23.06.2017, 12:34
Beach Handball EURO 2017 goes ehfTV

NEWS REPORT: For the first time, beach handball matches will be streamed live on ehfTV, with the semi-finals on Saturday and the finals on Sunday being broadcast including English commentary

Beach Handball EURO 2017 goes ehfTV

The development of beach handball will make another step forward, with the the semi-finals and finals of the Beach Handball EURO 2017 being streamed live on ehfTV.

The broadcasts includes the two women's semi-finals on Saturday at 16:00 and 17:00 hrs as well as the two men's semi-finals at 18:00 and 19:00 hrs. On Sunday, coverage will start at 14:00 with the women's match for third place.

The women's final throws off at 16:00 hrs, the men's final at 17:00 hrs.

It is the first time that the European Handball Federation's own internet TV platform broadcasts a beach handball tournament.

Matches at the Beach Handball EURO 2017 are produced to international TV standards, with six cameras providing the best images from all angles including super slow-motions.

English commentary for all matches is provided by ehfTV commentator Chris O'Reilly.

The Beach Handball EURO 2017 is currently played at the shores of Zagreb's Jarun Lake.

The semi-finalists in the men's and the women's event will be confirmed in the quarter-finals on Saturday morning. For a live stream of those matches, head to youtube.com/ehfTV.

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