EHF Office

Name Function Line
Michael Wiederer EHF - President 160 Send E-Mail
Marsha Brown Corporate Liasion 163 Send E-Mail
Martin Hausleitner EHF - Secretary General 175 Send E-Mail
Vesna Lazic PA to the President 160 Send E-Mail
Alenka Cuderman Women's Handball Coordinator 170 Send E-Mail
JJ Rowland Senior Manager Business Development and Marketing 167 Send E-Mail
Christoph Makovec Marketing, Ticketing, & Key Account EHF Partner 173 Send E-Mail
Thomas Schöneich Head of Media & Communications 164 Send E-Mail
Vladislav Brindzak Club & National Team Coverage 161 Send E-Mail
Andrew Barringer PR & Corporate Communications 166 Send E-Mail
Richard Turner Corporate Design 162 Send E-Mail
Jelena Bagaric Media & Project Management 171 Send E-Mail
Joseph Banholzer Socia Media Manager 172 Send E-Mail
Bérénice Rallier Digital Content Manager 168 Send E-Mail
Helmut Höritsch Senior Manager / EHF CAN Coordinator 155 Send E-Mail
Emma Hogeus Media & Comms - Intern 118 Send E-Mail
Chen Nei Nicole Rabenseifner Development 156 Send E-Mail
Beata Kozlowska Methods 152 Send E-Mail
Vincent Schweiger Education & Development 112 Send E-Mail
Ivana Jelic Beach Handball 153 Send E-Mail
Tobia Pisani Beach Handball 151 Send E-Mail
Monika Flixeder Senior Manager Legal Management 115 Send E-Mail
Johannes Müller Organisation 110 Send E-Mail
Maike Bouwer EURO Events & Legal Management 111 Send E-Mail
Mate Kozma EURO Events 116 Send E-Mail
Philipp Moritz EURO Events 117 Send E-Mail
Sophia Touiker Junior In-House Lawyer 114 Send E-Mail
Mihaly Kovacs Junior In-House Lawyer 113 Send E-Mail
Markus Glaser Chief Sports Officer 145 Send E-Mail
Peter Sichelschmidt Senior Manager National Team Competitions 142 Send E-Mail
Ines Taekker Competitions (Club) 140 Send E-Mail
Mario Kovacic Club Teams 141 Send E-Mail
Marcos Bestilleiro Referees/Delegates 143 Send E-Mail
Ines Rein Competitions (Club) 148 Send E-Mail
Vladimir Rancik Referees/Delegates 144 Send E-Mail
Thomas Gangel Venue Management 136 Send E-Mail
Rima Sypkus National Teams (Qualifications, YAC) 146 Send E-Mail
Joy Felicia Noppe National Teams Assistant (Promotion) 137 Send E-Mail
Nadezhda Lacina Competitions (Anti-Doping) 147 Send E-Mail
Doru Constantin Simion Senior Manager International Transfers 132 Send E-Mail
Claudia Brantl Junior Manager International Transfers 133 Send E-Mail
Christoph Gamper Head of IT 126 Send E-Mail
Andreas Krywult IT Junior Manager 128 Send E-Mail
Charly Music Implementation & Support 121 Send E-Mail
Peter Großschmidt Implementation & Support 123 Send E-Mail
Lars Erichsen E-Learning & Project Support 125 Send E-Mail
Jerry Nicolas Online Project Manager 134 Send E-Mail
Jacqueline Gänsler IT - PMO 135 Send E-Mail
Michael Hell Company Technician 301 Send E-Mail
Andrea Moser Finance projects Send E-Mail
Bernhard Binder Chief Finance Officer 122 Send E-Mail
Natalya Bellan Bookkeeping (EHF Marketing) 127 Send E-Mail
Katharina Kogler Bookkeeping (EHF) 131 Send E-Mail
Danuta Kluz Front Office Manager 124 Send E-Mail


Name Function Line
David Szlezak EHF Marketing - Managing Director 218 Send E-Mail
Anna Hajgato EHF Marketing - PA to the Managing Director 227 Send E-Mail
Nadine Zuzman EHF Marketing - Clubs & Administration 214 Send E-Mail
Miguel Mateo Marcellán EHF Marketing - Director Media Operations 224 Send E-Mail
Oliver Laaber EHF Marketing - Media Operations 217 Send E-Mail
Nina Laczika EHF Marketing - Media Operations 210 Send E-Mail
Eleonora d'Este EHF Marketing - Communications & PR 220 Send E-Mail
Matthias Mayrhofer EHF Marketing - Director Partner & Brand 222 Send E-Mail
Simona Margetic EHF Marketing - Partner & Brand 211 Send E-Mail
Maximilian Riede EHF Marketing - Events 230 Send E-Mail
Lisa Wiederer EHF Marketing - Director Events 223 Send E-Mail
Julia Bremer EHF Marketing - Events 229 Send E-Mail
Nancy Johnson EHF Marketing - Events 232 Send E-Mail
Nina Kernmayer EHF Marketing - Clubs & Administration 228 Send E-Mail
Luca Friedel EHF Marketing - Partner & Brand 215 Send E-Mail
Georg Rieck EHF Marketing - Director Implementation 213 Send E-Mail
Tomas Eitutis EHF Marketing - Implementation 226 Send E-Mail
David Gustav Andersson EHF Marketing - Implementation 212 Send E-Mail
European Handball Federation Headquarters

EHF Office
Hoffingergasse 18, 1120 Vienna

Tel.:  +43-1-80 151/0
Fax:  +43-1-80 151/149
Michael Wiederer
Michael Wiederer EHF President & CEO
Martin Hausleitner
Martin Hausleitner EHF Secretary General & COO

November 17, 1991
in Berlin, Germany

Assignment Office:
June 05, 1992
At the first EHF Congress in Vienna, seat assigned to Vienna, Austria; EHF Office from September 1, 1992 in Vienna, Austria.


Currency: EURO
Bank Code: 12000
Account Nr.: 00640 000 204
IBAN-Code: AT46 1200 0006 4000 0204