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EHF Champions League Tue, 19 Mar 2019 11:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032291 19.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032291 English commentary on knockout phase matches http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032290/English+commentary+on+knockout+phase+matches NEWS: EHF Marketing GmbH is implementing a valuable addition to the TV coverage of the business end of the VELUX EHF Champions League EHF Champions League Tue, 19 Mar 2019 10:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032290 19.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032290 Can Löwen end their curse? http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032289/Can+L%c3%b6wen+end+their+curse%3f LAST 16 PREVIEW: Four years in a row, the German side stumbled in the first stage of the knockout round, while their opponents from Nantes only needed two attempts to make it to the final EHF Champions League Tue, 19 Mar 2019 09:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032289 19.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032289 Nine things to do when there is no EHF Champions League http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032288/Nine+things+to+do+when+there+is+no+EHF+Champions+League LAST WEEK IN THE CL: It was all about getting some time-off or competing in domestic matches during a week without action in the EHF Champions League EHF Champions League Mon, 18 Mar 2019 11:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032288 18.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032288 Pots confirmed for Women’s EHF EURO 2020 Qualifiers Draw http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032286/Pots+confirmed+for+Women%e2%80%99s+EHF+EURO+2020+Qualifiers+Draw NEWS: The qualifiers draw for the Women’s EHF EURO 2020 will take place in Copenhagen on 4 April 2019. 28 teams vie for 14 open spots at the final tournament EHF Euro Events Thu, 14 Mar 2019 15:42:33 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032286 14.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032286 Women’s EHF EURO 2018 scores TV and digital success http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032251/Women%e2%80%99s+EHF+EURO+2018+scores+TV+and+digital+success PRESS RELEASE: Record coverage and strong viewing figures boosted by extensive digital reach and engagement further contribute to the success of the Women’s EHF EURO 2018 in France EHF Euro Events Thu, 07 Mar 2019 10:30:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032251 07.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032251 Day tickets for Vienna and Graz now available http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032248/Day+tickets+for+Vienna+and+Graz+now+available NEWS; More types of tickets for Austrian venues are now up for grabs for attractive prices. EHF Euro Events Wed, 06 Mar 2019 10:23:50 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032248 06.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032248 Groups confirmed for YAC 17 Beach Handball EURO 2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032284/Groups+confirmed+for+YAC+17+Beach+Handball+EURO+2019 NEWS: 29 under-17 teams will take the sandy courts of Stare Jablonki at the YAC 17 Beach Handball EURO 2019 in Poland from 27 to 30 June Beach Handball Thu, 14 Mar 2019 09:57:39 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032284 14.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032284 Biggest Beach Handball EURO 2019 counts 40 participating teams http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032261/Biggest+Beach+Handball+EURO+2019+counts+40+participating+teams NEWS: From 2 to 7 July 2019 Stare Jablonki in Poland will host the biggest Beach Handball EURO to date as 40 teams are set to participate in the tournament Beach Handball Fri, 08 Mar 2019 14:10:44 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032261 08.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032261 Registration opens for ebt Finals 2019 in Baia Mare http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032257/Registration+opens+for+ebt+Finals+2019+in+Baia+Mare NEWS REPORT: The 2019 edition of the ebt Finals will be held in Baia Mare, Romania from 6 to 9 June 2019, where the best teams from the 2017/2018 season will fight for the titles Beach Handball Thu, 07 Mar 2019 16:25:27 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032257 07.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032257 Zagreb to host first ever EUSA-EHF Beach Handball Championship http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031982/Zagreb+to+host+first+ever+EUSA-EHF+Beach+Handball+Championship NEWS: After hosting the Men’s and Women’s 17 Beach EURO at Lake Jarun in Zagreb in 2017, Croatia will host the first edition of the European Universities Beach Handball Championship this year Beach Handball Thu, 24 Jan 2019 12:40:32 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031982 24.01.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031982 Job vacancy: Digital Content Manager http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032280/Job+vacancy%3a+Digital+Content+Manager The EHF and EHF Marketing GmbH have a vacancy for a digital content working out of the federation's headquarters in Vienna, Austria Inside the EHF Thu, 14 Mar 2019 15:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032280 14.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032280 February awards crown first-time winners Pukhouski and Klujber http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032252/February+awards+crown+first-time+winners+Pukhouski+and+Klujber NEWS: Barys Pukhouski and Katrin Klujber impress EHF panel of journalists most Inside the EHF Thu, 07 Mar 2019 11:44:15 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032252 07.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032252 Duvnjak: “We are THW, and THW want to win all titles” http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032283/Duvnjak%3a+%e2%80%9cWe+are+THW%2c+and+THW+want+to+win+all+titles%e2%80%9d EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kiel captain Domagoj Duvnjak talks about a trophy he has never won, supportive fans and a gift for Gislason European Cup Wed, 13 Mar 2019 16:10:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032283 13.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032283 Fans flock to AKQUINET EHF Cup Finals ticket sale http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032279/Fans+flock+to+AKQUINET+EHF+Cup+Finals+ticket+sale NEWS: Tickets for the event in Kiel on 17/18 May went on sale on Tuesday morning European Cup Wed, 13 Mar 2019 09:50:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032279 13.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032279 Tickets on sale for AKQUINET EHF Cup Finals http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032270/Tickets+on+sale+for+AKQUINET+EHF+Cup+Finals NEWS: Fans have an opportunity to grab a seat for the event in Kiel on 17/18 May from Tuesday morning European Cup Mon, 11 Mar 2019 10:20:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032270 11.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032270 Six new EHF referee pairs http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032244/Six+new+EHF+referee+pairs The 24th EHF Candidates Referee Course was held in Drammen, Norway from 28 February to 4 March 2019 Activities Tue, 05 Mar 2019 13:55:20 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032244 05.