24.03.2016, 09:00
EHF publishes qualitative analysis of EHF EURO 2016

NEWS REPORT: Handball expert Peter Kovacs has analysed the most recents trends of the game based on the Men's EHF EURO 2016

EHF publishes qualitative analysis of EHF EURO 2016

Based on the statistics of the Men's EHF EURO 2016 and his own observations, Hungarian handball expert and former international Peter Kovacs has published the championship's qualitative analysis.

From the number of internationals playing abroad, to the attacking and defence pattern of the 16 participating teams, to goalkeeping performance and technical and tactical novelties, Kovacs offers an in-depth view of the trends that surfaced during the EHF EURO.

The European Handball Federation has now made Kovacs' 2016 analysis publicly available for download.

Among other findings Kovacs states, for example, that a rejunevation process started earlier within some teams and not - as one might expect - at the end of an Olympic cycle.

"Young players revolted against the stars!" Kovacs writes.

"Reform and rejuvenation of the teams usually start after the Olympic Games. Quite surprisingly, this year three (Germany, Croatia, Norway) from the first four teams arrived to Poland with many young players and they became very successful."

Kovacs also includes his list of 'players for the future', featuring some potential stars to be who were born in 1993 or later, including Germany's Rune Dahmke, Sweden's Lukas Nilsson, Belarus' goalkeeper Viachaslau Saldatsenka and many more.

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