03.01.2017, 12:55
Court of Appeal rejects Turkish federation's appeal

OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The first instance decision is upheld on the fine for the Turkish Handball Federation.

Court of Appeal rejects Turkish federation's appeal

The Turkish Handball Federation filed an appeal against a decision rendered by the Court of Handball on 26 September 2016 whereby a fine of €24,000 and the payment of a compensation of €12.500 had been imposed on the federation for having infringed several broadcasting obligations at the Women’s EHF EURO 2016 Qualification match between Turkey and Denmark on 1 June 2016.
The Court of Appeal has decided to reject the Turkish federation's appeal. The first instance decision is upheld.
As regards the violation, the Court of Appeal finds no element whatsoever which may raise any doubt as regards the materiality of the occurrences. Hence, the following violations are confirmed:
•  Insufficient number of cameras;
•  Non-availability of slow motions:
•  Improper TV graphics;
•  No clean sound.
The Court of Appeal agrees with the first instance body as regards the gravity of the violations is a serious one since the production of an international standard TV signal is elementary and fundamental to ensure the presence of the sport and its actors as well as of all its economic stakeholders. Furthermore, the Turkish federation had received a reminder due to similar infringements a year before.
Finally, the Court of Appeal observed that the amount defined is within the lower range of possibilities set forth in Article D.1 f) of the EHF List of Penalties and part of it has been imposed on a suspended basis.
Consequently, the EHF Court of Appeal finds the sanction proportionate and adequate, hence the decision of the Court of Handball is confirmed. The federation must pay a fine of €24,000, half of which is being imposed on a suspended basis for a period of two years.
In addition to the fine, the Turkish federation shall pay €12.500 to compensate the loss suffered by the EHF caused by the multiple violations.
A recourse to the EHF Court of Arbitration may be filed within twenty-one days but shall not have any suspensive effect.

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