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Löwen get revenge and a spot at EHF FINALS

EHF / Danijela Lemaić

Rhein-Neckar Löwen were left with a bitter taste after the first leg of the quarter-finals. They came home with a 33:32 defeat and were keen to turn the tables.

With extra pressure on their shoulders, Löwen needed a win to book a spot at their home EHF FINALS in the SAP Arena and succeeded with a dominant performance.


Rhein-Neckar Löwen (GER) vs Chekhovskie medvedi (RUS) 37:27 (19:8)
First leg 32:33 Aggregate result: 69:60 to Löwen

  • Chekhov had a good start but Löwen soon took over after ten minutes
  • the biggest gap was 13 goals, 27:14 in the 40th minute
  • Andreas Palicka, Andy Schimd, Jerry Tollbring and Jannik Kohlbacher were a true nightmare for Russian side
  • Chekhov were more efficient in attack than in defence, headed with six goals by Alexander Kotov, as their efficiency increased form 35 to 53 per cent in the second half

Experience earns EHF FINALS

Rhein-Neckar Löwen is a well-known outfit in the world of handball and have proven their pedigree in the second leg.

The dominant win gave them a chance to offer young players an opportunity, such as 18-year-old David Späth with five saves.

However, there was one player that stood out and led his team to the EHF FINALS, which they will host. Andy Schimd showcased his experience, great play and importance on the court with eight goals, bringing his season total to 52. He has been crucial throughout the season for Löwen, defying his 37 years.

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