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All Beyeröhde's transfers temporarily suspended

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In August 2020, player Nika Matavs was officially transferred from the Swedish club Boden Handboll IF to the German club Beyeröhder Handball UG. However, despite reminders sent by the Swedish club, the club Beyeröhder Handball UG refuses to proceed to the payment to the education compensation.

Therefore, the EHF requested the Court of Handball to initiate legal proceedings against the German club for the failure to pay education compensation for the transfer of the player Nika Matavs and requested the court to issue a temporary injunction to suspend all current transfers of the club until the final decision in order to preserve the whole system of education compensation.

The club Beyeröhder Handball UG is temporary suspended from its right to proceed to transfers of players between national federation until the final decision of the EHF Court of Handball in the present case. All current transfers of the club are therefore suspended.

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