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EHF Marketing records another success in 2019/20 business year

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EHF Marketing, the marketing arm and subsidiary of the European Handball Federation, enjoyed a successful business year despite the demanding challenges of a global pandemic.

Prior to the arrival of Covid-19, EHF Marketing was on the way to celebrating another extraordinary business year and, while the forecasted excellent results could not be obtained, it was clever crisis management that ensured a positive end to the season.

Thanks to this, several of the predicted figures were marginally lower than those anticipated. Revenues from TV and media were 10 per cent lower than anticipated, while agreements with all partners were found, paying tribute to the situation. Similar agreements were reached with marketing and digital partners.

EHF Marketing were also able to distribute 4.5 million Euro in guaranteed payments to competing teams and did so prior to the end of the business year in order to support clubs at the height of the pandemic.

Furthermore, due to the successful business year, it was now confirmed that an additional 2.1 million euro was available to be paid out to the clubs.

TV ratings during the group phases of both EHF Champions Leagues were on par with previous seasons, which saw a continuous increase in the interest for broadcasting the matches. Both competitions cumulated an increase of 10 per cent in total audience, which also was the prelude of a new successful season in terms of TV coverage for the premium EHF club competitions.

The 2020 edition of EHF Marketing’s showpiece event, the VELUX EHF FINAL4 which was initially scheduled for 30 and 31 May, will be played in Cologne over 28 and 29 December – further evidence of a successful 2019/20 season given the circumstances the competition felt in the spring.

David Szlezak, Managing Director EHF Marketing, said: “I am delighted that we have come close to reaching our forecasted numbers which, given the circumstances in spring, can be hailed as a success.

“We have also kept to our commitments to clubs and safeguarded our premium competitions, the EHF Champions Leagues – paying out clubs participating in the competitions 6.6 million Euro.

“For the 2020/21 season we were also able to successfully launch the EHF European League to the sports market while also enhancing the quality of the EHF Champions League with new strategies in digital, brand and community measures, together with our strategic partners Infront and DAZN.

“I am proud that we have been able to overcome the challenges and difficulties that we faced, having less matches and rounds played and credit must go to everyone at EHF Marketing, as well as to all of our loyal and passionate sponsors and partners.

“Now I am looking forward to the EHF FINAL4 2020, which will send a strong signal to the handball family and internal stakeholders, as well as external sports world.”

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