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Stars juggle between workouts and charity

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Stars juggle between workouts and charity

The lockdown amid the COVID-19 situation have forced handball players to switch the location of their daily workouts to their own homes.

Many EHF Champions League players are sharing their home workouts on social media as they are trying to stay fit before the season might resume at some point.

However, it’s not just their own fitness that is on their minds.

In Poland, for instance, players have been putting their strength together in order to help the local community. Right wings Michal Daszek (Orlen Wisla Plock) and Arkadiusz Moryto (PGE VIVE Kielce) are both auctioning off a pair of shoes they wore at the EHF EURO in January. The money raised will go to a hospital in order to help in the fight against the coronavirus.

Veszprém also found a way to assist the local community. Players from the Hungarian powerhouse helped out in a supermarket. Wearing masks and gloves, Arpad Sterbik, Mate Lekai, Rogerio Moraes and Laszlo Nagy, among others, helped filling the shelves.

Rostov-Don have put together a fitness program, as demonstrated by centre back Milana Tazhenova. With a list of exercises and a video to explain how to do them the right way, the Russian club is making it a lot easier for its fans to stay inside!


«Ростов-Дон» запускает серию домашних тренировок ⠀ Весь мир из-за пандемии коронавируса ушел на карантин. Совсем недавно приостановились практически все чемпионаты, перенесены матчи и квалификации важнейших турниров. Тайм-аут взял и гандбол. ⠀ Чтобы вам не сиделось дома скучно и без дела, а также вы сохранили свою форму, наш тренерский штаб подготовил серию домашних тренировок. Как выполнять упражнения — вам покажет разыгрывающая «Ростов-Дона» Милана Таженова @m.tazhenova51. ⠀ ☝ Повторяйте за Миланой каждое упражнение по 25 секунд, а между подходами делайте 25 секунд перерыва. ⠀ Тренируйтесь с «Ростов-Доном», и тогда домашний карантин и гандбольный тайм-аут пройдут полезно и позитивно! ⠀ #ОставайтесьДома #HandballAtHome #rostovhandball #ehfcl #гандболлипучий

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Stuck in his Skopje apartment, fellow Russian Timur Dibirov is going through his workout routines with the help of his daughter, while the cat and dog are also trying to be part of the fun.


10 day of quarantine #stayathome

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Montpellier goalkeeper Kevin Bonnefoi has been having the same kind of fun. Watch him perform squats and push-ups with both his wife and his little girl on top of him. How tough workout can become a cute family moment.


Nominés par @mrgaux_b pour ce défi sportif . ✅ #confinémaisentrainé #confinement #jour5 #restezchezvous

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Finally, while all clubs are dealing with the consequences of the virus spreading, Zagreb suddenly had additional worries following the earthquake last weekend. Domagoj Duvnjak, THW Kiel player and Croatian handball icon, sent a message to his compatriots.


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