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032244 Future of marketing in focus for 2019 EHF Club Management Seminar http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032241/Future+of+marketing+in+focus+for+2019+EHF+Club+Management+Seminar NEWS: Registration for the eighth edition of the EHF Club Management Seminar on 30 May to 1 June is open until 15 April Activities Wed, 06 Mar 2019 10:11:05 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032241 06.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032241 Seven EHF Master Coaches defend post-graduate master’s theses http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032212/Seven+EHF+Master+Coaches+defend+post-graduate+master%e2%80%99s+theses NEWS REPORT: The 2018/19 Academic EHF Master Coach Certification from the University Las Palmas on Gran Canaria saw seven applicants defend their post-graduate master theses on February 23 in Vienna. Activities Fri, 01 Mar 2019 13:19:49 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032212 01.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032212 Vienna hosts 2019 edition of “RINCK” Convention Seminar http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032187/Vienna+hosts+2019+edition+of+%e2%80%9cRINCK%e2%80%9d+Convention+Seminar NEWS: Two-day long “RINCK” Convention Seminar saw a keynote presentation from UEFA Head of Education Services Frank K. Ludolph, reports on national courses from the “RINCK” Convention Signatories and best practice examples Activities Tue, 26 Feb 2019 14:50:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032187 26.02.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032187 Further optimisation of visibility and exposure for Nord Stream 2 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032291/Further+optimisation+of+visibility+and+exposure+for+Nord+Stream+2 MEDIA RELEASE: VELUX EHF Champions League premium partner Nord Stream 2 will receive additional exposure during the matches of Europe’s top club handball competition. Press Statements Tue, 19 Mar 2019 11:00:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032291 19.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032291 Players suspended following doping violations http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032240/Players+suspended+following+doping+violations Three youth players have been suspended following positive doping tests at championships held over the summer of 2018 Official Statements Mon, 04 Mar 2019 15:26:54 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032240 04.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032240 Court of Handball fines Thüringer HC http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032215/Court+of+Handball+fines+Th%c3%bcringer+HC OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The German club has been fined for repeated violations in the Women's EHF Champions League Official Statements Fri, 01 Mar 2019 15:20:00 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032215 01.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032215 Sulic ruled out for two games http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032211/Sulic+ruled+out+for+two+games OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Court of Handball imposed a two-match ban and a fine on the Croatian line player of Orlen Wisla Plock Renato Sulic. Official Statements Fri, 01 Mar 2019 11:41:27 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032211 01.03.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/032211 Impressive Denmark down Norway for first world title http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031996/Impressive+Denmark+down+Norway+for+first+world+title FINAL REVIEW: The Olympic champions have won their home World Championship in style, claiming their 10th straight victory in the final against Norway, while dethroned champions France take bronze World Championships Sun, 27 Jan 2019 19:49:09 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031996 27.01.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031996 Denmark dethrone France, play Norway in final at worlds http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031990/Denmark+dethrone+France%2c+play+Norway+in+final+at+worlds SEMI-FINAL REVIEW: An all-Scandinavian final will decide the World Championship 2019 as defending champions France and co-hosts Germany stumble in the semi-finals World Championships Fri, 25 Jan 2019 22:51:20 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031990 25.01.2019 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031990 Hosts Portugal earn first title at European Wheelchair Handball Nations’ Tournament http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031778/Hosts+Portugal+earn+first+title+at+European+Wheelchair+Handball+Nations%e2%80%99+Tournament REVIEW: Portugal won their first-ever European Wheelchair Handball Nations’ Tournament with a clean sweep of victories including a 20:7 clear-cut win against Croatia in the final. Other News Sun, 02 Dec 2018 22:14:22 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031778 02.12.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031778 Four teams set their “Wheels on Fire” for the third time http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031748/Four+teams+set+their+%e2%80%9cWheels+on+Fire%e2%80%9d+for+the+third+time PREVIEW: The third European Wheelchair Handball Tournament will take place this weekend in Leiria, Portugal, with four teams facing off for the gold medal Other News Fri, 30 Nov 2018 16:57:34 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031748 30.11.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031748 At 31, Amandine Leynaud is still “living the dream” http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031677/At+31%2c+Amandine+Leynaud+is+still+%e2%80%9cliving+the+dream%e2%80%9d FEATURE: After many years at the top, it is still hard to find a player more passionate about her sport than French goalkeeper Amandine Leynaud, a true ambassador of the EHF ‘Handball Inspires Generations’ campaign Other News Thu, 22 Nov 2018 12:21:14 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031677 22.11.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031677 Julie Bonaventura: “Sometimes we feel like UFOs in handball” http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031628/Julie+Bonaventura%3a+%e2%80%9cSometimes+we+feel+like+UFOs+in+handball%e2%80%9d FEATURE: The Bonaventura sisters, Julie and Charlotte, have risen to the top of international refereeing as a pioneering female pair. Their achievements mean they well and truly belong in the "Handball Inspires Generations" campaign Other News Fri, 16 Nov 2018 15:01:56 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031628 16.11.2018 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/031628 Hungary, Germany win gold at European Youth Olympic Festival http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029090/Hungary%2c+Germany+win+gold+at+European+Youth+Olympic+Festival NEWS REPORT: Germany’s under 17 men’s team and Hungary’s under 17 women’s team have tasted first success on the Olympic level with both squads topping the podium at the European Youth Olympic Festival in Győr Olympic Games Sun, 30 Jul 2017 07:54:38 GMT http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029090 30.07.2017 http://www.eurohandball.com/article/029090