21.06.2017, 10:16
Slovakia, Germany and Spain take centre stage

REVIEW: The Hummel Beach Handball 2017, Karacho Beach Cup and Malaga Arena 1000 heat up the sand as the ebt 2017 continues.

Slovakia, Germany and Spain take centre stage

The European Beach Tour 2017 continued with Hummel Beach Handball 2017 in Slovakia, the Karacho Beach Cup in Germany and the Malaga Arena 1000 in focus over the weekend.

At the Hummel Beach Handball 2017 in Cilistov, SC Senec – Cannabis Energy Drink won the women’s competition while Langoše claimed first in the men’s. Holky Z Citrusie ranked second in the women’s tournament and Kanonierky finished third. In the men’s event, Balon’s Gang placed second ahead of Kirántotthús.

The Hummel Beach Handball 2017 women’s competition featured a group phase competition before the knock-out stage began with the quarter-finals. Champions SC Senec won every match – and did not even lose a half until the final, which ended with a 2:1 score in their favour. The men’s competition was decided with a round robin format, with Langoše losing only one match in their campaign, against Balon’s Gang.


At the Karacho Beach Cup in Münster, Serbian side BHC 2areg won the women’s trophy, while Strandgeflüster Minden ranked second and Westside Amsterdam from the Netherlands placed third. Beachmopeten Oberusel won the men’s competition, 12 Monkeys Koln finished as runners-up and Nordlichter Oldenburg were third.

The Arena Handball Tour 2017 continued in Spain with Malaga Arena 1000, where Llopis Sevilla Group defeated CBMP Ciudad de Malaga A in the final of the women’s competition, while Pinturas Andalucia Sevilla claimed the men’s title after beating Torreon de Mijas in the trophy match.

TEXT: Courtney Gahan

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