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EHF and clubs launch preparations for the new season

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Just six days after the group phase draws determined the paths for all participating teams in the EHF Champions Leagues, the EHF organised a video conference with all club representatives on Tuesday to initiate the information exchange in the lead up to the new season’s start.

“We are setting out for a summer trip together. The first round matches will be this trip’s destination and many challenges await us on the road there, but if we all join forces, communicate and cooperate, we will be able to overcome all obstacles and reach that destination,” said EHF Chief Sports Officer Markus Glaser, underlining the importance of perfect information flow in the current challenging circumstances.

EHF Secretary General Martin Hausleitner and David Szlezak, EHF Marketing Managing Director, provided the EHF Champions League Men and DELO EHF Champions League clubs with the first information package for the summer preparation. The clubs have been provided with the current status on the Covid-19 restrictions in each country.

Questions related to possible restrictions, local laws and guidelines, testing for complete teams, spectators’ presence and many more have been identified and the need to monitor the situation constantly has been stressed.

Although various alternatives are being evaluated with all options open as long as possible, the EHF representatives have reiterated that the round 1 dates remain planned for 12/13 September for women and 16/17 September for men.

In return, each club has been invited to provide information regarding the start of the domestic competition in the country of the club.

EHF Marketing presented an overview of marketing and audio-visual topics as they come into effect with the new media and marketing contract with Infront and the DAZN Group (I&D). I&D will manage all media and marketing rights centrally. For one season, each club will have the option to offer up to four club sponsors the possibility to be present in the premium environment offered by the EHF Champions League.


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