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TSHV Camelot claim both titles at Amsterdam Beachhandball Tournament

REVIEW: Nine ebt 2017 competitions wrapped up in seven countries on Sunday, with Petra Plock continuing their dominance in the PGNiG Summer Superliga and Camelot raising the men’s and women’s trophies at ABHT.

TSHV Camelot claim both titles at Amsterdam Beachhandball Tournament

Nine European Beach Tour 2017 competitions were held over the weekend in Serbia, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.

The newly-instated PGNiG Summer Superliga held its fifth and final event in Warsaw, with BHT Auto Forum Petra Plock continuing their dominance of the men’s competition and raising the trophy. Plock ranked ahead of BHT GRU Juko Piotrkow Trybunalski in second and Fundacja Akademia Sportu Gdansk in third.

The women’s tournament saw a new champion as Red Hot Czili Buk claimed the title, while BHT Pyrki Poznan ranked second and BHT SPR ROKiS Radzymin finished third.

The fourth edition of the APA Beach Tournament in Apatin, Serbia featured local sides as well as teams from Croatia and Bulgaria. Following an exciting few days of competition, the men’s title was decided through a penalty shoot-out, with Apatin-based Češki Medvedi defeating BHC Helios Beograd. BHC Helios Sinovi defeated BHC 2areg 2:0 to finish third.

While BHC 2areg settled for fourth in the men’s competition, the women’s side celebrated the trophy as they beat HC Panagurishte from Bulgaria, while hosts Apatin ranked third.

Aleksandra Mitic (2areg) was named best player of the women’s competition, while Mladen Sotic (Helios) received the award in the men’s tournament. The best goalkeeper awards went to Panagurishte’s Totka Doykinova and 2areg’s Nikola Bogojevic.

At XXI Cister Beach Handball 2017 – Paredes De Vitoria, Be One/Teclur claimed the women’s title ahead of Raccoons D’Areia/Activo Bank and Qualcroqui/Imosonho Team BH, while the men’s trophy was won by Qualcroqui/Imosonho Team BH. AD Sotao/This Is Team finished second and Raccoons D’Areia/Activo Bank placed third.

The winners of the men’s and women’s competitions at CRAP Lisboa/Setubal were clearly superior in all matches, as they won every game 2:0. Los Primos claimed the men’s title while All Blacks ranked second ahead of Wolves, and Fortitudo BH placed third in front of Alpa Gatas and SIM Porto Salvo.


At Amsterdam Beachhandball Tournament, TSHV Camelot claimed both the men’s and women’s trophies. The men’s side ranked first ahead of 12 monkeys Köln BHC, with ABH finishing third, while OHC and Westsite Amsterdam placed second and third respectively in the women’s event.

Current overall ranking

Following verification of 39 women’s tournaments and 40 men’s out of 69 scheduled in the season, Spanish side grupo llopis bmp sevilla have taken the lead on the women’s ranking with 975 points. BHT GRU Juko Piotrkow Trybunalski sit in second with 889 points ahead of fellow Polish team BHT Pyrki Poznan on 879.

Croatian teams Detono Zagreb and WBHC Kontesa Nera round out the top five with 815 and 776 points respectively.

A Spanish team have also claimed first place on the men’s ranking, as pinturas andalucia moved to the top of the table with 985 points. BHT Auto Forum Petra Plock remain level on 899 alongside BHT GRU Juko Piotrkow Trybunalski.

Just as on the women’s table, Detono Zagreb rank fourth, though they share that position with BHC Cakovec, both on 833 points.

TEXT: Courtney Gahan

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