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4 nations, 1 former winner still in Women's EHF Cup

FACTS AND FIGURES: All numbers you need to know ahead of Tuesday's draw of the Women's EHF Cup quarter-finals.

4 nations, 1 former winner still in Women's EHF Cup

For the first time a group phase has been part of the Women's EHF Cup. Since Sunday night, we know the eight teams which have made it through to the quarter-finals.

Before the next phase of the knock-out stage is drawn on Tuesday in Vienna (11:00 hrs local time, live on YouTube and the @EHF_live Twitter account), here are the most important facts and figures of the group phase.

0 teams finished the group phase unbeaten. The Russian sides Kuban and Rostov had the most wins – 5 each.

1 of the 4 teams which before were part of the EHF Champions League Group Phage, have qualified for the quarter-finals: Rostov. But Glassverket, Leipzig and Sävehof were all eliminated.

1 quarter-finalist – Randers – won the EHF Cup in the old format (2010), two other teams – Rostov (2015) and Metzingen (2016) – were finalists.

3 quarter-finalists – Nyköbing, Bietigheim and Brest – are debutants in EHF European Cup competitions.

3 of the 8 quarter-finalists are coached by Danes: Nyköbing, Randers and Bietigheim; 2 by Frenchmen; 1 by a Russian, a Hungarian, a Czech.

4 nations are represented by the 8 quarter-finalists: Russia, Denmark, France and Germany all have 2 teams in the draw.

5 of the 8 quarter-finalists have already played 12 EHF Cup matches as they started in the first qualification round: Nyköbing, Bietigheim, Brest, Nantes and Kuban. Metzingen and Randers started their mission in the second qualification round.

6 points were enough for Bietigheim to secure a spot for the quarter-finals. Also, the German side are the only quarter-finalist who advanced despite a negative goal difference (-7).

6 group matches ended in a draw.

8 group matches ended with a margin of at least 10 goals.

13 matches ended with at least 60 goals scored.

14 matches – 8 in the quarter-finals, 4 in the semis and 2 in the finals – are still coming up until the Women’s EHF Cup winner is confirmed in May.

17 group matches were attended by 2,000 or more spectators.

17 group matches were won by the away teams.

22 goals was the biggest margin in a group match (Metzingen vs Glassverket 39:17).

25 of the 48 group matches were won by the home teams.

+36 was the best goal difference after the group phase (Rostov).

38 was the lowest overall number of goals in the group phase (Glassverket vs Metzingen 16:22).

72 was the highest number of goals in a single match of the group phase, and it happened twice (Nyköbing vs Metzingen 36:36 and Bietigheim vs Trondheim 39:33).

127 was the lowest number of goals conceded by a team in the group phase (Brest).

194 goals were scored by Nyköbing in their 6 group matches, more than any other of the 16 group phase participants.

2,631 goals were scored in the group phase, ranging from 676 goals in Group A to 616 goals in Group B.

3,630 was the impressive average number of fans to attend Brest's 3 home matches in the group phase.

4,077 fans turned Brest vs Kuban into the match with the highest number of spectators during the group phase.

TEXT: Björn Pazen / ew

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