden in the first leg of the Last 16.

However, in the return match in JYSK Arena in Silkeborg, Höör managed to win by exactly those four goals that separated the teams after the first match – and as the Höör win was 28:24, the Swedish team proceed in the tournament due to more away goals.

After the first half, not much pointed in the direction of a Swedish win, as the Danish home team was leading 13:12.

In the second half, however, the visitors managed to turn the game and win by 28:24.

“The matter was decided by our international experience which we have gathered from four seasons of European handball,” Höör coach Niklas Harris told the Swedish Handball Federation’s website.

“Next to our win in Paris (in the Challenge Cup final two years ago) this was our greatest achievement ever.

We sent out a team who had just beaten number two in the world’s best league, Esbjerg,” Harris added.

HC Leipzig are also in the quarter-final.

After closing the deficit at home against Muratpasa Belediyesi SK in the first leg at home and winning it 33:26, the German team trailed for great parts of the return match in Turkey too.

The home team was leading 15:12 at half time, and they were even leading 17:12 early in the second half.

Once again, Leipzig managed to catch up, however, and at the end, the German visitors celebrated a 26:25 win, which was obviously more than enough to secure the ticket for the quarter-final.

Last year´s Women’s EHF FINAL4 participants Dinamo-Sinara had a short life in Europe this time.

After losing 31:26 away in the first leg of their all Russian encounter with Astrakhanochka, Dinamo also lost the home game.

This time, the digits were 23:19 for Astrakhanochka.

The EHF Cup winners from 2010, Randers HK, are also through to the next round.

After a 27:27 in France last weekend, the Danish team won their home match against HBC Nimes as big as 33:21 after a relatively narrow 14:11 lead at half-time.

Tertnes Bergen were heading for the quarter-finals for great parts of their away game in the Scandinavian derby against HC Odense.

The Danish team won 22:21 in Norway, but in the second leg in Denmark, the Norwegian side was leading 14:10 at half-time.

However, Odense came back in the second half and won 28:25, so 10 goals from Norwegian international Stine Skogrand did not help Tertnes in the end.

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