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EHF Champions League

A giant’s song, a new king and serious deadlifting

EHF / Adrian Costeiu

Woo-hoo! There is only one month remaining before the throw-off for the new season in the EHF Champions League.

Everything is in place for the start and we already have our playing times confirmed for the first games, as teams gather and work on their preparations.

This week, our social-media menu has something for everyone: a beautiful song interpreted by Nikolaj Markussen, some new gifs, a new king in men’s handball and some strength displayed by superstar Cristina Neagu.

The talented Mr. Markussen

New players are usually required by their teammates to undergo a ritual of initiation. Seeing Danish giant Nikolaj Markussen’s soft side, as he takes the stage and sings a Backstreet Boys piece, is definitely bringing some smiles on everybody’s faces.

The post gathered 2,200 likes and was among the most popular ones on Veszprém’s account recently.

New kit, new gifs, same Szeged

Preparations are going on in full gear for MOL-Pick Szeged, as they travelled to Szombathely for a training camp. But the Hungarian powerhouse is also sparing some time for social media activities.

First, we saw their new kit in full, which looks insanely good. Moreover, they took a sneak peek in a photo session with their players, as we will probably see more and more happy gifs this season.

King Boysen

Danish back Rasmus Boysen is one of the most social media-friendly players out there, but he probably did not expect to feature in this piece only for THAT picture.

A handball-nerd, Boysen was taking part in a photoshoot for his team, Elverum, when he was crowned king and had the Danish flag on him. Well done, Rasmus!

Red or yellow?

Barça, eyeing their 10th EHF Champions League trophy, have started their training camp in Andorra to prepare for the new season.

Tactics are important for coach Xavi Pascual, but a teambuilding exercise also can help the players in difficult situations.

Which side won this exercise? Red or yellow?

A new name for their mascot

Wanted: A name for Aalborg’s new mascot!

Last season, the Danish side won their fifth championship in history and earned the right to add a star to their badge. Therefore, this was the inspiration for the new mascot, which still does not have a name.

So, which one would be your choice: Aalstar – a combination of Aalborg and star; Sirius – the brightest star on the sky; or Goldie ­– which is.., well, gold.

Cuteness alert

Brazilian goalkeeper Mayssa Pessoa is a huge dog lover and this picture just screams ‘cuteness alert.’ There is happiness, joy and everything nice in a single photo.

How can you not relax with those two beautiful dogs after a hard training session?

Ready for the new season?

Deadlifting 115 kg is difficult, but it looks like Cristina Neagu is doing it without a sweat. The Romanian is still not back in full training due to restrictions in Romania, but she looks ready for the new season.

Neagu is eyeing her second DELO EHF Champions League trophy, after the one she won with Buducnost in 2015.

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