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Györ fight off Odense comeback to earn narrow win in Denmark

QUARTER-FINAL REVIEW: Odense HC changed a seven-goal deficit into a one-goal lead in the second half against Györ Audi ETO KC, before the favourites took a nail-biting win at the end of the first leg in Odense

Györ fight off Odense comeback to earn narrow win in Denmark

Györi Audi ETO KC will carry the narrowest of advantages into the second-leg Women’s EHF Champions League Quarter-final, after they allowed a commanding lead over Odense HC to close dramatically. The two-time back-to-back champions finished with a one-goal victory, after leading by five at half-time. 

  • Odense keep Györ from scoring for 11 minutes in the second half

  • Györ lead by up to seven goals before finishing with a one-goal advantage

  • Ingvild Bakkerud scores 11 goals for Odense; Stine Oftedal nets eight for Györ 

Odense HC (DEN) vs Györ Audi ETO KC (HUN) 28:29 (13:18)

With changing defensive formations and inventive attacking play, Györ were in complete control during the first 45 minutes – and the match seemed all but over before a shock comeback from Odense. 

“Györ began the match very tough. They ran fast and punished all our mistakes, so it was a wake-up call in the first half,” said Odense line player Kathrine Heindahl. “In the second half, I think we played more experienced. We didn’t gave them the opportunity to run and get fast-break goals. In the stationary defence, I think we helped each other a lot, and Althea Reinhardt saved a lot of shots. If we were to beat Györ, it would probably have been today, but it was a really great match in an amazing setting.”

By way of a five-goal lead at half-time, the visitors pulled seven goals ahead at 24:17 and 25:18 in the second period. With a seven-goal advantage in the middle of the second half, Györ seemed to be on their way to a clear win – but then came an 11-minute goal drought from Györ, which enabled Odense to come back, for a great part thanks to 11 goals by Ingvild Bakkerud.

The reigning champions had to watch Odense catch up to 25:25 after scoring seven goals in a row. Odense also pulled one goal ahead and even took the lead at 27:26 with six minutes left. 

But through three saves in succession from Györ keeper Amandine Leynaud and goals from Stine Oftedal at the other end, Györ reclaimed a two-goal lead before Odense scored the last goal of the game.

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