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Dunaujvaros fighting to catch up with two-goal deficit

SEMI-FINAL PREVIEW: Equalising Metzingen's 28:26 lead from the first leg of the Women´s EHF Cup final does not seem impossible.

Dunaujvaros fighting to catch up with two-goal deficit

It seems to be far from a Mission Impossible for Dunaujvaros, when they receive TuS Metzingen for the second leg of the Women's EHF Cup Final.
A two-goal difference is not much in European Cup handball.

Women's EHF Cup Final, second leg:
Dunaujvarosi Kohasz Kezilabda Akademia (HUN) vs TuS Metzingen (GER)
Friday 6 May, 18:00, live on ehftv.com
First leg 26:28.

Two goals is no big difference in handball, and that goes for European Cup ties in particular.

This old truth has been emphasised again and again over history, and it definitely also applies ahead of the second and deciding match between Dunaujvaros and Metzingen Friday evening.

Metzingen won the first match 28:26 at home in the Paul Horn Arena of Tübingen, but the German team and the vast majority of the 2,600 spectators would undoubtedly have wanted to see a bigger win, and the chances for that were definitely there.

After a 13:10 lead at the half-time, Metzingen were leading 26:20 with 11 minutes left – and the European debutants from Germany were even leading 28:24 shortly before the final buzzer.

Still, the Hungarian visitors managed to narrow down the gap by scoring the last two goals of the match.

Those two closing goals may very well turn out to be decisive, when the two teams meet in the Veszprém Arena, Dunaujvaros' interim home ground for the day.

There is no doubt, that if Dunaujvaros can get the same support, as the “normal2 home team in that arena, MVM Veszprém usually get, the Hungarian side have a really good chance of taking yet another European title and at the same time rob Metzingen of their first triumph in Europe.

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