02.05.2017, 03:08
Zagreb and Szentendrei win Jarun Cup

REVIEW: Detono Zagreb and Szentendrei NKE claim the trophies at the first tournament of the European Beach Tour 2017 season.

Zagreb and Szentendrei win Jarun Cup

The European Beach Tour 2017 was launched with the first event on the calendar this season, the Jarun Cup, which ran from Friday through to Monday.

The top-ranked side from the ebt 2016 women’s competition, Szentendrei NKE, claimed the trophy, beating BHC Dubrava 2:1 in the final. Dubrava and Szentendrei each won a half, and the match was therefore decided in a penalty shoot-out with the Hungarian team outscoring Dubrava 6:2.

Szentendrei were undefeated in all five group matches then won their semi-final against WBHC Kontesa Nera 2:0. Kontesa Nera met Detono Zagreb in the bronze-medal match, and were defeated 0:2 by the local side.


The men’s Jarun Cup title went to Detono Zagreb, who were also undefeated in their Jarun Cup campaign. The Croatian team won all four group matches, beat BHC Cakovec 2:0 in the quarter-final, then made their way to the final with a 2:1 semi-final victory against BHC Sesvete.

Zagreb controlled the final against Hshop from start to finish, recording a 2:0 win, while BHC Dubrava claimed third place with a 2:0 victory versus Sesvete.

TEXT: Courtney Gahan

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