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Trio closes in on defending champions

FACTS AND FIGURES: The Women's EHF Champions League Main Round has been done and dusted. Here all the important numbers and stats ahead of the quarter-finals in April

Trio closes in on defending champions

Eight teams from seven different countries have proceeded to the quarter-finals of the Women’s EHF Champions League, including four former winners and five participants of previous EHF FINAL4 events.

Since the main round has been completed this weekend, it has become a certainty that at least one former champion will make it to Budapest (Buducnost or Györ) and also one debutant (FTC or Rostov-Don).

None of the eight teams will start the knock-out phase unbeaten.

After Györi Audi ETO topped nearly all rankings one year ago, this time the Facts and Figures offer more variety. Vardar Skopje, Rostov and Bucuresti have got closer to the defending champions, who still are the top in defence and in terms of spectators.

0 teams failed to win any points in the main round; the lowest amount was two by Bietigheim.

0 teams are debutants in the quarter-finals.

0 defending champions have won the title again the following year - in four editions of the EHF FINAL4 so far.

0 quarter-finals are composed by teams from the same country.

0 teams from the qualification phase have made it to the quarter-finals.

1 club is represented in the knock-out stages of both the VELUX EHF Champions League and the Women’s EHF Champions League: Macedonian champions HC Vardar Skopje. Both Vardar teams won their groups.

1 nation is represented by two quarter-finalists: Hungary (Györ and FTC).

1 debutant will make it to the Women’s EHF FINAL4 in Budapest on 12/13 May: FTC or Rostov-Don.

1 former champion (at least) will make it to Budapest: Györ or Buducnost.

1 quarter-final equals a quarter-final from last season: Midtjylland vs Vardar (Vardar advanced to the EHF FINAL4).

2 quarter-finalists are led by French coaches: Metz (Emmanuel Mayonnade) and Rostov (Frederic Bougeant); the six other teams have coaches from six different countries (ESP, HUN, MNE, DEN, SWE and RUS).

2 clubs have been part of all four FINAL4 events so far: Buducnost and Vardar.

3 of 36 main round matches (including those games from the group phase, which were taken to the next stage) ended in a draw.

3 former Champions League winners, holding six trophies in total, are still in the race for the 2017/18 title: Györ (2013, 2014, 2017), Bucuresti (2016) and Buducnost (2012, 2015).

5 main round matches (including those games from the group phase, which were taken to the next stage) ended with 60 or more goals.

5 quarter-finalists have FINAL4 experience from previous seasons: Midtjylland (2014), Vardar (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017), Györ (2014, 2016, 2017), Buducnost (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) and Bucuresti (2016, 2017).

6 - which means all - Champions League winners since 2012 are part of the quarter-finals.

7 nations are represented by the eight quarter-finalists: Hungary (2), Romania, Macedonia, France, Denmark, Russia and Montenegro. Compared to last season, Russia has replaced Norway.

7 of 8 quarter-finalists also reached this stage last year: Györ, Vardar, Bucuresti, Buducnost (all FINAL 4 participants in 2017), Midtjylland, Metz and FTC. Rostov are replacing Larvik.

8 main round matches - compared to 14 last season - have ended with a difference of 10 or more goals.

9 main round and respective group matches have been attended by 5,000 fans or more.

11 from 12 points in six main round matches was the best result by any of the 12 teams, achieved by Rostov. Györ and Vardar gained 10 points each.

13 goals was the biggest winning margin in the main round, and it happened at two matches: SG BBM Bietigheim vs Thüringer HC (21:34) and Bucuresti vs NFH-Nykøbing (39:26).

14 times - including the 2017/18 season - Buducnost have been part of the Champions League Quarter-finals. Györ (12) and FTC (9) are second and third in this ranking.

17 times in the 36 main round matches and the 24 respective group matches, the away team won (seven in Group 1, 10 in Group 2). Last season saw 22 away victories at that stage.

18 matches of the main round including the respective group matches were attended by 3,000 or more spectators - compared to 27 matches last season.

18 from 20 possible points were taken by Vardar in the six main round matches plus the four respective group matches. Györ (16) and Rostov (15) are second and third in this ranking.

40 times in the main round matches and the respective group matches, the home team were the winners: 20 times in both Group 1 and 2. Last season saw 34 home wins.

34 goals was the overall margin between Györ and Krim (39:22, 34:17).

42 goals in the match Nykøbing vs Midtjylland (21:21) was the lowest amount in any main round match. Taking in account the respective group matches, the lowest score was 41 goals, at Buducnost vs Metz (23:18).

+56 goals was the best overall goal difference, by Vardar. Györ (+50) and Bucuresti (+36) were second and third here.

64 goals in the match Metz vs THC (35:29) was the highest amount in any main round match. Including the respective group matches, 65 goals were scored twice: Vardar vs FTC (34:31) and Bucuresti vs Nykøbing (39:26).

105 goals were scored by top scorer Iveta Luzumova (Thüringer HC). The player with the most goals and who is still in the competition, is Cristina Neagu (Bucuresti/82).

231 goals conceded by Györ was the lowest amount by any team, ahead of Rostov (232) and Vardar (245). Györ also topped this ranking last year at this stage.

301 goals scored by Vardar was the highest amount by any team, ahead of Bucuresti and FTC (282 each). Varder also were the most productive team last season - with 311 goals.

5,232 spectators on average (50 more than in the previous season) attended Györ’s three main round home matches.

5,409 spectators at Györ vs Bucuresti was the highest attendance figure in the main round.

Top 3 lists after the Women's EHF Champions League Main Round 2017/18:

Best attack (most goals scored):
301 - Vardar
282 - Bucuresti
282 - FTC

Best defence (least goals conceded):
231 - Györ
232 - Rostov
245 - Vardar

Best goal difference:
+56 - Vardar
+50 - Györ
+36 - Bucuresti

Most points in 10 main round matches (including group phase):
18 - Vardar
16 - Györ
15 - Rostov

Most points in 6 main round matches (without group phase):
11 - Rostov
10 - Vardar
10 - Györ

Top scorers:
105 goals - Iveta Luzumova (Thüringer HC)
82 goals - Cristina Neagu (Bucuresti)
76 goals - Veronika Kristiansen (Midtjylland)

Lowest score:
41 goals - Buducnost vs Metz (23:18)
42 goals - Nykøbing vs Midtjylland (21:21)
43 goals - Györ vs Midtjylland (27:16)

Highest score:
70 goals - Metz vs Vardar (42:28)
68 goals - Larvik vs Bucuresti (35:33)
64 goals - Midtjylland vs Esbjerg (38:26)

TEXT: Björn Pazen / ew

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