24.11.2016, 11:40
Last season's runners-up meet in the maiden Women's EHF Cup group stage

DRAW REVIEW: Metzingen, who reached the EHF Cup final last season and Lada who played for the last Cup Winners' Cup trophy ended up in the Group D after the draw has determined all four groups of the next stage.

Last season's runners-up meet in the maiden Women's EHF Cup group stage

Two teams who reached the final of the last season in the Women's EHF Cup and the Women's Cup Winners's Cup respectively will now fight in the same group of the new Women's EHF Cup's premiere edition as TuS Metzingen from Germany and Russia's Handball Club Lada ended up in the Group D.

The draw in the Gartenhotel Altmannsdorf 1 in Vienna has determined all four groups as the EHF Competitions Senior Manager Markus Glaser carried out the draw together with representatives of the European Cup newcomers Markus Schüle from Bietigheim and Laurent Bezeali from Brest Bretagne Handball.

Norway's Glassverket, who finished fourth in the Women's EHF Champions League Group A, and the third newcomer NFH Nykøbing join Lada and Metzingen in Group D.

Former EHF Cup winner Randers HK from Denmark will play in Group A together with Sweden's IK Sävehof, Germany's VfL Oldenburg and Nantes Loire Atlantique from France.

Group B feature another team from the Champions League - HC Leipzig together with Russia's Kuban, France's Brest Bretagne Handball and Alba Fehérvár KC from Hungary, while disappointed Champions League favourites Rostov-Don will try to salvage their season in Group C together with SG BBM Bietigheim, Hungary's Érd HC and Byasen Trondheim from Norway.

The first round of the group phase is scheduled for 7-8 January and the last round will take place on 11-12 February. Only the top two teams of each group will make it to the quarter-finals.

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