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UPDATE: Cologne to host EHF Scientific Conference in November 2019

NEWS: The 5th EHF Scientific Conference ‘Handball for Life’ will take place in Germany on 21-22 November and will focus on grassroots handball

UPDATE: Cologne to host EHF Scientific Conference in November 2019

The European Handball Federation, the Union of University Handball Teachers (UUHT) and the German Sport University Cologne are teaming up to stage the 5th EHF Scientific Conference ‘Handball for Life’ on 21-22 November 2019.

The English-language conference brings together professional and scientific experts to reflect on various aspects of professional handball, and also to further gather knowledge about medical aspects of the sport.

This year a special emphasis will be put on grassroots handball to underline that interest in sport should be initiated at a very young age and does not necessarily need to end at a higher age.

There will also be focus on topics related to coaching and related to medical treatment, injury prevention, rehabilitation, nutrition and mental treatment, relating to both indoor and beach handball.

The deadline for abstract submissions is 14 July 2019 and the deadline for registration is 8 September 2019. To register for the 5th EHF Scientific Conference fill in the registration form.

A PDF leaflet with all relevant information can be downloaded here.


Find more relevant information including the venue of the conference, the list of hotels with a contingent of rooms for participants and the payment information here.

The deadline for the abstracts submission has been extended to 12 August 2019. The detailed guidelines for the submission of abstracts and articles can be found here.

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