31.05.2016, 01:35
A tale of two teams

NEWS REPORT: While CSM București’s player are basking in the light of their EHF Champions League victory, the majority of Baia Mare players are looking for a new club. But these mixed emotions do not stand in the way as Romania gather to seal their qualification to the EHF EURO 2016

A tale of two teams

Romanian handball is on cloud nine after CSM București won the Women’s EHF Champions League nearly one month ago in Budapest.

However, only Aurelia Bradeanu and Oana Manea are part of the team that fights to seal the qualification for the Women’s EHF EURO 2016 in its final two matches against Lithuania (1 June) and Belarus.

On the other side, there are nine players from HCM Baia Mare, the other Romanian powerhouse who played this season in European premium club competition.

However, the likes of Paula Ungureanu, Valentina Ardean Elisei, Gabriela Perianu, Gabriella Szucs or Ana Maria Tănăsie will be looking for a new club after Baia Mara ran into financial troubles.

But on a positive note these uncertainties do not distract the players as they only focus on the upcoming challenges in the EHF EURO Qualification.

“Personally, I’m not thinking about what will happen next, I’m solely focused to what I’m going to do against Lithuania and Belarus,” said Valentina Ardean Elisei, Romania’s team captain.

It is the team spirit that prevails; the same spirit that also catapulted Romania to World Championship bronze in December last year to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Even if almost half of the roster has find new handball homes this summer, all of the players are thinking about the task at hand with the national team.

“We have been dubbed favorites for tournaments a lot. But every time we had something missing. I think we found the perfect recipe now.

“Romania think more positive, we are very united, we are trying to keep and improve the elements that brought us the bronze medal in December,” says Elisei.

Romania have currently six points and are second ranked in Group 1. Provided that world champions Norway win their away game at Belarus, one point against Lithuania will be enough for Romania to secure the qualification.  

Romania’s squad for the games against Lithuania and Belarus in the Women’s EHF EURO 2016 Qualification

Goalkeepers: Paula Ungureanu, Ionica Munteanu, Iulia Dumanska (all HCM Baia Mare) Denisa Dedu (Corona Brașov), Elena Voicu (Dunărea Brăila)

Right wings: Aneta Pîrvuţ-Udriştoiu (Dunărea Brăila), Laura Chiper (Corona Brașov), Ana Maria Simion (HCM Râmnicu Vâlcea);

Right backs: Melinda Geiger, Patricia Vizitiu (both HCM Baia Mare), Laura Popa (”U” Alexandrion Cluj)

Centre backs: Eliza Buceschi (FC Midtjylland), Aurelia Brădeanu (CSM București), Mădălina Zamfirescu (Dunărea Brăila), Andreea Pricopi (Corona Brașov)

Left backs: Cristina Neagu (Buducnost), Gabriela Perianu, Gabriella Szucs (both HCM Baia Mare), Bianca Tiron (Dunărea Brăila), Carmen Cartaș (Corona Brașov), Diana Puiu (HC Zalău)

Left wings: Valentina Ardean-Elisei, Ana Maria Tănăsie (both HCM Baia Mare)

Line players: Oana Manea (CSM București), Florina Chintoan (”U” Alexandrion Cluj)


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