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Detono Zagreb keep first place on ebt 2017 ranking

REVIEW: While Poland and Croatia hosted their second events of the European Beach Tour 2017, the season began in Germany, Slovakia and Greece.

Detono Zagreb keep first place on ebt 2017 ranking

One week after the ebt Finals 2017 in Gaeta, the European Beach Tour 2017 kicked into full gear with five competitions on one weekend. While Poland and Croatia hosted what were already their second ebt 2017 events, Germany, Slovakia and Greece had their first tournaments of the season.

Men’s side Detono Zagreb continued their strong season, claiming the Zapresic Open 2017 trophy after winning the ebt Finals 2017 in Italy the previous weekend. The Croatian team currently lead the ebt 2017 men’s ranking with 617 points thanks to the win at the Zapresic Open and their victory in the Jarun Cup 2017.

Ranking second and third at the Zapresic Open 2017 were BHC Sesvete and BHC Cakovec, respectively, who therefore retain second and third place on the overall ebt 2017 ranking.

The Zapresic Open 2017 women’s competition was won by BHC Dubrava, with WBHC Kontesa Nera ranking second and Detono Zagreb placing third. The results of the second ebt 2017 tournament in Croatia mean Dubrava move up to first on the women’s table with 537 points, while Kontesa Nera and Zagreb are both on 507 points in second position.

The second PGNiG Summer Superliga event in Mielno saw BHT Auto Forum Petra Plock record their second victory, with BHT Gru Juko Piotrkow Trybunalski ranking second – the same placement as in the first men’s competition in Wroclaw. It was a different team that claimed third place on Sunday however: junior side BHT Auto Forum Petra Plock II.

The women’s tournament also finished with the same victor, as BHT Gru Juko Piotrkow Trybunalski claimed first ahead of BHT Pyrki Poznan in second and BHT Byczki Kowalewo Pomorskie in third.

Trybunalski are therefore fourth on the overall ebt 2017 women’s ranking with 493 points, while Petra Plock sit fourth on the men’s table with 483 and the men’s Trybunalski squad is fifth with 463.


The first ebt 2017 competition in Germany, Beach Cup Flittard, saw wins for Beachboys Köln in the men’s event and U17 Netherlands Blue in the women’s. SG Schwald were second while 12 Monkeys Köln BHC finished third in the men’s competition, and in the women’s tournament German side Bonnbons ranked second ahead of U17 Netherlands Orange.

At Beach Handball Štrkovec, which opened the ebt 2017 season in Slovakia, B52 claimed the men’s trophy ahead of Balons Gang and Kiránthotthús. As B52 are not an ebt-registered team, the points from that competition toward the overall ranking went only to Balons Gang and Kiránthotthús.

In the women’s tournament, Holky z citrusie finished first ahead of the interestingly-named team ???, with Havrany 1 ranking third.

In Greece at the Kinderland Kalamos Beach Handball Tournament, Kyklopes Alexandroupolis won the title while Apollon Kalamarias ranked second and Thrakomakedones finished third. Ao Anixis raised the women’s trophy, Thrakomakedones placed second and Aris Nikaias ranked third.

More information on the overall rankings and upcoming events can be found on the official ebt site.

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